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EWA - Flower Girl vs Tormentor

Discussion in 'Roleplay' started by bloodmaiden, Feb 8, 2014.

  1. bloodmaiden

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    Mar 29, 2012
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    This is a RP between me and Evil hero (as Tormentor, manager and announcer), I would like to say thank you for him, it was great.
    And I hope that this be the first of many events of the EWA (Extreme Wrestling Association).
    Vitória Sousa, since she was a child her dream always been to become a pro wrestler.
    One day this dream become true, but, Vitória is not so good as she want;
    At the ring, Vitória is known as Flower Girl. Here a description of Fower Girl:
    Vitória is a slim girl and her sizes are: height: 5ft64in, weight: 130lbs, bust: 35/16 in, waist: 24/64 in and hip: 37/64 in. Vitória has a dark brown hair that reachs a slightly below of her shoulders, dark brown eyes.
    Considering her other passion are the flowers, Vitória created her wrestling attire as a light blue bikini adorned with images of flowers in yellow collor, her white boot cover until reach her knees, and her entrance attire, includes a flower that she throws to her fans (this is a special moment for everyone of them).
    Currently, Flower Girl is the jobber of an underground wrestling association, there´s 2 reasons for her continue to fight, her fans really enjoy to see her being defeated in a one sided beatdown and she wants to prove that she can win some fights.
    One day, Vitória was called to see the general manager of the wrestling association.

    • Manager: Good morning Vitória.
    • Vitória: Good morning mr. manager.
    • Manager: I called you here because I have something very special for you.
    • Vitória: What is???
    • Manager: Is the opportunity to prove for everyone that you can become a winner and earn the respect of the other wrestlers.
    • Vitória: I am interested. What I have to do???
    • Manager: Is just a fight, but, it will be THE FIGHT. I made a bet with the manager of another wrestling association, we bet that the winner association will take 50% of the profit of the loser during one year.
    • Vitória: This is very important, why me??? I never won one fight.
    • Manager: This is your moment my dear, I belive that your opponent is weaker than you, you are a well-trained wrestler and our association has the most competitive fighters, I belive that you have enough experience to win.
    • Vitória: All right, I´m in, when this fight will be???
    • Manager: Saturday night, at our arena.
    • Vitória: Fine.
    Vitória leaves the manager´s room.

    • Manager: Poor Vitória, you don´t have any idea of what will happen to you hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
    Saturday at night.
    I am enthusiastic, this will be the chance to prove that I can win a fight and earn some respect.
    I wear my wrestling attire and begin my warm up. At this moment, the manager enters in my dressing room.

    • Manager: Excuse me Vitória or should I say Flower Girl???
    • Flower Girl: Hehehe, well now I am wearing my wrestling attire is Flower Girl. Hi, what can I do for you???
    • Manager: I came here to explain the rules of this match. First of all it will be a mixed match, objects are allowed and the winner will be declared by submission or pin.
    • Flower Girl: Fine, it´s a normal match, I can deal with this.
    • Manager: Ok, I see you in the ring in 10 minutes.
    Everything is ready, the audience is waiting for the wrestlers, the stakes are high, the announcer is ready for the presentation.

    • Announcer: Ladies and gentle good evening!!! Tonight a very special event, A MIXED FIIIIIIIGHT!!! Our dear Fower Girl will face a terrible opponent, a man who the name makes his presentation, I am talking about The Tormeeeeeeeeeeentor!!! Now begin the evet!!!
    I am the first to come to the ring. I make my entrance smiling and sending kisses to my fans and taking pictures with them, when I climb on the ring the great moment, I throw the flower on my head to some fan, now I strip my skirt and I am wearing my bikini, my wristbands and my boots and now I am ready for the action.

    • Announcer: And now, from the extreme wrestling association, a man who lives just for one reason, bring the pain and the terror to the world, a man who don´t know the meaning of mercy... The Tormeeeeeeeeeentor.
    Tormentor is huge, he is as muscular as a bodybuilder, I am wearing a black trousers, black boots and black gloves, I have no hair and my facial hair is a goatee. I am bringing a coffin.

