Custom dialogue: Teacher forces student (German)


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Sep 1, 2011
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ignignok said:
Courtesy of google translate and me, some of the turns of phrase are awkward, but I think they mostly make sense.
Will have to give this a spin!

Thanks for the effort. It's still a solid idea, and a not-too-uncommon fantasy, after all ;) Surely we've all had a teacher at some point we wish would have been like this...


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Sep 19, 2011
oh, I found out where the hair came from. it's from Kir, he's doing great work!


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Feb 21, 2012
Booster thanks for the code

i am working on tweaking the text a bit ... ill pm you the changes .. minor things for the english version

you have inspired me to to write text for a rl situation with my french teacher.. (it was a hand job but ill change it to a bj)


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May 9, 2013
Ein wirklich gelungener Dialog.
Ich würde den sogar ins englische übersetzen.
Unsere englisch sprechenden Forummitglieder sollen auch in den Genus dieses Dialoges kommen.


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May 3, 2013
Translating -*- Done



intro:"In this room I'm taking over control over your body and you can't do anything about it!"
intro:"Hold stil *YOU*, from now on you won't be able to control what happens with your body!"
intro:"So this is it, *YOU* %3A your erected, naked penis... finally I get to see it!"
intro:"So that's how your stiff penis looks, *YOU*... I really lust after touching it!"
intro:"You bad boy, Aren't you ashamed, to get a hardon infront of your teacher?"
intro:"*YOU*, I'm going to work your penis, until it ejaculates!"
intro:"Shortly your penis will react react in ways, which you won't be able to control!"
intro:"Welcome to *MY* Sexual education lesson. Today's Testsubject %3A *YOU*, Haha!"
intro:"Detention with *ME*... if you knew, what you've got coming for you, *YOU*!"
general:"Should you tell anybody about what the things I'm doing to you, you'll pay for it a hundredfold!"
general:"If you resist, I'll lower your grades without consent!"
general:"You look very exposed, when you stand so naked before me, *YOU*!"
general:"Don't you feel embarrassed, when you stand before me naked, with your erected penis?"
general:"If you wan't to be a good pupil, you'd better do whatever I say!"
general:"When I pulled back your foreskin, it turned me on so much to see your bare glans!"
general:"What's the meaning of this, you don't want to!? As if you had a choice!"
general:"There are so many ways to get you to an orgasm... mmmh let's see which I choose...!"
general:"Your teacher gives you a hardon, aren't you ashamed?"
general:"You get a hardon infront of your TEACHER? How needy are you?!"
general:"*YOU*, *YOU*, *YOU*, just tell me, how could you let it get to this...?"
general:"Just look at yourself, *YOU*! You're completly exposed to your teacher! And not just that, you've

even got a boner!"
general:"I've got to give you that, your hard dick looks so lewd!"
general:"If you behave well, I might let you fuck one of the chicks in sex-ed class..."
resistance:"Are you actually aware, that it's your teacher, who takes your erected dick into her mouth?"
resistance:"The more i take your dick into me, the more I attain control over your body!" //maybe change this

line a bit
resistance:"Don't look away, you HAVE TO look at everything I do to you!"
resistance:"Watch, *You*? I'm wetting your boner with my saliva."
resistance:"I'm constantly taking aHEAD and aHEAD...!"
resistance:"I'm having fun exploring your helpless dick with my tongue, *YOU*!"
resistance:"Prepare for a reaaalllyyy special blowjob... your teacher knows best!" // or, your teacher knows

what she does!
resistance:"So you thought this could go on forever? Your teacher can her mind!"
resistance:"For fucks sake, hold still, *YOU*! You can't escape my plans anyway!"
resistance:"As if you don't want this! When I rubbed your soft dick, it went hard in a split-second!"
resistance:"It's so much fun to suck on your head, *YOU*! It looks so soft and sensible!"
resistance:"At your age, the penis is extremly sensible... In other words, it's totally helpless infront of

first_throat:"You're trying to resist? You are not going to be the first one to fail!"
first_throat:"So you think, I can't go deeper? Now I'm gonna show you what I can REALLY do!"
first_throat:"I'm now going to fully take your dick down my throat, if you want it or not."
first_throat:"So you don't like having your penis so far down my throat? Oh... just you wait, you...!"
first_throat:"So, enough playing around, I'm going to get seriour now!"
first_throat:"you don't want to see your penis vanish in my mouth? Ha! Take a good look at what I'm doing

