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Domination of Samus

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by stashar, Jul 23, 2014.

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    Domination of Samus (Metroid Ryona Fanfic)



    I'm not exactly a Metroid lore expert, but imagine if you will that this story takes place sometime after "Other M" but before Fusion. I'll insert my understanding of Metroid lore when it is important. I hope you all enjoy.


    Our story begins on the planet of Norion, home of the Galactic Federation. A highly decorated officer walks into a crummy ol' bar. Looking around the tables filled with various scumbags, he finds a but a simply dressed human in the far corner of the bar.

    Pulling up a chair, the sharply dressed man sits down in the corner.

    "Congratulations Sir Ryona on the elimination of the Space Pirate Weavel. You know, he was one of the few bounty hunters with a 3-nines (99.9%) success rate within the Federation. How'd you manage to do it?"

    Sir Ryona nods his head in agreement. "I do my research, and I fully expect the highest bounty in compensation. Tracking down Weavel was no easy task... but as long as I get the jump on my target, I can get the job done. Now, where's the Metroid DNA?"

    "All is in the briefcase... Along with your next mission. Your advance rate is bundled with the mission info"

    Sir Ryona opens the briefcase, and sees numerous wads of cash, a syringe of strange liquid... and a folder labeled 'Samus Aran'.

    "You've got to be fucking with me. Samus? The Samus Aran? The Protector of the Galaxy? Little Miss perfect with 100% mission completion? And this little folder is all you've got on her? How the hell am I supposed to do my job with so little information?"

    The Officer stares back with a stern face. "I'm serious. Look, we don't have much information on her, but she's beginning to ask a lot of questions on the MB project. Commander Adam earned Samus's respect and was able to use that to keep her out of the Federation's dirty work. But she's begun to attack installations like Sector Zero and is absolutely furious that we didn't have the resources to save Adam in the previous mission. We have to stop Samus before she blows up any more Federation labs."

    "The two pieces of information in that folder are highly classified. They include Samus's training archives at the Federation, as well as all of the information we know about her alien tech suit".

    The officer continues, "Besides, part of your job is information gathering. You figure out the details. As usual, you have six months..."

    "Not so fast", exclaims Sir Ryona. "This case is special, and I'm probably the only man in the Galaxy who can actually take this mission on. So I have my own demand: I refuse to use lethal force on Samus Aran. She is the Protector of the Galaxy. Its not every day a woman... or hell, any singular person for that matter... can take on the entire corrupted planet of Zebes by herself. While most of your targets are scumbags who deserve to die... Samus must live."

    "Instead, I shall dominate her. I will ambush her, beat her down to her most base form... and then watch her cry in the mud. A woman like Samus has never tasted defeat: 100% completion success within the Federation. Breaking her after she's been defeated will be easy. A woman who has never tasted defeat are those who are easiest to break."

    "And as she cries, her helmet partially broken... her face down in the mud, begging for mercy... I will then broker a deal with her, to make her forget about Adam and to stop investigating the Federation. As she refuses, I will pull the Power Suit off of her piece by piece... with each one a reminder on how naked and broken she is."

    "Should she refuse and survive the first beating... I will simply let her go, let her gather her strength, and beat her once more. With enough beatings, Samus will eventually become mine to control. She will never attack Federation labs again"

    The officer knows Sir Ryona is serious. But Sir Ryona's plan requires not just defeating Samus in combat once... but multiple times. Nonetheless, the officer agrees that "Domination" of Samus plays best to the Federation, they do not want to lose their star 100% bounty hunter. If this mission can be accomplished without Samus's death, its all the better for him.

    Besides, its Sir Ryona who'd be risking his life in combat vs Samus. The officer can sit back in safety.

    The officer responds "You've got yourself a deal".


    Chapter 1: Information Gathering


    "This information is worthless, outdated trash".

    With only two pieces of information in the folder, it didn't take long for Sir Ryona to 'analyze' Samus's files. He already knows the stories...

    "This 'classified information' only confirms the rumors. She's completed the agility exams suitless, and her powersuit only enhances her dexterity and strength. Her weaponry is far superior to mine, and includes unknown artifacts collected from numerous planets. And I have promised to 'dominate' this monster..."

    "My only advantage, is that she doesn't know I'm after her. I'm going to have to find some better information... I must find some weakness. Perhaps the former planet of Zebes holds some clues?". And with that thought, Sir Ryona sets off to Zebes.

