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Birthday Feast

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Mariposa, Mar 30, 2015.

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    Oct 7, 2014
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    Welcome to Marshe! My name is Katie, and today is my eighteenth birthday. This is a special day in a young woman's life. This is the day she becomes an adult. We can finally attend the festivals, fuck, and offer ourselves to Queen Rachelle, of course. This is truly a magnanimous day in a young woman's life. The typical birthday party is an all-day affair with a feast and dinner show after sundown. We finally lose our virginity on stage, typically violently. Sometimes, young women die. These days, though, it seems dying young and beautiful is on every young woman's mind. Instead of "accidently" being fucked to death, many young women have themselves killed outright. Many choose to go the dinner route and be their own birthday dinner. Most of us taking that route just lay down naked on a serving platter and are carved up. The rest of us take... an "already dead" route to grace the serving table.
    "Happy birthday, Katie." Mama wakes me at 8 o'clock.
    "Morning, Mama." I reply.
    "Katheryn, today marks an important change in your life." Mama starts her serious lecture.
    "Not the change you're thinking of." I give a knowing grin.
    Mama screams in joy, lifts me over her head, and twirls me around. Mama sets me down awkwardly, her back obviously a little sore. "How do you want me to cook you?" Mama asks.
    "Chef's special." I smile.
    "You got it!" Mama walks out, trying too hard to hide a limp.
    I shake my head. "She hurt her back more than a little." I grab my phone and call my best friend Lori.
    The phone rings and rings, eventually going to the answering machine. "This is the Astyr residence. We are unable to answer the phone right now. Please leave a message, and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Queen Rachelle bless!"
    The machine beeps. "Dammit, Lori! I know damn well you are there right now! Pick up the fucking phone!" I scream loud enough to wake the dead.
    "Dammit, Katie!" Lori screams back when she picks up. "Have you ever heard of letting people wake up first?"
    "Oh, shut up, Lori." I reply. "I know damn well you and Kara were up at 5 this morning shaking the house!"
    "All right, you got me." Lori laughs. "Kara and I were fucking a couple of guys we picked up at the club last night, at least before eating them for breakfast."
    "Good for you." I return. "Before we get too off topic, guess who is on the menu tonight?"
    Lori screams and the line goes dead. Twenty minutes later, Lori and Kara damn near break down the front door.
    "Who invited the animals?" Mom jokes.
    "Sorry, Mama." I reply mock sheepishly. "If they shit on the carpet, I promise I will shampoo it before tonight." Lori and Kara are mock offended.
    I lead Lori and Kara back to my room. "So, how was the party?" I ask, this being my first and, albeit, last time to ask.
    "It was wonderful!" They gushed. "They only thing that could have made it better was if all three of us were eaten."
    "How did your sister taste?" I ask the obvious next question.
    "She was delicious, but you'll be even better." Kara answers.
    "You really think so?" I ask demurely.
    "Don't play coy. It doesn't suit you." Lori says harshly. "You are sexier brash and domineering." Lori lightens up. "I wish you could have been at the club last night. We could have used a third woman to pick up a third guy."
    "I wish I could have been there, myself." I reply. "We can talk more about that while Mama is preparing me. I don't wanna die a virgin. Fuck me over."
    We spend the next hour in bliss, Lori and Kara doing as I ask. We collapse onto my bed thoroughly exhausted.
    Mama walks in then. "I'm ready for you, Little One."
    "Mama, you carried me to give birth to me. It's only fitting you carry me to my death. Just nothing stupid like twirling me around like this morning. I know you hurt your back." I reply.
    Smiling, Mama walks over to me and picks me up. I wrap my arms and legs around her and nestle my head into her collarbone. Mama coos softly and rubs my back while supporting my ass. We lead the way to the kitchen, Lori and Kara lockstep behind us. "I'd fuck you myself, Little One, but I don't know if I could cook you." Mama says in the kitchen.
    "I can be *very* persuasive." I reply flirtatiously.
    "Convince me, Little One." Mama returns challengingly, setting me down on the kitchen floor.
    I wrap my arms around Mama and pull her down on top of me.
    Mama smiles wickedly. "This *is* rather convincing, but I wrote the book on rape." Mama's smile turns grotesque as she throws her legs up over me and flips us ass over teakettle, landing on top of me. Mama then proceeds to extricate herself from my embrace. "I can't, Little One. I need to remain slightly distance." Mama says forlornly. The dark clouds pass just as quickly as they come. "Now, we need to start your prep. I want you ready at sundown." Mama says, helping me into the double boiler.
    "Ms. Laura, *you* wrote the book on rape?" Lori asks surprised.
    "I thought Queen Rachelle wrote the book." Kara says.
    "Well, it is more accurate to say I rewrote the book." Mama replies. Mama turns to me. "Okay, Katie, now I want you to soak for two hours. This is an old family recipe my mother taught me the day I cooked her."
