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Oct 28, 2010
Since there isn't a thread about this game, I decided to make one

Presenting the world's first REMOTE VIBRATOR fighting game!! A shuddering spasm between the legs will save you from a tight spot and extend your combos, how you use the vibe is the difference between victory and defeat!
* Rounds don't end with a KO. You can get vicious.
* Climax your helpless opponent with the vibrator, whale on her her naked body all you like!
* "Darklord Z" can use a r*pe attack. Dominatrix "Death Orchid" can use S&M items.
* Each character has an adult demo scene. Use "Z" for a brutal exclusive adult demo scene.
* Easy-to-do combos!! Special moves are a simple as pressing a button.
* Please play the trial version to confirm compatibility.
If you encounter errors with Vista or 7, please try the following method:
Right-click the language bar > click "Settings..." > in the General tab under Installed services
click "Add..." > check the Japanese Microsoft IME box > click "OK" > then finish and
left-click the language bar and change it to Microsoft IME.

This is a ryona-heavy figthing game made by StudioS and it's main feature is the use of remote controlled vibrators to change the tide of a fight. I found it very fun and easy to play, altough the downside is that it has very few H-content. Only the male and the dominatrix have rape attacks.

If someone is interested, PM me.

Finally, as with any game made with "fighter maker 2nd", the VS mode can be played online using a small program, so if anyone is interested in playing it let me know.
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