first_dt:"Now your penis is fully mine!"
first_dt:"Done! I devoured it whole!"
first_dt:"Did you realise? My lips were closing around the root of your dick!"
first_dt:"When I take it so deep, my lips can touch your balls!"
first_dt:"The penis of my pupil *YOU*, Wholy down my throat... Who would have thought?"
first_dt:"Done, It was all the way down! Now prepare for the penetration of your life!"
pull_off:"You're even trying to delay your orgasm! Are you actually embarrassed?"
pull_off:"Can you feel it? I'm sliding my tongue over your bare glans!"
pull_off:"Now look at this, I can taste your precum! AS IF you don't like what I'm doing here!"
pull_off:"Before you do something stupid again, remember I, *ME*, am controlling you!"
pull_off:"Today I'll suck you dry!"
pull_off:"Why are you so tenste, *YOU*? Don't you like this? He He He!"
Pull_off:"You don't want oral sex with your teacher? Just you wait, I'll get you to a climax this way!"
Pull_off:"This was nothing, now I'm going to take care of you for real with my mouth!" //really instead?
held:"Can you feel how your penis is starting to twitch more and more?"
held:"I can let my tongue slide over your penis, lick it, suck it, bite it... I can do whatever I want with

held:"As if this wasn't turning you on! I can feel your veins pulse in my mouth!"
held:"So, you're saying this is NOT turning you on? Well, Your body is talking differently!"
held:"Many boys have *FINISHES* come before you! Don't be naive and try to escape!"
vigorous:"By seeing your sperm, I'm entering the deepest core of you privacy!" // This sounds odd, even in

vigorous:"When I do this I get you closer and closer to an orgasm!"
vigorous:"I'm going to continue this until you orgasm!"
vigorous:"I'm not going to stop working you, until you cum on me!"
vigorous:"Try to get used to cum before my eyes...!"
vigorous:"Don't you like the thought of losing control before my eyes?"
vigorous:"I'm going to make you orgasm so hard, that you lose all control!"
vigorous:"Forget it, you won't be able to hold back!"
vigorous:"You penis is already twitching around! And you think, I wouldn't be able to make you spurt?"
vigorous:"When I'm done with you, you're going to squirt sooo hard!"
vigorous:"Your dick's growing! An unmistakeable sign of an impending orgasm!"
vigorous:"You're already twitching after so little penetration? I see, you're going to submit to me before

this day is over!"
vigorous:"You're breathing is getting heaver and heavier! Don't tell me, you're going to *FINISHES* cum?"
vigorous:"There's no way around it *YOU*%3A You WILL *FINISHES* ejaculate!"
vigorous:"Basically I'm misleading your penis into thinking my throat is a pussy. Do you think it will

ejaculate inside this imaginary cunt?"
vigorous:"Don't fight it..., eventually you WILL *FINISHES* cum!"
pre_cum:"If I start to work you NOW, I will not stop, until you come!"
pre_cum:"Looks as if you're getting an orgasm! I'm going to observe carefully!"
pre_cum:"Once again there will be semen shooting out of your pulsating penis!"
pre_cum:"I want to see how your penis squirts thick, white cum!"
pre_cum:"I'm going to close my lips around your uncontrollably twitching penis!"
pre_cum:"You can't delay your orgasm any longer, can you?"
pre_cum:"Why are you wincing so much? Are you actually ashamed to have to cum infront of me?"
pre_cum:"I can feel your penis swelling *YOU*, you're going to have an orgasm soon!"
pre_cum:"Are you aware, that you're about to have the most intimate experience you can have, RIGHT IN FRONT OF

pre_cum:"If you interrupt me, making you orgasm, ONE MORE TIME, you're in SO MUCH TROUBLE!"
pre_cum:"Your dick just won't stop leaking precum! Looks like you won't be able to bear it any longer!"
pre_cum:"Accept it *YOU*, You're going to cum right infront of me, and there's nothing you can do about it!"
pre_cum:"You can't even think straight anymore! So now it's come this far, you WILL climax!"
pre_cum:"Ah, now I've prepared you, your body is ready to burst! Every touch can bring you to ecstasy!" //ffs

