Favorite ryona game/girl

ryona boiz

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Jul 24, 2015
Games -

Rumble Roses Double X
Ninja Gaiden 2 / 3: Razors Edge
Resident Evil 6 / Rev 2

Girls -

Anesthesia (Rumble Roses)
Ayane (Ninja Gaiden)
Rachel (Ninja Gaiden)
Helena (Resident Evil 6)
Gina (Resident Evil Rev 2)


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Feb 2, 2018
Street Fighter V
Chun-Li, especially in that Battle Costume, watching the strongest woman in the world flop to defeat gets me everytime. The training outfit's nice too. Whenever I play against Bison or Necalli I don't get mad when I lose, against Bison since of their history Bison seems to the perfect opponent to lose to, and against Necalli for that winpose.

Hitomi's my fav here, love her character design the most out of the DOA girls, watching her bubbliness get beaten out of her is just so satisfying. She starts the round all ready to fight and ends up gasping for breath and the end after losing. Kasumi and Mai comes close though.

Attack on Titan 2
Been playing a bit of this game, and when I'm playing as Mikasa or Krista, sometimes I just let the Titans eat them, great vore stuff there.

Naruto Storm 4
Sakura Haruno - she makes great ryona material. Just like what DeNice does I pick her regularly to see what bad things await her. She's argubably one of the strongest women in the Narutoverse so its great seeing her get pegged down a bit. I swap between her Shippuden, The Last and adult outfits for some variety. One of my favorite teams to pick is Adult Sakura,Tsunade and Mei - seeing the 3 strong and experienced adult fighters losing is extremely hot. Especially Adult Sakura - she helped bring peace to the Narutoverse. Seeing her lose to people like the Sound 4 who should be weaker than her is so satisfying.

Tekken 7
Xiaoyu's my no.1 fave, even outside of Tekken. Before T7 it was great seeing her bubbly self get knocked around by the likes of Dragunov and Bryan. Once her redesign came in T7 I came to like her more, those new default outfit and intros made her seem more confident making it more worthwhile beating her up. She starts the round confident and asks her opponent to prepare themselves...and at the end Bryan's knocking her unconscious body repeatedly. And with the camera mod we can see Bryan punching her senseless. And I didn't even have to fantasize so much about her losing - the game already did that for me in Claudio's story. It was real nice seeing a ryona scene take part in a cutscene. Asuka and Nina are a close no. 2.

I forgot to add the Soul series, I used to play a lot back then but since my fav was Sophitia I was never really into SC5. There was just something great about seeing a literal chosen one just suffer and lose. So whenever she gets ryona'ed you got that extra sense of degradation. Now that she's set to be back in SC6 I can't wait to ryona her.
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Apr 29, 2018

Soul Calibur 4: one of the best by far, great throws, super sexy characters, good camera angles to watch the throws and character creator was perfect. hopefully SC6 will be a good one too.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2: my personal fav, the grab attacks were AMAZING. there was so much choice in ryona content, ayane, momiji and rachel were some of the best ryona babes ever, the costumes were also great.

mass effect 3: the banshee, atlas and praetorian insta kills were awesome, probably not the most well known for ryona but was great. watching female teammates getting insta killed was great.


ayane (NGS2) the best imo, great english and japanese voice actors, her dlc costume is amazing, might be because im into girls in pantyhose and short dresses.

Moira (REREV2) beautiful character, comes across as a bit annoying but the voice actor has a lovely voice, her shorts and pantyhose are enough for me anyway.

sophitia/cassandra (soulcalibur 4) obvious choice, im going with 2 due to that their sisters, both very beautiful characters, sophitia has one of the best costumes ever made.

edi (mass effect 3) super sexy robot, got a perfectly shaped body plus shes shares cortana's view to clothing.

starfire (injustice 2) probably not one to ever come up for a fav, tbh i think shes a great plus shes actually a nice and warm character unlike most new female characters nowadays. her gear to equip is pretty awesome, you can make her look stupidly sexy.
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May 30, 2018
Favorite: Hitman: Absolution, if for nothing but the sheer number of hours I put into it in order to create a larger number of high quality ryona screenshots and videos.


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Dec 14, 2011
It has and always will be Kasumi from Dead or Alive. She is just made from ryona while still having a badass flavor to her.
I'm a huge fan of her new skintight catsuit costume! WOW...she's gonna break me everyday from now on.