    Aside: During the events of Super Metroid, Samus was tasked with attacking Mother Brain on the corrupted planet of Zebes a second time. The Evil AI Mother Brain permeated her nerves across the planet and used the whole planet's resources to defend herself... including ancient monsters and even a space dragon. Nonetheless, Samus defeated foe after foe and eventually destroyed Mother Brain. In the process, the entire planet of Zebes self-destructed with the death of Mother Brain.

    While scavenging the blasted remains of the former planet, Sir Ryona found pieces of Mother Brain's host computer. From it, Sir Ryona extracted Chozo archives, as well as Mother Brain's camera recordings of Samus across her journey on Zebes.

    "Even Mother Brain had interest in collecting this Chozo archival footage. Every damn techie wants their hands on extinct species's swag... thank goodness I have a Chozo decoder. Even Mother Brain wouldn't be able to break the encryption on these archives. I better start working on that right away." Sir Ryona enters the Chozo footage onto his computer, and begins the hours of computer analysis needed to decipher the extinct specie's information.

    While waiting, he begins to look at the Samus footage from Zebes.

    "I can't seem to find any weakness. Its as if she can see through walls: she discovers secret passages with accurate single blasts from her arm cannon. The amount of mass delivered from her Arm Cannon seems to bend the laws of physics. Even ignoring the seemingly infinite energy storage of that suit... I counted at least 120 physical missiles used in that last fight... her suit seems to be able to break the conservation of mass. Those missiles need to be stored somewhere. I can't believe I've agreed to fight against such a monster."

    The Zebes records only made Sir Ryona depressed. The more he watched the footage, the more he knew he was completely outclassed by Samus.

    *Ding*. The computer has finished analyzing the Chozo footage.

    "Humbug. I'm tired of looking at how impossible this Samus hit is going to be. Maybe I should just give up, keep my life, and sell these Chozo archives. Decoded Chozo Archives probably will make more money than this mission..." But as Sir Ryona looks upon the Chozo footage... he's surprised at what they contain.



    Why do the extinct Chozo have young Samus training footage? In fact, this footage seems to prove that Samus was trained by the ancient Chozo themselves?

    Then it hit Sir Ryona like a train: "Oh Shit. Mother Brain was collecting Chozo training archives... because she knew that Samus's weaknesses will be documented here."

    At that moment, Sir Ryona knew he had a chance... a chance that no one else had to take on Samus.

    "Chozo Decoders are extremely rare. I bet no one else in the galaxy has this information. And with this... I can become the one who can dominate Samus".


    To Be Continued...
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  2. Tonug

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    awesome! Looking forward to the story, Samus is awesome for fanfics. The suit protecting her just extends how long she can take punishment for. :D
  3. stashar

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    Mar 7, 2014
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    Chapter 2: Exploring the Chozo Archives

    "This is absolutely unacceptable", stated one old Chozo

    Sir Ryona paused the tape and looked closely. He could see the young Samus breathing heavily, unconscious in the Chozo training grounds.


    Sir Ryona continued the playback of the archive, listening very closely to the Chozo argue about their discovery.

    "What happened?? We can't have her act like this, not at this stage of the tests".

    The Chozo in charge of the test steps forward, and begins to explain.

    "As you are well aware, Samus has completed this course multiple times. As this is Samus's first time through with Power Armor, she wouldn't realize that we can control her sense of touch through the Power Suit's direct nerve channels. The true purpose of this test was to iterate across weak points of the Human nervous system to break her focus."

    "The first 21 weak points were tested between 100 and 340 seconds. While Samus showed a reaction to minor nerve stimuli across her face, arms, and feet, none of these spots caused any major failures."

    "But at approximately 351 seconds into the course, we opened the channel to stimulate the nerves surrounding Samus's G-Spot, a rumored human female sexual stimulus location. What we thought was an ancient human legend is now proven to be true: Samus's focus and dexterity immediately degenerated. "

    Sir Ryona studied the screen. At 349 seconds, Samus began jumping from one platform to another with her trademark front flip. Suddenly, Samus's voice comes on. ""Oawwwhhhhh" Samus moaned at the 351 mark.

