Black Desert - Resorepless Dim Tree Armor


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Jan 13, 2019

Is it possible to simple remove an armor so that it become completely invisible?

I truly love this mod. I have it set to only hide all Chest Armors except Cash Shop Costumes.
This way i can actually play in my Underwear and still show gloves/boots etc.

However, I recently got Boss Tree Armor which I believe is "pnw_10_UB_0002_e.pac" for Kunoichi.
But for some reason Resorepless doesnt hide this armor unless i set the patcher to "Remove ALL" armors.

I tried replacing the the tree armor but ended up getting a corrupt file warning.

I'd much prefer to just remove that specific armor and leave everything else as is if possible!

Any help would be greatly appreciated! <3 ty
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