    • Tormentor: Is this a joke??? Is this my opponent??? This cute girl will scream and cry as never before.
    • Flower Girl: I don´t think so, I can beat you Tormentor.
    FIIIIIGHT!!! Ding ding ding.
    Flower Girl is a little intimidated with Tormentor´s appearance, he is bigger and stronger than her.

    • Flower Girl: He is huge, but, I must win this fight I will find a way.
    Flower runs and try a low kick on Tormentor´s knee.
    Tormentor jumps over Flower Girl´s leg and fall stepping on her foot.

    • Flower Gir: AAAAAAHAAA
    • Tormentor: I told you girl, you will scream a lot today, I will torture every single part of your body, you will suffer a lot today.
    Flower girl recover from the pain and roll back trying to take some distance from tormentor, she wants to watch him and find some weak part.

    • Flower Girl: I tried to hit his knee, but, he was waiting for it, I must to think about a new away of strike him or I will be in serious problems here.
    Flower Girl run to the ropes, earn speed and runs to Tormentor. When she arrives near from him, she crouch , rolls behind him and grab his neck!!!
    Flower Girl is making a great effort trying to press his neck and make him pass out.

    • Tormentor: What are you trying to do Girl???
    At this moment, Tormentor grabs Flower Girl´s arms he runs to one of the turnbuckle and hits hard her back and makes a great pressure, after some time he release his victm.

    • Flower Girl: AAAA...........a...........ah
    Flower Girl is trying to take some air, the pressure took her breath away. Flower Girl slides down and falls sitting. She is trying to grab a rope to help her to stand up.
    Tormentor kicks Flower Girls arm and steps on her face.

    • Tormentor> Not so fast princess, I like the way you are now.
    Tormentor press her head against the post and release after this he lift her head using the point of his bott lifting by her chin.

    • Tormentor: Look at me you little scum, look at the face of the man who will give you the punishment of your life. Don´t you want to stand up??? Come.
    Tormentor grabs Flower Girl by her hair and lifts her from the ground.

    • Tormentor: Let´s take a walk around the ring???
    Tormentor forces Flower Girl walk around the ring dragging her by her hair.
    They come to a post, Tormentor pulls Flower Girl´s head and throws against the post.

    • Flower Girl: AAAAIIIHHH
    My head hit the post really hard, the collision makes me dizzy and I walk back near from Tormentor.

    • Tormentor: It´s not over yet.
    One more time, Tormentor grabs Flower Girl and walk with her again, he hits her head against the other 3 posts of the ring.
    On the last hit, Flower girl can´t keep herself on her feet she fall on the groundtotally dizzy and with her head sore.

    • Flower Girl: Oooooohh aaaahhh, I can´t take this much longer. I must do something or this monster will kill me.
    • Tormentor: Correct girl, but, I don´t agree the part that you said about do something.
    Tormentor grabs Flower Girl again by her hair, he throws her to the ropes.
    The female wrestler is on the ropes held by her weight against the ropes.
    Tormentor makes our dear Flower Girl suffer pulling her arms while she is wound to the ropes.

    The force made against my back by his knees and my arms are too much for me, I never felt such power against my body.
    Tormentor release his victim and Flower Girl falls on her knees, now she is held by her neck on the ropes.

    • Tormentor: Well well well, girl, I want to take a small gift from you to remember of this fight.
    Tormentor reach Flower Girl´s bra and unties!!!

    • Flower Girl: What??? No, please, don´t do this.
    My bra falls exposing my breasts and small nipples, I cover my breast using my hands, this makes me defenseless.

    • Tormentor: I will take this with me, but, first, I want to test the resistance.
    I grab the both sides of your bra and chokes you using your own bra.

    • Flower Girl: AAHH...aa.aa.aaa...a...a...a...h
    I can´t breath, I try to remove my bra from my neck, but, is very tight and the effort is consuming the little air that I have.
    My vision is blurring I lift my arms trying to reach the top rope and stand up.
    I release you from the choke

    • Flower Girl: UUUUhooo ooohh uuuueeeeeeh
    I am coughing, my arms still lifted, my vision is back I puke a little.
    Tormentor don´t waste time and kick you on your back.