    The Chozo Scientist continued: "Samus was attempting to land on a platform at this time. While she did land on the platform, she landed with poor form: exactly upside down on her helmet. Forward momentum continued, and the rest of Samus's body came crashing down with Samus on her back." , The Chozo paused the tape to pull up some archival footage. "Here's what we expected of Samus".
    "But instead, Samus landed like this."

    Returning to the test footage under question... Samus was trying to sit up from the failed landing on her back. Her left leg was straight, while her right leg folded back... twitching in the hurdle position.

    "The right leg twitches here are presumably from the earlier G-Spot stimulation. It appears to have an effect lasting multiple seconds long".

    Samus begins to get up. She pulls her left leg back and begins to sit up proper... when suddenly an explosion rocks the screen.

    The Chozo continues: "This was exactly the worst position for the landmine to go off. True, the Power Armor provides her with physical protection against the blast... but the suit cannot provide her mental protection from the direct stimulus to the crotch".

    The Chozo rewinds the footage, and zooms towards Samus's zone betwen the legs. Both of her legs were just slightly spread as she attempted to get up off her back. The Chozo slows the footage to 1/1000th speed. The slow-motion explosion clearly pushes upon Samus's armored hamstrings, which then shape the explosion towards Samus's groin.

    Samus moans "Ungggggh" as explosion lifts her up. With her head slumped to the side, Samus manages to land on her feet. Her left hand immediately grasps the location of the explosion, with her right cannon-arm rubbing the area between her thighs.

    The Chozo pauses the video once more. "The explosion stimulated Samus's clitoris once more. Specifically, the armored crotch piece has bent inwards due to the pressure of the explosion. Samus would have initially felt this as somewhat painful, but the pain threshold is well within Samus's parameters. She shouldn't be reacting like this to the minor pain alone. I theorize the constant pressure held by the armor piece was distracting to her mental state somehow."

    Samus tries to pull the bent armor back into position and out of her vagina but to no avail. With only her left hand and a cannon arm, she didn't have the dexterity to pull it out. Instead, the damaged piece of armor only seemed to dig in deeper as her cannon-arm fumbles around and shoves it in.

    Samus falls on her knees, letting out a quick heave. "Haaahhh...". As she falls, her head relaxes back as her eyes gaze up to the sky. Her shoulders laze back and both her left arm and right cannon arm loosen up to her sides. Samus takes a deep breath and tries to regain her composure.

    "This was a bad time for a breather. At 355 seconds, Samus's abdomen is struck the multi-ton hammer-trap. The force of the impact dazed Samus and caused her to fall off the 300ft. platform. This one... was definitely painful for Samus. Her Armor has yet to regenerate its energy shield from the landmine."

    Aside: Imagine the Swinging Hammer trap from Deception 4.

    Samus lets out a scream. "Aaaaaghhh". Her arms and legs snap forward as the core of her body is shoved at high speed off of the platform. Her legs dragged along the floor with so much force, the left boot comes flying off. With the rapid blows from the landmine and the powerful hammer, the front of the suit begins to visibly crack.

    "Samus has 300ft to fall. She will strike the ground at approximately 140ft/sec, or 95mph at the time of 360 seconds. I hoped that Samus would regain consciousness and use the grapple beam to escape. I guess she was just knocked out for the full 5 second fall"

    The unconscious Samus fell rear-end first, with her arms and legs pointed to upwards. Her now naked left foot waving in the wind. Her ass bares the brunt of the landing as her arms and legs snap back. As the rest of her body makes contact with the ground, her "back armor" pieces armor precisely explodes as it absorbs the impact. The back of Samus's helmet, the left hand, the right cannon arm, the greaves on the legs, these items absorb the impact and explode off of Samus. However, Samus's unarmored left foot slams into the ground at full force, breaking her ankle immediately.


    The Chozo scientist explains: "The Power Suit's emergency 'explosive reactive armor' mode cushions Samus's landing. However, her left foot somehow lost its armor during the fall, and the region damaged by the landmine refused to activate."

    Indeed. The groin section was so damaged by the landmine, it couldn't activate the reactive safety feature. On the contrary, if Samus was actually conscious, she would have felt the force of the fall drive the partially broken groin armor deeper into her regions.

    Samus twitches with her back on the ground... and her front armor begins to dissipate. Soon, Samus's armor is all gone, with exception of the damaged groin armor.

