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Favorite ryona game/girl

Discussion in 'Ryona' started by detritus, Dec 2, 2009.

  1. Locusta

    Locusta Vivacious Visitor

    Nov 3, 2012
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    These days I prefer to customize my own character if possible.
    SC3 I had so much fun, I made classy Dutchesses with Raphael's moveset. I made an epic Goddess from Rock's moveset. Mitsurugi is much better as a classy blade-mistress.
    Much fun.

    Jen Tai(weaponlord)Chun li(sf2-3), Sheeva(MK3), Queen Sindel, Ivy, Nu(blazeblu), and through Spiral(MvsC2) I felt every blow. How dare they subject Spiral to pummeling?? So wrong so right.
  2. randomguy

    randomguy Ryonani Teamster

    Feb 5, 2010
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    my custom characters in wrestling and some fighting games are always fun but I will list my existing character favorites.
    I got a weakness for tomboys and short hair sooo yeah

    honorable mentions
    I wanted the main list to not have floods of one or two games

    Chie(persona4 RPG only) sadly Arc systems games attack wise are not interesting to me(lack of grapples) but some of the biting moves and such from the normal persona 4 RPG were decent for an RPG. Cammy(Street Fighter) Makoto(Street fighter) Sherry Birkin(Resident Evil 6) Blue Mary(KOF) Malin (KOF) Ayane (DOA) Natsu(Soul Calibur) Reiko(Rumble Roses)

    10 SunShang Xiang (Dynasty Warriors specificly her pre 6 design)

    9 Rebecca Chambers(Resident evil)

    8 Videl(DBZ short hair or pigtails I don't care either way)

    7 Leo (Tekken)

    6 Shina (Bloody Roar)

    5 Mila(DOA)

    4 Sakura(street fighter)

    3 Cassandra (Soul Calibur)

    2 Yuri (KOF)

    1 Asuka(Tekken)

    I will list wrestler types later
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  3. bryanthunder

    bryanthunder Ryonani Teamster

    Feb 23, 2010
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    Do I really need to say who my all-time favorite gal is? Anyone who knows me, knows the answer already.
    But... characters and the reasons for them. This might get long but I feel like rambling so... read the reasoning for my choices... or don't. Your choice.

    In general I prefer my fictional characters be free of facial blemishes through mostly natural means as well as to be rather curvy, leaning towards the "Impossible Hourglass Figure" with large-to-enormous chests, thin waists, wide hips, and nice legs to carry the whole package around.
    I enjoy most "stock" personalities, from the tomboy, to the girly-girl, from the hot-head, to the clam and collected. About the only personalities I don't care for are the loud foul-mouthed-asshole types (Like Jack from Mass Effect) or extremely childish types. (Like any high school and up girl who tries to act like they are in the third grade)

    Depending on what itch I want to scratch different girls (or maybe more accurately, their outfits and figures) fulfill different spots.

    Women Who I Want To See Eaten Alive:
    Regina - Dino Crisis
    - Her default "Spy Suit" really lights my fires. Despite the strange combination of fire-truck red hair, black leather leotard, boots and grey nylons covering all but her shoulders, the outfit really comes together with her figure to fit snug in all the right places. She's been a staple in my ryona diet ever since she appeared back at the turn of the century, and will remain forever more.
    Jill Valentine - Resident Evil 3/5
    - Jill has undergone some radical shifts in her time, from her facial structure to her outfits. Her default tube-top and mini-skirt from RE3 seems to have stood the test of time. Though I wish some of her bonus outfits from the same game had survived, in particular her mini-skirt policewoman uniform, or her (surprise surprise) Regina cosplay outfit. At least in RE5 we got to see her in a skin-tight suit.
    Claire Redfield - Resident Evil 2
    - Claire's design was typical of PS1 era Capcom; simplistic yet memorable. A skint-tight black t-shirt and biker shorts under a red jacket and equally red daisy-dukes. Sadly her RE2 redesign swapped the red shorts for blue, and gave her strange cowboy boots rather than biker boots. Shame that.
    Lara Croft - Tomb Raider Anniversary
    - Forget the new "more realistic" Lara, or the "Classic" cartoonishly designed Lara. This one hits the sweat-spot; a well toned figure with reasonably ample assets, and a simple sweater-over-shorts take on the iconic wardrobe, and all together you've got Lara perfected. Just wish there were more creatures who wanted to make a snack out of her.