    • Flower Girl: AAAH
    The force makes me bend, now the superior half part of my body is fallen to the outside of the ring, my body is held by my belly on the middle rope.

    • Tormentor: It´s not the time to sleep Flower Girl, come on, let´s continue???
    • Flower Girl: No, please, don´t hurt me anymore???
    • Tormentor: What??? What do you said???
    Tormentor grabs Flower Girl by her hair again and throws her to the ground, now he lifts her by her bra.

    • Tormentor: Now, can you give me my gift???
    Tormentor pulls Flower Girl´s bra leaving her breasts exposed, now our heroine is topless.

    • Tormentor: Nice breasts Flower it will be a pleasure play with you.
    I try to cover my breasts and try to run from the ring.
    Considering that you are injured you don´t have enough speed to get away from me.
    Tormentor grabs you by your arm, turn you and hit your face with a strong punch.

    • Flower Girl: UUUUOOOFFF
    The force of your punch makes me dizzy my arms fall and I begin to stagger.

    • Tormentor: Oh no Flower Girl, don´t fall.
    Tormentor grabs Flower Girl´s face and send a punch, another one, and another, he send a punch after another he is crossing the ring with the poor Flower Girl, making her walking with back steps produced by his punches on her face.

    • Flower Girl: AAAAAAHHHH
    • Flower Girl: OOOOOHHH
    • Flower Girl: UUUUUHHH
    • Flower Girl: OOOOHOOO
    He is pushing me using my face as target for his punches, I am totally dizzy and can´t make any reaction, I can´t defend myself, he is too strong for me.
    Finally we arrive to the opposite post, I throw you and you are held by your arms.

    • Flower Girl: Nooooo, pleaaaase stop??? I can´t take anymore.
    • Tormentor: This is what I like to hear Flower Girl, my victims asking for mercy, asking me to stop.
    • Flower Girl: Stoooop.
    Tormentor close his hand and hit our dear Flower Girl on her belly with a tremendous belly punch!!!

    I feel a great pain and my breath is gone, my mouth is opened I puke a little and begin to salivary.
    I grab your face again and cover your mouth, and send some more furious punches to your unprotected belly.

    • Flower Girl: MMMMMPPPHHH
    • Flower Girl: MMMMMMPPPP
    • Flower Girl: MMMMMMMMMM
    It´s terrible!!! I can´t even take a breath he is choking me and punching me at the same time, the feeling is terrible I feel suffocated, helpless and hopless.
    Tormentor uncover your mouth and let you fall, but, your arms held you, your head is down and you are almost unconscious.
    My head is down I am drooling, my saliva is falling on the ground.

    • Tormentor: It´s time to make the things more interesting.
    I grab each side of your panties and pulls down.

    • Flower Girl: N...o...o...o.
    • Tormentor: Hahahahhahahaaaaaaaa, here is another gift. You are so gentle Flower Girl, I love you.
    It´s too much exposure for me, I am totally naked
    Tormentor grabs each one of the Flower Girl´s leg and place on the top of the middle rope. Now, our defenseless wrestler have her legs apart. Her little hairy pussy is the perfect target for Tormentor.

    • Tormentor: Pretty pussy you have Flower Girl and I will love to punish it.
    Tormentor strikes with a kick.

    He continues with a knee attack

    • Flower Girl: OOOOOuuuuhaaaaaa
    Tormentor kicks again, but, this time he press Flower Girl´s pussy using his foot.

    A liquid drips from my pussy and fall on the ground.

    • Tormentor: huahahahahahahahaaaaaa. This is a pathetic sight. How can you considerer yourself as a wrestler??? I am beating just the way I want.
    Tormentor come closer, crouch and pulls Flower Girl´s few pubic hairs.

    • Flower Girl: AAAh aaah aaah aaaiiih iiih
    Tor mentor is shaving her pussy pulling hair by hair.

    • Flower Girl: ah ah oh uuuuh siiii aiai
    Now Tormentor tweaks Flower Girl´s pussy.

    Tormentor release Flower Girl´s pussy. The beaten wrestler fall on the ground again.

    • Tormentor: Muahahahahahahahahahaaaaaa. This is great I am really enjoying this.
    Tormentor steps on Flower Girl´s head.