    The Scientist was proud of one thing. "The rest of the 'explosive reactive armor' was clearly protective of Samus's body, even with the failure of the piece damaged there. At least, it was good enough to save her life against this massive impact. It doesn't even have to be 100% effective to save her life."

    The Chozo Archive video finally returns to unconscious Samus, breathing heavily. Samus's missing left boot falls down and strikes her unarmored belly. Her left arm reacts, gripping her abdomen slightly as her right arm slumps to the ground. The blow wakes Samus up to pain all across her body. She squirms into the fetal position on her right side. Lifting her left leg with the broken ankle into the position causes Samus to scream out in pain. "Aaagaggghh".

    Samus focuses her energy, and reaches in between her legs with her unarmored hands. The right hand, finally freed from the cannon arm, is finally able to assist the left in tugging the broken crotch armor out of her vagina. But Samus still has a predicament: she must lift her broken left leg to relax her vagaina, and loosen the deeply embedded armor piece. Her thighs are currently clentched together from the pain of the fall, leaving the armor piece embedded inside her.

    Samus takes one deep breath... and "Aaaaahahhhhh". She extends both her legs and lifts the left one off the ground. Samus screams as the pain of the broken ankle travels across her legs. Bearing the brunt of it all, Samus reaches with both her hands and slowly pulls the broken crotch armor out, like a giant wedgie.

    The broken groin armor, removed from its embedded position finally dissipates. Samus immediately falls unconscious, as the Chozo rush in to pull her out of the training room.

    "This was an absolutely disgraceful performance on behalf of Samus. We haven't even installed the Failsafe in case she gets too powerful... and she already has such a large weakness as this. We must first eliminate known weaknesses before adding new ones in..."

    Sir Ryona immediately rewinds the video to verify what he thinks he just heard. "Eliminate her weaknesses before adding new ones?" Is it common for Chozo to design weaknesses into their inventions? Searching through the rest of the video, Sir Ryona finds no further discussion over this "Chozo Failsafe" with regards to Samus.


    Hours later, Sir Ryona puts away his research for the day. "At least I know Samus has a weakness now. Somehow, I need to sexually penetrate her in the middle of combat. Still, to attempt such a maneuver in the middle of hand-to-hand combat is suicide. There's no way I can deliver a strong attack to such a precise weakspot."

    "But there were lots of information in this video. Chozo Nerve control of the Power Suit? Chozo Weakness Failsafe? Perhaps I can investigate these matters to find a true combat advantage against Samus."

    End of Chapter.
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  4. Tonug

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    I know this is a big bump, but this story was awesome. You think you'll ever get a chance to finish it!?
  5. stashar

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    Apologies for the lack of updates.

    Yes, I do have a few things planned. I've sketched out a few things, but at this point, I've nearly run out of images that I'd like to use. I spent a little time trying to learn XNALara to pose Samus into a custom poses, but lost hope when a computer glitch wiped out my progress on the 3D Modeling front.

    I probably can just continue with the story itself, but I personally find the images useful as a storytelling device. Thanks to your bump, I did read over my work again, and I am somewhat fond of this story and the direction it took. I'll begin work on Chapter 3 immediately, but it may take a bit for me to get back into the grove (looking over my notes, etc. etc.)
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    Chapter 3: A Change of Plans.

    "Sir Ryona, this is the General. Samus will arrive on the planet Norion within a week. She has yet to collect her bounty for the destrction of Mother Brain. I expect you'll make your first move at that time"
    "I've taken the liberty to revoke all of Samus's authorizations that I could. She has dropped from unlimited authorization to class B authorization. You can rest assured that the Federation will bombard her from orbit should she pull that crazy arm-cannon of hers out"
    "Good luck in your first fight"


    I'm on the brink of discovering Samus's ultimate weakness... one potentially created by the Chozo themselves... and this damn General is forcing me into the fight early. Nonetheless, this is a top-level client who has paid good money. They expect me to change plans according to their will.

    Still, only Class B authorization means no arm cannon. No Arm Cannon means no Varia Suit, which greatly improves my chances of beating Samus. At least in theory... I best prepare for the Varia Suit and Arm Cannon anyway. Samus has smuggled her weapons in other situations before.

    I browse my armory, looking for the proper tools to win the upcomming fight. The Armory is my pride, my source of power. It is filled with rare artifacts I've collected from other galaxies. I am often weaker, dumber, slower than my opponents. But, my weapons bring strange and rare effects from throughout the universe. These rare artifacts serve as my gimmicks, my edge in battle.