    I know I only woke up two hours ago, but that fuck session with Lori and Kara and then attacking and being attacked by Mama wore me out. I sleep in silent bliss for the next two hours. Mama taps me on the shoulder. "It is time to add the milk." Mama hooks me to her milker. "I hope this works, but I doubt it."
    I look at the contraption on my tits in wide-eyed wonder. "Mama, where did you get this?"
    Mama kisses the top of my head. "I have always had it. I used this when I cooked your father for his birthday. The broth tastes better when the milk belongs to the meat, but your father had no milk. I had to use mine. Hopefully you can lactate, but you have never been pregnant, so I doubt it." Mama switches on the contraption, causing me to scream in pleasure. "Well fuck me with a firebrand!" Mama exclaims. The machine is successfully milking me!
    "Oh shit. Shit! SHIT! YES!" I scream in sexual bliss.
    "That's it, Katie! Come in the broth!" Kara encourages.
    "Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" I scream, my pussy getting hot, hotter than it was when Lori and Kara fucked me over just two and a half hours ago. "SHIT!" I bury my entire left hand up to my wrist into my pussy. I needed release one minute ago! "FUCK! SHIT!" I scream, my voice so slurred by my pleasure, they sound like one word. Mama turns off the machine. "What the hell was that for?! I was having fun!" I scream in anger.
    "You filled the machine." Mama replies.
    I look at the milk bottles, and sure enough they were full. Mama pours the milk into the broth. "You now need to soak for another hour." Mama turns to Lori and Kara. "Go on home and get some sleep. The next two steps are boring, and I want you here for the party."
    Lori and Kara say their goodbyes and leave.
    Mama turns to me. "I only sent them away because I do not want them to know how I intend to completely prepare you."
    I half-smile knowingly. "I figured that. So, what now?"
    "You still have to soak for another 45 minutes, but then I will dry you off. After that, the real prep will begin." Mama smiles wickedly.
    "Are you gonna kill me then?" I ask, a little nervously. I want to die, but it seems a little insulting to go like that.
    "No. I want you alive when I start cooking you." Mama answers. "After you come out of there, I will apply a dry rub of herbs and spices. Once the marinade dries the rub to you, I will put you in a big roasting pan and pour more marinade over you. As you smoke, I will continue to pour marinade on you every thirty minutes to keep you from drying out in the heat." Mama checks the clock. "Almost done. The last half hour before you come out, I will also apply the dry rub." Mama checks the clock again and gives me her hand. I take it and she helps me out. Mama then carries me by my hands to the counter. Once on the counter, Mama begins rubbing me the herbs and spices.
    "That feels good!" I praise my masseuse. "Mama, what will you be smoking me with?"
    Mama smiles. "Wood smoke. I still need to order the wood. I will do that as the marinade dries." Mama finishes massaging the dry rub on me and heads to the phone to make a call. "Yes. I need four full cords of cherry wood. I do. Money is no issue. Do you take STERA? My credit card number is..." Mama gives her credit card number and hangs up. "There. Now you just need to dry before I can finish marinating you." The doorbell rings. "That was too fast." Mama says, going to answer it. "How did you manage to get here so fast?" Mama asks.
    "We have a storehouse not too far from here." The delivery girl says and then leaves.
    Mama takes the wood outback to the grill and starts the fire. "Well, you dried nicely." Mama says when she returns. Mama takes a big roasting pan and places a grate in it before placing me in it. Mama pours the marinade over me, some of the rub washing off. "Not to worry, Little One. That happens occasionally. Fat drips off, too. I turn all that into a gravy of sorts and use it with potatoes, which I will be serving along side you." Mama kisses my hair and then runs to check the fire. Mama comes back, picks up the roasting pan, and carries it out to the grill.
    "Mama, how long will it take for the heat to reach deadly levels?" I ask.
    "You'll suffocate on the smoke before the heat kills you." Mama answers.

    An hour later, Lori and Kara return. "Girls, I was just about to call you." Laura says when she opens the front door.
    "How is the birthday girl?" Lori asks.
    "By my reckoning, she should have just passed out from smoke inhalation. I only opened the grill cover for thirty seconds and she was coughing trying to draw in a clean breath." Laura says showing the girls in. "Would you like to see her?"
    "Yes please, Ms. Laura." Kara answers for both herself and her twin.
    Laura leads them to the grill carrying a bowl of marinade. She opens the grill and pours more marinade over Katie's unconscious form. After closing the lid, Laura opens the chute and adds more wood. "Doesn't she look delicious?" Laura asks.
    "She already did, Ms. Laura, but more so now that you have started cooking her." Kara answers.
    "I *cannot wait* to taste her." Lori replies.
    "She'll be done in a little less than three hours." Laura replies taking the girls into the living room to talk. Lori sits down before Kara. Lori pats her lap, and Kara takes it, eagerly grinding her nympho ass over her nympho sister's pussy. "So, girls, have you thought about how you will die?"
