1. aminasiugnas

    Belly Inflation seems to be broken/not working?

    ... Okay, I give up. I think I'm doing something wrong. I'm currently using the Sarah v1.2 character mod made by Arkanae on LoversLab. Followed the instructions, even got the other two character mod zip files (coz why not?), am also using ModGuy's bundle. I got the folders where they should...
  2. ModGuy

    SwallowScaling v1.0

    This mod was requested by @jase Allows the adjustment of timing values for the swallow animation. The settings file accepts the following values: swMin The higher the value, the more often she'll cough after swallowing. swScaling Ties in with above. The higher the value, the...
  3. Hank East

    What, exactly, is histween skew in Animtools?

    I've been playing around with animtools, and for as much as I change the histween skew settings I cannot figure out what they do.