    For Armor: Weavel's armor should give Samus a good spook. Weavel fought with Samus on even grounds during the Hunter's event, and without her Power Suit I expect this armor to strike fear into her heart. I'll just have to modify it to work with my anatomy.

    For Weapons: I have no Federation Authorizations at all. If I bring something the Federation can detect, those orbit cannons will work against me instead. It is probably time to use these three artifacts from another galaxy.
    * The Brain of a Dark Archon
    * Dark Swarm Eggs of a Zerg Defiler
    * Plauge Toxin, gathered from a Zerg Defiler

    I only have one Dark Archon brain, and the Protoss homeplanet of Aiur has been destroyed. I may never see another Dark Archon in my life again. But, with its psionic abilities, it should attack Samus's brain directly through her suit. This weapon should prove to be the ultimate weapon against her. I'll probably not need it if she's unarmored however.


    The Defiler eggs and Plague glands are replaceable. I only have one of each stockpiled for now, but their utility in fights is unmatched. The Plague Gland contains powerful biotoxins that push enemies to the brink of death. Despite the powerful corrosive effects, Defiler Plague is carefully balanced to never kill, making it the ideal non-lethal weapon for me to torture Samus with.

    >> NOTE Weavel
    >>>> Weavel was a space pirate bounty hunter from Metroid Prime: Hunters.
    >>>> His battle suit's lower half would separate into half-turret form, and his
    >>>> upper-half was mostly composed of just his brain and spinal cord. Needless
    >>>> to say, the suit was not originally fit for a human, or any creature aside
    >>>> from Weavel.

    >> NOTE Dark Archon
    >>>> Of the Starcraft Universe, Dark Archons are formed when two negative
    >>>> energy Dark Templar fuse their bodies and minds. The two warriors turn
    >>>> into a powerful spellcaster: the Dark Archon. The three spells of a Dark
    >>>> Archon are Feedback, Maelstorm, and Mind Control.

    >>>> Feedback absorbs spell-energy and turns it back upon the opponent.
    >>>> Maelstorm paralyzes any non-robotic unit for seven seconds.
    >>>> And Mind Control takes complete control over an opponent.

    >>>> Beyond its spells, Dark Archons cannot defend themselves. And with luck,
    >>>> Sir Ryona managed to find an isolated Dark Archon, depleted of energy.
    >>>> Perhaps it was the last survivor in a battle? In any case, through
    >>>> experiments and implants, he was able to dominate the Dark Archon's
    >>>> will. Nonetheless, he refuses to ever give the Dark Archon artifact enough energy
    >>>> for its ultimate spell, worried that the Dark Archon would break through
    >>>> his implants and mind control Sir Ryona the first chance it gets.

    >> NOTE: Starcraft Zerg Defiler

    >>>> The Zerg Defiler is a similar high-tier spellcaster from the Starcraft
    >>>> Universe. It had two spells available: "Dark Swarm": an orange cloud that
    >>>> reduces visibility and negates projectiles in a small region.

    >>>> Its second spell was a corrosive plague, an explosion of red biotoxins.

    >>>> The Corrosive Plague corrodes all that it touches, but it never is able
    >>>> to kill or destroy an object. Units with energy shields, such as Protoss
    >>>> Zealots, would be poisoned by the biotoxin, while their energy shields
    >>>> remain intact.

    >>>> Like the Protoss Dark Archon, the Defiler is completely helpless in battle.
    >>>> Sir Ryona managed to clone the Zerg's DNA and begin manufacturing
    >>>> one-time use Dark Swarm glands and Plague glands


    I take position in the Sector 5 Slums. I know Samus will eventually cross my path here. And sure enough... my scanners pick up a Radio ID signal matching "Samus Aran". Instead of her usual Varia Suit, she's wearing a tight blue jumpsuit. I look for her weapon... but can't believe what I find.

    No way. Samus's weapon of choice is a dinky non-lethal Emergency Stun Pistol? With Weavel's power-armor alone, I can win this fight!

    But as I get ready to pounce on Samus... she stops a few dozen yards away from my position. And then calls out to me.

    "Dumbass in Weavel's suit: You do realize that Space Pirates are incinerated by the auto-defense systems upon entry, right?"