    • Tormentor: Are you hearing me Flower bitch??? I not finish this yet.
    • Flower Girl: (just groans)
    Tormentor leave the ring and begin to search for something under the ring.

    • Tormentor: Here is!!!
    Tormentor takes a chain!!! Now he climbs on the ring again. He wraps the chain in his hand.

    • Tormentor: Wake up Flower Girl, I have a surprise for you.
    • Flower Girl: Wh...wha...t nnnnn...ooo
    Tormentor sits on flower Girl´s belly and punches her breasts!!!

    • Flower Girl: UUUUooooaaaa
    • Flower Girl: OOOOHOOO
    • Flower Girl: UUUUOOOAAAAHHHH
    • Flower Girl: UUUAAAAH
    • Flower Girl: Haaaaaa
    • Tormentor: This is so fun, I love to punch your tits hahahahahaaaa
    • Flower Girl: uuuuHAAAAA
    Tormentor stands up and grab Flower Girl by her hair one more time and throws her to the outside of the ring!!!
    Now, Tormentor wraps the chain around Flower Girl´s neck.

    • Tormentor: Stand up Flower Girl.
    Flower Girl is lifted from the ground, but, she is like a ragdoll, totally weak, bend, a toy for Tormentor.
    Tormentor walk conductiong Flower Girl, pulling her by her neck, sometimes dragging her.
    He pulls her and takes her by her hair and expose the beaten wrestler for a part of the audience.

    • Tormentor: Is this your dear and beloved Flower Girl, she is just trash. I am wasting my time and skills with this girl.
    Tormentor using the chain, throws Flower Girl against the ring, he pulls her and make her body collide against the barrier that protect the fans.

    • Flower Girl: AAAAAH OOOOHHH
    Tormentor kicks her legs, Flower Girl falls and now is like a dog on the ground.

    • Tormentor: Let´s go to a walk???
    Tormentor makes Flower Girl crawl around the outside of the ring.

    • Tormentor: Time to finish this.
    • Flower Girl: Yes, please, finish this torture???
    • Tormentor: Oh yeah, I will.
    Tormentor pulls Flower Girl to the ring again he takes the chain from her neck.

    • Tormentor: Now you will have the honor to suffer the ultimate punishment. I will present THE DESTROYER!!! MY ULTIMATE MOVE!!!
    Tormentor grabs Flower Girl by her breasts and lift her from the ground and shake her in the air.

    From side to side, Flower Girl screams and begins to flounce.
    Tormentor drops the beaten girl grabs her hair and lifts her above his head.

    • Tormentor: Now the second part!!!
    Tormentor destroys Flower Girl in a violent backbreaker.

    Tormentor gathers his hands and like a hammer crush Flower Girl´s belly. After he grabes her breasts and pussy and press.

    Tormentor grabs Flower Girl by her face and lift her.

    • Tormentor: Now the last part!!!
    Tormentor attack Flower Girl with a tremendous bearhug, our defeated girl groan, scream she is floundering, but, each time weaker.

    • Flower Girl: HUUUUUUUUUU
    • Flower Girl: AAAAh
    • Flower Girl: WOOOAAAHH
    • Flower Girl: aaaaah
    • Flower Girl: aaah...a...ah
    Flower Girl stops her moves, she is motionless, unconscious.

    • Tormentor: HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAA, this stupid girl is mine!!!
    Tormentor takes the naked body of Flower Girl and put her inside of the coffin that he brought.

    • Manager: As I expected, she was defeated. I must to give 50% of my profit to the winner, but, at least I will earn millions selling the video of this beating of Flower Girl. HUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!
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    My pleasure bloodmaiden, I also hope new fights
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    Hey guys.
    Nice RP.
    Is EWA accepting new members?
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    Good RP.
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    Guys, thanks a lot.
    Mah, we are accepting new members hehehehehe.
    Just create an agressor or victm and call someone for a fight.
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    Hey guys, thanks for your comments.
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    Oooooh poor Flower Girl.
    Great work, I hope to see more rp´s like this one.
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    Possibly my favorite RP posted to date.
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