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  1. L

    Evelynn Static Hair (League of Legends) 1.0

  2. Apollion

    Nezuko Kamado by Apollion 2020-11-26

    Hey ! ManzelotX asked about a static Nezuko Kamado hair So I made it :D (this static don't work well with the vanilla game moded Vanilla yeah i don't know why but in the vanilla, the arm is a layer over of the hair, that's why its better to use modded sdt Btw I used the mods of sby loader pack...
  3. ManzelotX

    Nezuko Kamado-Static Hair (Kimetsu no Yaiba)

    EDIT: Request filled. See post #3 Hi all content creators, I hope you are so kind to create a static hair for Nezuko Kamado from Kimetsu No Yaiba, obviously without the bamboo. Here are some references, the others I could find are at this link: EDIT: Attached...