    Shit. She's spotted me. So I lunge out and attempt to tackle Samus. If I can grapple her, the improved strength of the powersuit would claim an easy victory. But right before I grasp her, she spins out of the way, grabs me from behind and suplexes me into the ground... "Ooomph".

    Samus gets up before I do. I was still too stunned from the suplex. Heck, I'm stunned in general. She was able to lift me, power-suit and all. How strong can she possibly be?

    "Weavel didn't have enough nerves left in his body to feel pain or get stunned. You're a sad impostor. " Samus then pulls out her energy pistol. "Sorry, but time to end you".

    I immediately break my prepared Dark Swarm egg against the ground. The insects erupt from the egg and immediately cover me... shielding me from the energy pistol shots.

    After three shots, Samus immediately notices the shots getting absorbed by the swarm of insects. "Neat Trick, I've never seen something like this before. " Samus then pushes button on the Energy Pistol, and it elongates into a massive energy whip. Samus cracks the whip, dispersing some of the insects.

    "Ha, it doesn't seem like these insects stops the energy whip!" Samus brags.

    Wait, the pistol is also a melee weapon? Samus has been adding some mods to the standard-issue equipment. Clearly, I'm gonna lose unless drastic measures are taken. I pull out my final Dark Archon brain... I really didn't want to use this. I'm millions light years away from the nearest replacement. I may never get one of these babies again.

    But as it stands, I have no idea how powerful that whip is of Samus's. So I activate Maelstorm. As I grip the implants on the Dark Archon brain, it fades away into nothingness.

    Immediately, Samus's arms fall to her sides, dropping her whip. Her calf muscles tense up, raising her to her tip-toes. Her body tries to gasp for air, but even that seems to fail. After all, Maelstorm is a weak form of mind-control, overriding all of the nerves of a creature and paralyzing them. A shocked expression washes over Samus's paniced face, she has no idea what is happening to her body.

    Now's my chance. I cannot let the rare artifact go to waste. I begin to count the seven seconds of time Maelstorm has gifted to me. "One... Two", I count... as I get back onto my feet and charge.

    "Three", as I deliver a knee to Samus's stomach. Samus's paralyzed lower-body is lifted off the ground, while her upper body hunches over. Samus lets out a ton of air from her diaphragm in a hiss, her vocal chords unable to form any cohesive words due to the paralysis.

    "Four, Five", I reach up to the sky, clasp my hands into a hammerfist, and bring it down upon Samus's back. Paralyzed and helpless, Samus's chin hits the ground first, and then her knees. Her ass sticks up into the air. The nerve control the Maelstorm continues to exert over Samus.

    "Six... Seven", as I boot Samus's belly. The kick was powerful enough to lift Samus and slam her into a nearby wall. I'm in Weavel's power armor after all, maybe I overdid it a bit.

    I watch Samus slide down the wall and onto her side. As paralysis ends, Samus's first reaction is to gasp for air. She gags and coughs, and screams out in pain as her breathing disrupt her now broken ribs. Samus takes a second, more controlled second breath, regains her composure. She grunts as she pushes herself up with her right arm, getting up to a kneeling position on all fours. But her strength gives out, and she lets out a scream as her chest hits the ground again. "Aaauggghh".

    I know I shouldn't be just watching her, but for her to be moving after sustaining that kind of damage shouldn't be possible. A normal person would be unconcious, nay... even dead at this point. I stomp the ground to test my strength... and sure enough, the augmented strength from Weavel's powersuit cracks the concrete below me with a single blow.

    How can Samus recover after this?

    Perhaps Samus has some kind of passive defense against physical blows. I pickup Samus's whip-pistol... maybe this will do better against her.

    Samus has no idea what is about to smack her. As she is still struggling to get up on all fours, Samus's Zero-suit Ass is fully exposed against the punishment I'm about to deliver.

    "Whiffff. Whiiiiipp".

    Unfortunately... using a whip is much harder than it looks. The light taps against Samus's rear end fail to phase Samus at all. Samus looks behind her, a "failed to amuse" face disparaging me.

    Samus exclaims out "Get your noob hands offf... *cough* Argggghhhh...." and that's all Samus is able to say as her arms grip her ribs in pain.

    I pull the whip back one more time, and manage a good crack. The energy whip cuts a deep gash into Samus's hamstring, drawing blood. Still, it doesn't stop Samus from gripping at the wall... and surely Samus continues to get up.

