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Asking for a custom dialog if anyone is up to it.

Discussion in 'Dialogue' started by PaulMaul3rd, Apr 3, 2014.

  1. PaulMaul3rd

    PaulMaul3rd Potential Patron

    Nov 27, 2013
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    We have some good rough ones but maybe I've watched too much Max Hardcore. But I would like a good ol' aggressive face fucking if possible. I like the down talk, the dominance, and the power that comes with it. So one that would make her seem as if she decided to see a dark side of her bf or someone, like she's asked to see how far he could go... and she finally gets to see how deep that rabbit hole is. But as far as actions, I would enjoy some fast head to balls pumping. Maybe some she pulls away and you just pull like a MK "GET OVER HERE" type deepthroat. I like it on auto personally, as not to get lost in the action. So if you could turn the tables a little after the first nut to where she is more than he ever bargained for, that would be epic! Say she says "So that's what you wanted, well shit... watch this!" and then he let's go and she just powers through it even harder than what he made her do.

    Mental thoughts are welcomed but not expected, but I could give a fuck less what he is thinking. I've played with some of the ones already made but I believe if something needs work, always try to get a professional to try after you have failed horribly. So if any of you could tackle this I know you would have a winner on your hands, Thanks!

  2. Freson

    Freson Guest

    This idea is fantastic. The idea of her turning around and going harder than he did is awesome! Please, oh please, someone do this.
  3. bleakxxtop

    bleakxxtop Guest

    I second this, it sounds really hot. Hopefully someone will get right on this idea.
  4. Arclight

    Arclight Guest

    I like the sound of this idea, I would do it myself but I don't have enough time or experience to do it justice.