Assassin's creed odyssey nude mod


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Mar 6, 2011
10/10 wonderful, thanks for the link and the info. I prefer nudity in a time when I am sure underwear did not exist. Just put on the right armor and she'll be appropriate for the age. :D

Or... I just want a nude woman on my screen. Either or, its all good. Thanks!


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May 19, 2017
It's existing since some time meanwhile, yes.. She's more looking like a male topless, not even a proper A-cup, as this is the no-clipping sub-body mesh. Quality of life for the designers as it's not clipping with armor, bad for those nude mod users out there. ;)

Rather keep the clothes on in that game. Would need an entire new mesh to fix that issue. So yes, the cup size she's wearing in armors and co is late A to B cup, as there hasn't been any push ups back then nor the need to for societie's needs. :P
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