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Anime Human Chess - Cassandra & Sophitia vs. Pirotess

Discussion in 'Videos' started by HurfBlurf, Nov 19, 2015.

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    Jun 28, 2013
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    Greetings, everyone.

    A quick search on the new combined forums revealed nothing when searching for "Anime Human Chess", which is a series that has some good ryona potential/scenes.
    From what I understood, it's a series from a recurring Cosplay convention (Metrocon) with the basic plot of a chess match with cosplayers, who end up fighting when a piece is "taken". I'm not too familiar with the rules and such, but it seems that the defending piece has a chance of winning as well, so it's not regular chess, at least.
    The fights are scripted, and the acting could be a bit better in places. However considering that they are (most likely) amateurs, using "live weapons" and don't have any mats to fall onto, it's still rather impressive.

    I stumbled upon this vid when preparing for an RP involving Pirotess of Lodoss, and it is rather full of decent Ryona scenes: Girl getting whipped out, lots of girl vs. girl combat, dazes and a knock-out. As well as copious pained screams.

    There's a lot more videos with potential in that series. Might be worth checking youtube if your favourite character makes an appearance somewhere. Fair warning: Some of them have lethal endings.