    Women I Want To See Pounded Into The Pavement:
    Anna Williams - Tekken Two, Three, Fou-fucking-all-of-them.
    - Though I don't particularly like her hair-cut. Anna's nature as a "tease" in a fighting tournament combined with her Chinese-dress over nylons and heels, makes me eager to see her crushed and broken. Oddly enough Bryan Fury seems to be on the same page as he always seems to enjoy beating her face in after winning a match with her. Maybe it's just wen I play though.
    Catwoman - Arkham City
    - While normally I couldn't care less for the ladies in Batman's life, this particular Catwoman design just fills me with awful thoughts, of the good(?) kind. Every time I see her I keep hoping for Killer Croc to pop up and tear into her with his teeth. Or Ivy to feed her to her man-eating plants. Or Clay-Face to catch her in the quick-sand that is his own body. Or watch the small group of inmates who defeated her to do what it is they do to their victims, beyond the obvious "only girl in an all male-prison" thing.
    Batgirl - Batman 1960's
    - While normally I couldn't care less for the ladies in Batman's life this par-.... hmm. This is more or less a repeat of the Catwoman thing. Well, at least in this regard many seem to agree they want to see the purple-clad Batgirl to be in mortal peril 90% of the time what with the multitude of videos on certain fetish sites. Not that I'm one to argue, I would just like to see more than the implied bad endings... heh heh.

    Honorable Mentions:
    Power Girl - Power Girl #1-12
    - The short run in 2009-2010 features by far, my favorite take on the character and my favorite design of the character. Her name may be Power "Girl" but she was very much a woman in this series, and she falls very much in line with desired traits stated up top. Problem is, I almost like her too much to put her in perilous situations... almost.
    Tifa Lockhart - Final Fantasy 7, Fan-art Everywhere.
    - Talk about frustrating a design that is nearly perfect and has attracted an enormous amount of attention over the years... and rarely do I see her in appealing peril... or even appealing romance. I'd give my middle toe to see just one really good book of her in peril and doom, or in a vanilla relationship with a young fan.
    Sheena Fujibayashi - Tales of Symphonia
    - Kunoichi designs, whether the character actually uses stealth or any "real" Ninja tactics or gear, are awesome. Sheena's loose robe over tight pants, fit the bill. For the life of me I can't figure out why she doesn't have more popularity. But because it's so rare to even see her in this day-and-age I can't even decide on what type of peril I'd like to see her in.

    Outfit I Want To See More Of Period:
    Bunnysuit - Leotard variety.
    - Oh such a perfect outfit. In the right hands it perfectly accentuates a woman's curves and ramps up their sexiness levels to 11, out of a possible 5. Anyone who knows me knows I love the bunnysuit, and my insatiable desire to see it in everything from ryona, to h-manga. On fictional women and real models alike. If I had it my way... I'd make a game in which all of the woman on this list, and more, were able to be seen in bunnysuits while being put through the ringer! BUNNY BUN BUNS! AHhahaha!

    Ahem. Anyway. That's my, very in-depth rambling, nonsensical list. If you read all of it; good job! You deserve a cookie. So be sure to give yourself one some time.
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  4. carl_fennin

    carl_fennin Avid Affiliate

    Feb 17, 2013
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    Favorite Ryona Girls in Gaming

    I have seen a decently fair share of ryona in gaming with my lack of experience towards the ryona genre. From Street Fighter, Dead or Alive, Soul Calibur, Tekken, Mortal Kombat, and Tomb Raider, seeing some of those ladies in those games in ryona situations is entertaining. Sadly and pathetically, while what I've seen is nice in those games as far as ryona content goes, none of them have really hit home for me. Except for Resident Evil. Seeing as it was kind of the trigger for my first ryona interest, it's kind of unfair for me to really say this, but it's just how it is for me. Maybe my favorites will change in the future and I can be a bit more varied in tastes.

    I have been completely, utterly, and hopelessly obsessed with Resident Evil 6 ryona as of late. So out of the three female playable characters in that game, who would be my favorite girl to see ryona for? Profile picture and signature kind of are dead giveaways, but Ada Wong and Sherry Birkin are easy runner-ups as well. While most really don't like her, due to my shallowness, I see things more objectively in what is being shown than anything with a deeper meaning or reasoning behind it. More preferably, it is better if all three of them have nude mods applied to them in the game.

    "Oh, so you're really only liking her for the TnA?"

    Yeah, pretty much. While it helps that Helena Harper has a fine rack with jiggle physics and a good ass, her groans, moans, and screams are also pretty amusing for me as well. I'm sure my obsession will having a falling out and I'll see more interest and have more favorites in the other gaming ladies, but for now, I pretty much ave a one track mind...
  5. Ryonanomachine

    Ryonanomachine Potential Patron

    Mar 3, 2015
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    Even when DoA and Tekken are one of the best Ryona material, my first Ryona experience was Mai in KOF 96, I never noticed her new frames until I played the Playstation version and pressed Pause when she was in the most humiliated pose that a woman can make.

    After that Chun-Li in SF 3rd Strike, her legs and butt were really big, and those sprites and expressions were fantastic.