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Oct 4, 2013
My fetish is focused on beatdowns, I love to see a girl punched, kicked, kneed in the belly, face, crotch. I love arm breaks and stuff like that, but no submissions. Not into death/vore/guro stuff, but I don't mind if the girl dies in the end. I do like violent and brutal beatdowns. And I like bellies and belly buttons. For me the belly is the sexiest part of a woman's body.

My very first crush, and my all time favourite Ryona girl is Nina Williams from Tekken 3, with the crop top costume that expose her bra and her belly. Her voice is still the sexiest I've even heard, she was so hot, that short crop top exposing her entire belly and those thigh leather pants...I just loved to punch and kick her repeatly with Law, Hwoarang, Jin, Heihachi's grabs. Julia was my second Ryona girl. Don't like Asian girls (and HATE asian voices) so Xiaoyu was not my kind of girl.

In these years I played a lot of games and watched a lot of clips. Still a great fan of Tekken series, I decided to buy Tekken 6 when I saw a pic of Zafina in a gaming magazine. I don't really like Nina's appareance and voice in T6 and 7, so Zafina was my main Ryona girl in 6 an TT2. She looks like a super hot belly dancer, and her moans are my kind of female voice. Sadly she's not in T7 (but I really, really hope for a DLC with her) so I focused on Katarina.

I played several WWE SVR games. Stacy Keibler, Maria Kanellis and some CAC were my favourite Ryona girls. Too bad the new games kinda sucks.

Never played Street Fighter games, don't like the graphics, I played a lot of Dead or Alive 5 LR and Mortal Kombat 9. In fact I like 3D fighting games like those, not a fan of 2D graphics. My main Ryona girl in DOA is Christie. with her alternate hair. I beated the shit of of her with tons of characters. From MK I really like Cassie and Tanya from MK X and Jade and Sareena from MK 9 and Armageddon. After this, I love every games where you can beat up a girl badly. Loved Assassin's Creed Syndicate, Deus Ex Human Revolution/mankind Divided and Far Cry 5 where you can perform brutal unarmed takedowns to sexy girls. And the Godfather 2. I was finally able to record some footage about hot and half naked hookers brutally beaten up to death.


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Jul 16, 2018
My Top 3 would be:

1. Kasumi
2. Tifa Lockhart
3. Lara Croft

For me, I am not really into submission or wrestling moves, more of a beatdown.
A little quirky though, my fetish revolves seeing a female character suffering from stomach pains, that's usually what I look forward to after a bellypunch or something like that.


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Jan 20, 2018
I am going to said mercy from overwatch as my favorite because she is just overall a sexy looking character and her voice actress has a good voice and seems to enjoy making dying noise.


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Jan 20, 2018
For Overwatch for me it would have to be Sombra and Pharah. I really like their KO sounds alot.
a few of the actress in super con was asked to do a KO sound while doing ultimate. Pharah actress Jen Cohn and Sombra actress Carol Revassa were included. My favorite from this was Lucie Pohl (Mercy actress) as she really acted out getting hit.



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Apr 1, 2019
Modded Skyrim: You can basically turn this thing into the ultimate fetish game, lol. I use Sexlab Defeat to tie up or knock unconscious some of the bandits I come across. You can even tune it so that male NPCs will spare female enemies for you to do whatever you wish to them. Organized Bandits in Skyrim greatly expands the number of unique bandits you'll come across so you'll almost never see the same one twice. I also use the rebalancing mod Requiem so every kill feels earned.

Modded Fallout 4: Like Skyrim there are mods that boost raider variety and provide nonlethal combat options. My favorite is Holdup because it'll cause some enemies to surrender when you kill their friends.

Girl -
Clementine from Overlord

She's such an evil bitch, I love her. Gets her dumb ass hugged to death.


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Mar 7, 2014
Clementine from Overlord
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She's such an evil bitch, I love her. Gets her dumb ass hugged to death.
The Light Novels note a few things:

1. Clementine's corpse has been stolen from the local cemetery
2. Resurrection has been confirmed to be a power that some heroes have (Blue Roses in particular). Clementine's circle is certainly high level (well... not compared to Ains but probably high enough that Resurrection is on the table).
3. Albedo is concerned about #1 and #2 above, and pinned it on Ains to come up with a solution one day. If Clementine comes back, Ains will be ready.

There's a chance we'll be seeing more Clementine at some point.
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