    I don't have time to mess with this whip. I'll learn to use it later. I fumble each of the buttons until the whip turns back into the stun-pistol. I can't let Samus stand back up. So I pop three shots into her back.

    "Egg... Argggghhh". As Samus takes stun shots into her back, she collapses to all fours, and begins to climb back up. Repeated shots only phase her slightly, and soon Samus is almost standing.

    I hold down the trigger and think to myself... "Lets try a fully charged shot".

    "Aaahhahhhh", Samus screams. She collapses, banging her face against the wall as she falls and hits the ground. She rolls around, back and forth a bit and eventually stops on her back. The fully-charged stun-pistol has issued enough pain to rob her of her mobility entirely.

    As I look across her electrically stunned, squirming body, writhing on the ground, I can't help but notice that Samus's cut leg has already healed itself. The bloody gash from the whip has disappeared. Even the suit itself then closes up and stitches itself together again.

    "So Samus, this blue Jumpsuit of yours is actually a regeneration suit. Those Chozo really did give you all the best toys. But isn't it a bit painful to have your suit resetting your bones in the middle of a fight?".

    And sure enough, I can see the bones of her rib-cage realign themselves as the suit pushes them into the correct, healthy order. Samus lets off a whimper as she tries to hide the pain of regeneration from me. But I bet she's bluffing at this point, she's has to be reaching the breaking point of pain tolerance.

    "Of course, I can't let you get back up and moving again. I can't believe you can go head-to-head against a power-armored opponent." For good measure, I fire another fully charged stun-shot into Samus's belly. All she can do is grit her teeth and look disdainfully up at me.

    Shot after shot rings out. I'll pump Samus full of her own stun pistol. But she learns to bear the pain, and begins to push herself up, even under fire from fully charged stun shots. As she stands up finally, she looks at me in the eye and says: "Is that all you've got, punk?".

    What insolence! I take yet one more fully-charged shot with the Energy Pistol, but this time, it fizzles out and fails to fire. As Samus beings a manic laugh.

    "Count your shots dumbass! You've given me everything you've got, and you still can't beat me. Stand still while I pummel you!"

    Shit, this bitch really can't stay fucking down. This is going to be it. If Samus achieves a combat advantage on the next charge, I'm certainly toast. She's more than strong enough to inflict damage on me through the suit. I must win this next exchange.

    We charge at each other. I refuse to make the same mistake as earlier in this fight... I need to play this more cautiously. Instead of dedicating myself to a strike, I only project a right hook feint towards her. Samus doesn't realize its a bluff, and ducks under the non-existant punch.

    Here's my chance! In this moment of surprise, Samus knows she's fucked up, I can see it in her face. But its too late, Samus can't reverse her downward momentum from ducking down, and I take advantage of it by kneeing her to the chin. Samus doesn't make a sound as her neck cocks back from the blow, and she's lifted off the ground.

    Samus lands on her feet, and staggers backward until her back hits the wall. She continues to look upward, with a surprised look plastered against her face. She knew she was screwed before the blow even hit her.

    As Samus collides back against the wall, she falls down onto her knees, continuing to look skyward. A low hum from Samus's suit fades away. All the lights on her blue jumpsuit immediately darken. But as the silent seconds drone on, it becomes clear that I have won this fight.

    Despite my ignorance, I've managed to win this first exchange against her. But this is a Pyrrhic victory at best. My deal with the General requires me to constantly defeat her in exchanges in the coming weeks and months.

    All I have gained in this fight is Samus's dinky energy pistol / energy whip. A weapon I'm not exactly fond of.

    In contrast, my losses are staggering. I have revealed myself to Samus. She has deduced that I am not Weavel, and I have no idea what else she has figured out about me already. I have also revealed my most powerful weapon: the Dark Archon brain. Worse yet, the Dark Archon brain ran out of energy and dissipated. I was forced to use my trump card against a virtually unarmed Samus.

    I shake my head in disappointment. This is likely the last time I'll ever come across Samus without her Varia Suit and Arm Cannon. I shudder to think at her full potential.

    Looking back at the placid, unconscious Samus, I realize I need to make this victory count as much as possible. I bend down, grab her ponytail and lift her unconcious body up... and whisper to her: "Ms. Perfect: be prepared to have your first taste of defeat"...


    End Chapter.
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