    Here the examples:

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  6. Ryonaneer

    Ryonaneer Casual Client

    Nov 29, 2014
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    I actually like the Sailor Moon arcade game a lot for ryona~ It was one of the first games that had a lot of ryona in one single game that I liked. :3

    Hmmmm. For Street Fighter I like Ibuki n' Sakura a lot but Chun Li is nice too. I like Reiko in RR, too. I like Asuka in Tekken. I like Maki in the 2D fighting games she was in. For KOF I love Athena, and lovelovelove how her design changes each time! Hummmm, I like ladies in SSB, especially Samus and Palutena and Wii Fit Trainer. Not too big in MK, though. For Marvel I like X23 the most~ In Samurai Shodown I like, umm...forget her name, she's got a big bow and a white ponytail. I love Shadow Hearts' ladies, too! Aaaaand I like Rikku in Final Fantasy. In DOA I like Mila the most, but also like Rachel, Hitomi, and Momiji. For ResiEvil, Sherry in RE6 is my fav, too!!

    Some of my favorite games for ryona are prolly Dragon's Crown/Odin Sphere, um, Street Fighter 4, and SSB4.

    Um, I guess my favorite ladies to play as are also my favorite ryona girls, hahaha~
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  7. cooljumper

    cooljumper Potential Patron

    Aug 5, 2015
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    Juliet from Lollipop chainsaw. The Japanese version is the best!!! The only defect is the death scene. Everything else is perfect!
  8. Rehabhardcore

    Rehabhardcore Vivacious Visitor

    Mar 28, 2015
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    Helena Douglas (doa)
    Sarah Bryant (VF/DOA)
    Claire Redfield (Resident Evil)
    Nina/Anna Williams (Tekken)
    Miss Spencer (Rumble Roses)
    Rachel (DOA/Ninja Gaiden)
  9. VanquishedAlice

    VanquishedAlice Potential Patron

    Dec 2, 2015
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    Difficult question, but i guess mine is the girl that i stuck with for quite some time. Stuck until i bought again a PS2 solely for playing her again. It's Ayame from tenchu Wrath of Heaven. Always loved tenchu series.. beautiful story for the 2nd one, brilliant gameplay in the 3rd and 4th. Hoping there will be more of tenchu series with redefined resolution in the future :).

    btw, this is my favorite part
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  10. mudball2

    mudball2 Potential Patron

    May 9, 2012
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    I definitely agree with eaten alive list. Every single one of those ladies. :)
    I also see you're fighting game fan. I'll PM so we can do a few matches on PSN.
  11. DeNice

    DeNice Ryonani Teamster

    Nov 25, 2009
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    Back after a long time and I didn't realize it's been 5 years since my last post in this thread. Since then, some games have came out and I suppose I can add some new bits to my old ryona faves list (though most still apply)

    Street Fighter 4: Sakura and Chun are my heavy favorites, with Poison, Rose, Ibuki, Juri and Cammy on second 'tier". Makoto's been working her way up to me as well (her face-up KO/downed pose is one of my faves in SFIV now.)

    Street Fighter 5: Karin (big time) and Chun as usual with Cammy in the 'back'. Mika's actually growing on my enough to not hate her anymore and appreciate her more in V, both normally and ryona wise. With her new outfit being leaked, Laura is now up here PURELY because of her ryona appeal to me. I'll probably only play her to get my butt kicked and to enjoy watching her suffer online... (don't hate her, but she's not my play type whatsoever so I'll probably suck big time playing her...) Gonna have to wonder what changes Ibuki and Juri will have once they're revealed.

    Dead or Alive 5 LR: Kasumi, Ayane, Hitomi & Leifang for tops, with a bit of Marie Rose, Helena and Kokoro on the side.

    The King of Fighters: Kula, Athena are top two now, with Yuri, May Lee, Mai and suddenly Elisabeth & Angel being faves. Guess time does make your taste change a little. Anyways, new KOF is coming and going 3D, so I hope I can still like the ryona content once it comes out... and hope Athena gets some cool new threads to mess up...

    Tekken: Lili, Xiaoyu, Alisa, Asuka as usual. Nothing's really changed for me here but once T7 comes around I may give Josie and Chloe a chance.

    Soul series: Talim, Amy/Viola, Xianghua/Leixia, Seong Mi-Na, Pyrrha & Cassandra. Hope whatever project Namco has cooking for the next Soul game can bring this series truly back to being a big time name and not just on the ryona side. I got a lot running on SC6....

