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Jan 17, 2015
There are more than 4000 background for this game. And they are all there :

SDT-BG-10-02-15-v1.1 (Mediafire)

For détails:

The backgrounds were classified by author in a specific folder. You can put them all in one folder if you want (copy/paste * .jpg * .swf). If you want to list the authors in the file name, I know a quick way with Flashrenamer.

All backgrounds posted in background section were listed. The author classification is perfectible since to be the author of a background, you just have posted it. Still, the errors must be very low.

PNG were converted to JPG : space saving and metadata are possible for the same quality. The authors of bakgrounds were recorded in the keyword metadata with picasa after formatting with Daminion. Animated SWF files do not have metadata.

Duplicates were checked. It remains only those whose author is uncertain (30 known cases).

Keywords have been added for specific research with Image organizer.

That's all for now. Thanks for authors.
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