    "We have heard that this Equinox Festival will have two new solo options." Lori answers, fingering her sister's tits.
    "Oh? What are they?" Laura asks intrigued.
    "After the spring festival, a lot of people were asking about firing squad and poison." Lori says, absentmindedly moving down Kara's body.
    "I'm taking the poison." Kara chimes in.
    "Who is performing the shooting execution? Certainly not the temple guard. They are notoriously bad shots." Laura replies.
    "Here, I think the palace guard will be performing the firing squad deaths, but elsewhere, I don't know." Lori returns.
    "Why would the palace guard get involved in a religious ceremony? They are a branch of the military." Laura says.
    "The story I heard at the club last night was the youngest princess was dying this year, but I heard it from a palace maid with no intentionally direct contact with the princesses. I'm not sure if I should believe her." Lori replies.
    "Describe her. I may know her." Laura claims.
    "Well, she is of average height and below average build, has blue eyes and blonde hair, and likes to drink, dance, flirt, fuck, and eat humans." Lori describes the maid.
    "Yeah. I know her." Laura says. "Her name's Fiona, and she was born a third class citizen. She did *something* worth moving up the ladder and ended up a palace maid. *I* would not trust her when she says something like the palace guard is doing the shooting executions."
    "She was born third class?" Lori asks shocked.
    "Yes." Laura answers. "Unlike us having to work to survive, they get paid to stay out of the way."
    "I know full well what a third class citizen is." Lori replies. "I was just surprised that one actually managed to *do* something like that. They are rumored to have no effective skills, but I have worked with a few who should be second class like us." Lori waves her hand dismissively. "Why would you not trust her?"
    "It has nothing to do with her formerly being third class. I don't trust her because she likes to shoot her mouth off and it's gotten her into more trouble than she would like to admit." Laura shakes her head. "If it wasn't for whatever it was she did to get promoted, she would have been conscripted. Anyway, I need to pour more marinade over Katie. Feel free to do whatever until I get back." Laura leaves the living room.
    "Kara, I'm not lecturing you, but what you said about taking the poison wasn't relevant to the conversation." Lori says. "I know we only have another month until the equinox, but do you mind controlling yourself somewhat?"
    "Sure, Sis." Kara replies.
    Laura returns. "How much longer?" Lori asks.
    "Two and a half hours." Laura answers.
    "When will the other party guests get here?" Lori asks again.
    "Oh, not for another two hours." Laura replies. "Sorry about that. I wasn't sure if Katie was gonna have me serve her."
    "Anyway, what does Fiona boil her own ass talking about?" Lori asks. "I have only spent two hours with her."
    "Fiona likes to run her mouth about how she is the greatest thing since Queen Rachelle. The way Queen Stella's handmaidens tell it, Fiona cleaned up the palace's north tower in a matter of hours when it should have taken several years to do so." Laura answers.
    "The north tower, eh?" Kara says. "The way I heard it from Princess Scylvara at the club a month ago, Fiona cleaned not just the north tower, but Princess Scylvara's disaster area of a room."
    "Princess Scylvara, huh? Looks like Kara likes to talk a little too much, too." Laura comments.
    "She really did talk to Princess Scylvara at the club that night, as did I. Princess Scylvara picked *us* up." Lori defends Kara.
    "Did she say anything about dying then?" Laura asks.
    "No." Lori shakes her head. "Princess Scylvara keeps a cleaner country than she does her room. I think either Princess Leyla or Princess Kristya will be the one dying next month." Lori looks up at the ceiling lost in thought. "You know, Princess Scylvara did say something about Queen Stella being in attendance this year, with the new additions and being the head of the church and all."
    "Why would the new additions make a difference in her appearance?" Laura asks. "Hold that thought." She runs and grabs the bowl of marinade from the kitchen. Laura is back a minute later.
    "I don't know." Lori answers. "From what I hear, she has never attended a festival, period. The rumor going around was she was atheist. I know that is a lie and try to shut people up who propagate it."
    "How do you know she's not atheist?" Laura asks.
    "I was praying in the temple a week ago when Queen Stella came in looking upset about something and went into the private shrine. I heard screaming sobs, among other things. When she came back, she looked peaceful, even with the puffy eyes." Lori answers. "I asked Mother Carole to check on Queen Stella for me. It's not right for a second class citizen to start talking to a first class citizen without being acknowledged."
    "I do it all the time." Laura says callously.
    "Ms. Laura, you are a famous, if retired, porn star. Celebrities are technically first class citizens." Lori replies.
    "Oh. Right." Laura says. "Anyway, the other guests should be arriving soon."

    The side dishes cooked, the other guests arrived, the last two coatings of marinade were applied, Queen Rachelle was thanked for the feast and asked to look after Katie, and the carving began. Several of the guests asked Laura to cater their next birthdays; Katie was a culinary masterpiece.