    Guilty Gear Xrd: Jam (can NOT wait for -REVELATOR- after seeing her in action... and her new downed pose. Doesn't even matter if she's one of the worst characters in the game for me...), Millia Rage (LOVE her newest outfit from -SIGN-), and Elphelt (...well, more her original -SIGN- design rather than -REVELATOR-...) Technically Bridget is up there as well despite not being in Xrd yet....... (I already know about this particular one... Japan, I swear, curse you sometimes.... lol)

    BlazBlue: Noel (both outfits), Makoto & Tsubaki/Izayoi. Oddly, Litchi does nothing for me, despite the fact I get a lot of requests on another board I frequent to do videos of her, I really don't have any interest in her for some reason...

    Super Smash Bros 4: Lucina (whoa boy.... I never thought I'd like her so much I'd be playing her more than my normal favorites Sonic, Shulk and others... but for some reason despite never playing Fire Emblem Awakening I just fell in love over Luci's Smash incarnation and play her all the time, and for some reason I just love seeing her get smashed around in this game.) Special mention goes to Zelda, female Robin and Palutena, with a tiny bit of Peach on the side. Female Corrin would've been a thing for me but I'm not really big on bare-feet despite all that armor she has... but maybe there's something else there once she drops next month.

    Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm series/Clash of Ninja series: Sakura Haruno (I don't hate her like most people do but I LOVE beating her up, especially her Shippuden self. I've gotten really into the Naruto games and I tend to pick her just to see what bad things happen to her next...)... Oh, also Ino Yamanaka and sometimes Hinata Hyuga.

    and for a bit of classic gameplay I've been playing recently....

    Bloody Roar series: Uriko and Alice full stop, especially their BR3 incarnations.

    Battle Arena Toshinden: Ellis (my original favorite FG girl). Felt good messing around with a game that's like.... 21 years old the past few days... lol.
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  12. Chun-Li_Forever

    Chun-Li_Forever Avid Affiliate

    Mar 9, 2016
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    Street Fighter V
    Ultra Street Fighter IV
    Street Fighter x Tekken
    Mortal Kombat x
    Mortal Kombat 9
    Tekken 4
    Tekken 5

    Chun-Li (number 1 now and forever)
    Cassie Cage
    Sonya Blade (MK9 version)
    Christie Monteiro
    Lara Croft
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  13. Space_junk

    Space_junk Potential Patron

    Feb 4, 2017
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    Most definetly the Ada Wong from Re6, and Nina from tekken 6. It's always satisfying to see arrogant ass spies getting there buts kicked! Lmao
  14. Chunli24

    Chunli24 Potential Patron

    Feb 6, 2017
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    Chun Li or Sonya Blade all the way for me the cloting/costumes Chun li's thighs in the pantyhose and blue leotard Sonya Blade in the leggings from original MK. Easy choice for me and doubt it will ever change.
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  15. Juls

    Juls Vivacious Visitor

    May 28, 2012
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    My game girls would be any of the Darkstalkers Girls & fav game would be the Witcher 3.
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  16. pwnography.qq

    pwnography.qq Potential Patron

    Jul 18, 2017
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    Top Games:
    1. Dead or Alive (2 Ultimate, 4, 5LR)
    2. Mortal Kombat (Trilogy, 9)
    3. Street Fighter Series (this is where is all started)
    Top Girls:
    1. Leifang (DOA) - has been one of my favorites for DOA2U, 3, 4, she was the f'in hottest in DOA4 with those sexy legs in the china dress
    2. Kokoro (DOA) - wasn't really on top of my list until DOA5 when she started getting all her new costumes. Now she's pretty much #1 or #2
    3. Helena (DOA) - was my number 1 ryona girl in DOA2U in her white opera dress (costume 2). I think I violated her more than any others in the history of ryona'ing
    4. Mai (KOF, CVS, DOA) - just the classic, fell in love with this sexy bitch back in the days with 2D pixel gaming. Now I have the joy to pound away at her on DOA.
    5. Kitana (MK) - Fatality is where it's all at, now with the new X-ray feature there's even more fun to have with this poor ninja girl
    Favorite Ryona Move:
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  17. Remilia

    Remilia Potential Patron

    Sep 16, 2017
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    I've always had a thing for Cammy being a victim to ryona, Chun-li too but I love it when she is the dominant one.
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  18. Martel

    Martel Potential Patron

    Oct 19, 2017
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  19. Funky5622

    Funky5622 Potential Patron

    Jan 1, 2016
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    Anybody ever played Tenchu? Wrath of Heaven got this Kunoichi enemy which I thought was pretty hot whenever I had to kill her off.

  20. Stryder

    Stryder Potential Patron

    Dec 20, 2017
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    Cassandra (Soul Calibur 2)
    Lei Fang (Dead Or Alive 2 and 3)
    Christie (Tekken 4 and Beyond)
    Asuka (Tekken 5 and Beyond)
    Rose (All her Street Fighter entries)
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