1. ModGuy

    Modguys Loader mods archive V2

    contains: Angry_Mod Angry_Mod_for_5.1 AnimatedTrainBG ArmLoader_v5.12 ArmPos BlushMod BraUnderwearAlpha BreastExp Brow_Mod_Example CameraControl.v5.25c Camera_Control clearAllShortcut collarLoader CoughMod Doggy_Mod_Beta f-drip out f-sloppymod f-spit when in f-spit when out f-spit when out more...
  2. SyntaxTerror

    Archive v.17 list

    This thread contains the list of my version of the Archive (available here) that have clearer names compared to the original archive, with duplicates and other crap removed. It is there to help the searching of archived hair mods with the forum search engine. The second post contains the SWF...
  3. Macnagum

    Backgrounds Web Gallery

    You search a background ? This Web Gallery can help you : EDIT by moderator on 18 DEC 2018, backgrounds are at SDT-BG-10-02-15-v1.1 Briefly, it's: - Over 3,700 backgrounds (available in archive EDIT: DELTED BROKEN Link). The backgrounds with adult content are only present in the archive. -...
  4. Macnagum

    Backgrounds Archive v1

    There are more than 4000 background for this game. And they are all there : SDT-BG-10-02-15-v1.1 (Mediafire) For détails: The backgrounds were classified by author in a specific folder. You can put them all in one folder if you want (copy/paste * .jpg * .swf). If you want to list the authors...
  5. SyntaxTerror

    Imports Archive

    Note that this is not my archive, but anonymous' (the former forum admin), and it contains the mods done till march 2013. There is no more recent version. To access all the files individually, check the Cleaned Archive v17 folder (list of files). To get the older archive in one part, download...