1. R

    Chelsea Boots 1.0

    High heel Chelsea Boots The mod was made for use with the Feet4Heels body mod: Resources used for the screenshot Hair by @D-Oxygen Dress and wrist watch by...
  2. R

    Chunky Peep Toe Ankle Boots 1.0

    Leather Ankle Boots The mod is not compatible with the vanilla feet. It was made for use with the Feet4Heels body mod: Color Slider Binding Primary footwear sliders control strap color Secondary RGB sliders control heel...
  3. Faceless

    Misc Vanilla Mods Vol 2 2015-11-16

    Misc Vanilla Mods Vol 2 by Faceless (2015) Mod List: Ayaka Earrings, Bukkake, Jasmine (Aladdin), "Feed Me" Makeup, Naruko (Naruto), Samus Rocket Boots (Metroid), Rouge, Sonia (Mortal Kombat), Spanks Skirt, Viper GTS Pasties, Bayonetta Glasses, Crucifix Earrings, Dick Nipples, Heart Pasties...
  4. Faceless

    Misc Vanilla Mods Vol 1 2015-11-16

    Misc Vanilla Mods Vol 1 by Faceless (2015) Mod List: Armband, Boots, Harpy Legs, Kogal Socks, Kokiri Dress, Leotard, Mileena (Mortal Kombat), Okobi Shoes, Platform Heels, Pony Shoes Rachel Earrings (1+2), Saria Boots, Shibari (Ropes), Swimsuits (1-3), Tron Heels 2015 Note from Faceless...
  5. K

    Boots 2015

    Boots by KIR (2015)
  6. BrokenToaster

    Power Girl Boots 2014-12-31

    Power Girl Boots (2014) by BrokenToaster Heels - Power Girl Boots - Blue Heels - Power Girl Boots - RGB 1 Color [Main Fill] Heels - Power Girl Boots - RGB 2 Color [Main and Cuff Fill]
  7. DigitalSmutExports

    Goth Boots RGB Adjustable 1.0

    An RGB conversion of one of my favourite mods - Goth Boots by @dantethedarkprince . The first RGB slider controls the shoes, the second controls the buckles. For those of you who had the original in moreclothing: The original was registered as bottoms which I substituted for the correct...
  8. DigitalSmutExports

    Chun-Li (Street Fighter) Boots RGB adjustable 1.1

    An RGB conversion of Chun-Li's boots made by @dantethedarkprince made at the request of @Dastardly . The first rgb slider is for the boots themselves, the second is for the shoelaces.
  9. mike

    CatWoman (Arkham City) Costume and Boots v.M

    CatWoman (Arkham City) Cosplay Loader Costume and Boots by Mike. Mod does not include hair. Hairs and other related Resources on FAQ. FYI - These are old mods (2013 or earlier).
  10. mike

    Lara Croft (Underworld) v1.1

    Lara Croft (Underworld) Cosplay Loader Mods by Mike. Includes Costume, Hair, Armband, Boots, Fingerless Gloves. Does not include hair. Hairs and related Resources on FAQ.
  11. DigitalSmutExports

    Slender Leather Boots RGB adjustable 1.0

    These boots are RGB adjustable using the first footwear slider for the boots themselves and the second for a detail at the bottom. They're based on the boots in the Emily Kaldwin mod pack made by yours truly. In addition to the RGB conversion the character specific details have been removed...
  12. D

    Chun-Li Boots colour revision

    Hi Is it possible to make Chun-Li Boots RGB-adjustable, or at least make them black/dark grey? The shading could be simplified if neccessary, I won't mind.
  13. R

    Sophia's Boots (Persona 5 Strikers) 1.0

    This is Sophia's boots only. Check out my other resources for her hair and the background. Have fun.
  14. Bigkawck

    Help me find those Boots/Heels

    I've searched the whole catalog in the tags of boots and heels and couldn't find those ones(see pic). Does somebody have the Original source? A link would be nice thx in advance [UNNECESSARY ATTACHMENTS REMOVED BY STAFF]
  15. Billy-Bob-Da-Hilly

    Heel Timbs' 1.0

    RGB adjustable -RGB slider 1 controls the Footwear color. -RGB slider 2 controls the Heel color.
  16. Firecracker

    Harley Quinn Boots 1.0

    My first mod, I really wanted to have those. It's not perfect, the proportions are a bit off, but it checks out.
  17. Masterdragon

    Futaba Outfit - Persona 5 1.0.0

    Normal outfit from "Futaba" from Persona 5 Due to the nature of the jacket this does not work well with "hands on legs" or "handob" for the right arm (and probably also not with a bunch of custom positions) Requested by @watt3784 Static hair used for the preview: Futaba Static Hair by @casketa
  18. Billy-Bob-Da-Hilly

    Wedge Chucks REDUX 1.0

    Re-vamped and combined my old Chuck Laced Boots and Wedge Chucks mods together into this one resource. I kept the original Wedge Chucks and made them into regular Chucks, since they still look good without the wedge, but the heel versions have been done over. Fully RGB adjustable -RGB...
  19. Billy-Bob-Da-Hilly

    Mid-Height Heel Boots 1.1.1

    MEGA Archive RGB adjustable -RGB slider 1 controls the shoe color. -RGB slider 2 controls the underside color.
  20. Perdition

    Steel Heel 2020-01-20

    RGB adjustable ankle boots with a spike heel.