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Dark Genesis [Sinn4u-GameOver Horror Set]

Discussion in 'Guro' started by Sinn, Dec 28, 2011.

  1. Sinn

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    Dec 14, 2011
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    Sinn4u presents
    Dark Genesis

    Dark Genesis Cover
    Artist - Karosu-Maker.

    A scream hides in the darkness...

    Dark Genesis Set
    Artist - Urbanator
    Author - Apoc.
    - "Nemesis let out a roar of victory as the tentacle wormed its way into the top of her skull, to writhe around and tunnel deep through her brain. Jills mouth fell open, slack jawed, as she still strained desperately for that breath that wasn't coming anytime soon.
    The tentacle wormed violently, finding sudden freedom from skull bone, to then explode out of her left eye socket, expelling her eye. Jills body fell into a fit of shakes and twitches. Her lone eye remained rolled back into the top of her head and she began to drool, saliva mixed with blood slowly escaping from her slack mouth to fall down upon her quivering breasts."

    - "Nemesis proceeded to drag her out into the square by her ankle, uncaring as small shards of glass cut up his prize and pieces of her flesh became snagged on rusted pieces of iron, he gave an occasional tug that tore small wounds into Jills flesh . A pack of Lickers crowded around and growled with hunger as the live meat was pulled past them. Nemesis didn't even have to acknowledge them, he knew they wouldn't dare take a bite of his prize, he could sense their hunger for her but also their hesitation and fear of him."

    - "With a roar of immense blood curdling ferocity he let his tentacles fly. All of them exploded into Jills back, instantly snapping her spine as they travelled through her in mere seconds to burst fourth out of her abdomen in a shower of intestines and gore. At their eruption from her stomach, Nemesis tore her left arm free from her body, ripping it away effortlessly, the muscles from her biceps, slapped back against her torso in fleshy strips from just below her shoulder .
    The fingers of her ripped off arm, held in Nemesis' left hand, twitched briefly then stilled.
    Jills body entered its death throws at long last. With a gurgled last crying breath, her abused body began to shut down after so much had been inflicted upon it and with a last shudder that ran from her head to her twitching feet she expired finally to hang limply in his grip, unbreathing.
    The slight after twitch racked only her corpse as nemesis continued to roar its challenge as its tentacles danced out from her abdomen, bathed in her blood."

    - "it held her partially clothed, swaying and destroyed body aloft once more by the back of her head. After a moment a long tentacle wormed out from his back and wrapped around her left ankle, it slowly pulled her left leg up and away to the side. Leaving her right leg to hang limply as he parted the other, the action exposed her dripping pussy, wet with urine. Nemesis growled in pleasure with dark anticipation of what he was about to do.
    Violently grabbing Jills corpse between her legs with his left hand, he let out a low grizzly grumble, "raaappppe", and then suddenly her body became animated as tentacles writhed up through her pussy and ass. They wormed their ways up through her abdomen, stretching it as they probed violently through her to slow as they bulged her throat to then worm their way out of her face. The first big one exited her mouth, followed closely by another, forcing her jaw to dislocate with an audible snap. Smaller tendrils escaped through her nose and ears and finally one found the canal of her first mind destroying intrusion and exited her left empty eye socket.
    Nemesis threw its head back in elation, its left hand exploding and pulsing with tentacles into Jills abused corpse. Her body twitched and shook as they continued to probe, writhe, stretch and play within her."

    Coming Soon
    Alma Wade


    Dark Genesis Set - All rights/permissions reserved -

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    Thanks for re-upping these! I've seen them on your Deviant page, but its always nice to take another look at them again =)
  3. xzxw

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    Feb 17, 2012
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    this is great!
  4. Seth

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    Jun 17, 2012
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    This is fantastic!