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Clueless on what to do. Need help

Discussion in 'Loader' started by arthasbg, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. arthasbg

    arthasbg Guest

    For the past hour i have been messing with the Loader to figure out how to get the mods to load. I am trying to install the breastexpansionplusV2_4a from http://www.sdtmods.com/index.php?topic=2888.0. It comes with a bunch of folders and files that i have to place. I place the flash files in the mods and the settings in the setting but nothing. I also tried looking for guides but nothing. Any help is appreciated.
  2. stuntcock

    stuntcock Staff Member Moderator

    Jun 5, 2012
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    Common SDT & Loader questions answered

    Simply copy-pasting the SWF file into [SDT\Mods] isn't sufficient - the Loader does not attempt to scan for and auto-load every available SWF. In fact, it doesn't load any mods at all unless it has been specifically instructed to do so (via text files). This is a bit confusing for newbies, because other games (e.g. Skyrim) will automatically enable a mod if it's placed in the appropriate folder. The reasoning is that SDT has different types of mods (run-once-and-persist mods, invoke-as-needed cleanup mods, character-specific body or hair or costume mods, animated backgrounds, etc) - attempting to load everything at once would lead to disaster.

    Let's begin by putting the SWF file into the right place. It's technically possible to load a mod from [SDT\Mods] but it isn't a good idea. [SDT\Mods\$INIT] is more appropriate, since this is a mod that we want the game to load only once - during initialization. This mod will replace the female character's default torso with a special animated one, and attach some persistent scripting which will resize the torso and breasts in response to gameplay activities.

    What would happen if we inadvertently loaded the mod twice? A clever modder will use mutex logic to guard against this risk, but this stuff never gets tested very thoroughly. It's possible that the scripts would fire twice (so that breasts expand twice as fast as they ought to) or that graphical flaws would occur (e.g. character gains two sets of breasts) or that the mod simply crashes because its preconditions aren't met. In most cases, putting mods into the [SDT\Mods\$INIT] folder is sufficient to prevent weirdness.

    It's your choice whether you carefully organize the files (such as [SDT\Mods\$INIT\Mods by sby\Body Modifications\breastExpPlus_v2_4.swf]) or just dump them all side-by-side in a big pile (e.g. [SDT\Mods\$INIT\breastExpPlus_v2_4.swf]). The former approach is more useful is you intend to preserve the various dev-notes and readme files which accompany the SWFs -- if you dump them all in a single folder then they're liable to be overwritten. The latter approach is less prone to filepath errors, and it's the obvious choice if you're lazy.

    You'll also need to add the mod's relative filepath as a new line at the end of [SDT\Mods\$INIT\Mods.txt]. As you acquire additional mods, your Mods.txt file will grow to include multiple lines. If you want to disable a mod (e.g. because it conflicts with a new mod that you'd like to install, or because it hurts your FPS too much, or simply because you're tired of it) then you don't need to actually delete the text-line. You can comment it out by placing a semicolon at the start of the line, which leaves you the option of re-enabling it at some point in the future.

    Caveat: there are several Mods.txt files in the various SDT subfolders. Ensure that you're working with the correct one!

    Once you've edited the Mods.txt file, you can launch Loader.swf. If it's already running then don't just click the in-game Reset button -- restart the entire Flash Player instance! You should notice a slight change in coloration on the girl's abdomen, and a green status message ("breastexpansionV2_4 settings done loading"). From there, you can play around with the mod and tweak its Settings to your liking. Since this mod is loaded during initialization, remember that you'll need to restart the game in order for your Settings changes to take effect.