I can't write this word right
pre_cum:"Now you're ready, *YOU*%3A I'm going to suck you dry!"
pre_cum:"I hope you realise, you'll only get back your clothes when I see you squirt!"
pre_cum:"Stop delaying your orgasm already, I will see it eventually!"
pre_cum:"I'm going to slide my lips over your penis now, and I'm only stopping when you cum in my mouth!"
pre_cum:"Now I'm going to Finish you off! Your body will rear up and *FINISHES* cum!"
pre_cum:"The most intimate, you can see from someone your age is the orgasm! And you'll have yours right

infront of me!"
pre_cum:"You're almost exploding from arousal! Just give in and let it all spurt out!"
pre_cum:"I'm pretty sure your dick is filled to the brim with sperm. Tiem to milk you!"
cum_on_face:"YES, This is it! Your sperm, I can see it squirting out of your penis!"
cum_on_face:"It's time! Your hard dick is spurting vigorously! Infront of my eyes!"
cum_on_face:"Yes, This is it! Your'e ejaculating, without any control over your penis!"
cum_on_face:"Woah, amazing how your body trembles uncontrollably under your orgasm!" //this sounds weird to me
cum_on_face:"Aren't you ashamed to cum on your teachers face? He He He!"
cum_on_face:"Ha Ha, like I told you *YOU*, you can't prevent your orgasm!"
cum_on_face:"Yesss! This is it! Your sperm! It's spurting out of you violently!"
cum_in_mouth:"How does it feel, to cum while your dick is in your teachers mouth?"
cum_in_mouth:"You came directly into my mouth, how rude of you!"
cum_in_mouth:"Don't tell me, my penetration was to hard for you, *YOU*."
cum_in_mouth:"*YOUS* semen in my mouth... I've been imagining this for a long time now!"
cum_in_mouth:"Now I know the taste of your sperm, *YOU*!"
cum_in_mouth:"This is the taste of victory!" //lol
cum_in_mouth:"Your sperm in my mouth! In your teachers mouth!"
cum_in_mouth:"Woah, you came so much in my mouth! Apparently I gave you a good time!" // kinda sketchy, It

should mean sth. along the lines of having really sucked him off hard
cum_in_throat:"You didn't seem to like how I sucked the sperm right of you penis."
cum_in_throat:"Woah, the way you were twitching, I seem to have given you a good time!" //same as above
cum_in_throat:"Mmmmm, your sperm in my stomach! Now it's mine!"
cum_in_throat:"During you ejaculation I could feel your penis pulsating between my lips!"
cum_in_throat:"So, who calls the shots now, *YOU*, hmmm?"
cum_in_throat:"Uhhh, I couldn't miss, swallowing your entire load!"
cum_in_eye:"Yes! Come'on squirt! Shoot out all that sperm from your balls!"
cum_in_eye:"Wow, you're coming with so much pressure! So I'm calling the shots, ehh?"
cum_in_eye:"The way you're coming you're body seems to have submitted to my blowing!"
cum_in_eye:"So much sperm from your penis, *YOU*! And it was me who sucked it out!"
swallow:"I swallowed your sperm! The most intimate part of your body is now in me!" //within me?
swallow:"I swallowed it! I swallowed YOUR sperm, *YOU* and you couldn't do anything about it!"
swallow:"Did you see this? I gobbled down all your sperm!"
swallow:"Mmmm, my mouth was filled to the brim with your sperm, which you tried to hold back so hard!"
swallow:"I'm so turned on from drinking my pupils sperm!"
drool:"Look at this *YOU*, That's YOUR sperm! I sucked it out of your dick!"
drool:"Your warm cum shot directly into my mouth! I can taste it!"
drool:"I love to spread the sperm of my pupils all over my body!"
drool:"Watch how I let your sperm flow over my breasts!"
drool:"Just look how sticky and slimey your sperm is, *YOU*! Aren't you ashamed of this mess?"
drool:"you don't like, having your sperm *FINISHES* ejaculated?"
finish0:"because of me"
finish1:"infront of me"
finish2:"in my mouth"
finish3:"without wanting it"
finish4:"on my body"
finish7:"so hard"
finish8:"with twitching body"
finish9:"in helpless ecstasy"
finishOther:"even with your last drop"
restart:"Uuuh, having you in my hand turned me on so much! But now I want to get you to *FINISHES* cum!"
restart:"So you think you're done now? No! First I want to see you *FINISHES* orgasm!"
restart:"You just *FINISHES* came! Don't you realise, just how much I humilated you just now?"
restart:"So you think I can't rob you off any more intimate experiences? Sure thing, I'm going to make you

*FINISHES* squirt!"

There you go, drunken translating at dawn.


Übrigens sind da ein paar Rechtschreibefehler, wzb bersten statt bärsten etc...



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Sep 19, 2011
great work isaac! if you wish, you may open a new threat for that, because i think no one will notice it here.
i would remove the "finishes", because they don't work in english.


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Mar 9, 2017
you know you could have the whole dialoge and use google translator and copy and paste the translated dialoge so you dont have to type the whole dialoge in english
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