Original Knockoutman World Sahryn vs Takara: Takara Bot Practice Dummy (1 Viewer)


Mar 3, 2023
The blue mats of Knockoutman's World Mat Room stretched out, forming a vast and inviting space. These 4-inch thick mats, with their deep hue, seemed almost oceanic, lying in wait for the upcoming bout. The stark white walls encapsulated the space, each one a silent witness to countless moments of intense wrestling. In the midst of this arena stood Sahryn. Her skin, a rich shade of brown, contrasted beautifully with the pink satin bikini that clung to her. The dark matte purplish trim of her bikini accentuated her curves, especially the top which was a fight in itself to contain her bust. Her high-waisted thong bikini bottoms emphasized her figure, drawing attention to the phoenix tattoo, a magnificent piece that started from her left butt cheek and reached midway up her back. Another, a sundial, graced her right shoulder blade. Her feet felt the cool embrace of the mat, and her eyes sparkled with anticipation and determination. Beside her was the culmination of her hard work and savings: a large box that contained Takara. Sahryn had faced countless defeats in this very room. Her role as the jobber, while not always appreciated, was something she took on bravely. But she longed to change that narrative, and she believed that Takara was the key. With excitement bubbling, Sahryn began to unveil her purchase. As the last protective layer was peeled away, she gasped. Takara, in all her majesty, was an imposing figure. Standing at 6'4", she made Sahryn look petite. The fembot's black leggings and thigh-high boots showcased her sculpted legs, while a black catwoman t-shirt fit her like a second skin. A black and white luchador mask concealed her features, with strands of teal light-blue hair teasingly visible beneath.

"Oh, wow... You're... huge," Sahryn muttered, eyes wide. She circled Takara, her initial enthusiasm now mingled with trepidation. "Did I bite off more than I can chew? Maybe I should return you." She paused, contemplating, then her competitive spirit flared. "No," she declared, "If I can train and best something of this size, those on the Knockoutman roster won't stand a chance." She took a deep breath and approached the remote, pressing the button marked 'Low'. As she did so, Takara's form seemed to hum to life.

A voice, a chilling fusion of femininity and mechanization, resonated with an eerie, unsettling quality that lingered in the air. An unmistakable American accent formed the foundation, but it was warped by an otherworldly hum, hinting at Takara's inhuman origins. Each word emerged from a metallic core, carrying a precise and calculated cadence mirroring the ticking of a clock. "Low setting activated," the fem wrestling bot resonated.

Sahryn eyed the mechanical marvel before her. "Alright, I'll start on low and gradually increase," she declared, holding the remote up for Takara to see, even though she knew it wouldn't understand her intention. Her fingers pressed a sequence of buttons, ensuring the low setting remained, and then tossed the remote aside, onto the mats. She circled Takara, looking for an opening. Taking a deep breath to steel herself, she sprinted towards the fembot, aiming for a powerful spear. But as she connected, it was nothing like what she had expected. Sahryn's body coiled like a spring, launching with the force she had perfected over countless matches. Yet, instead of the satisfying impact she anticipated, it felt like she'd hit a solid wall. An invisible barrier seemed to surround Takara, repelling Sahryn's spirited attack. A sharp sting surged through Sahryn's arm, followed by pain radiating from her shoulder and traveling down her spine. She felt as if she'd tackled solid steel rather than flesh. Her muscles strained and her tendons screamed in protest, the effort entirely futile against Takara's unyielding structure.

"What the...?" Sahryn exclaimed, staggering back and cradling her throbbing shoulder. She glanced at Takara, who remained motionless, showing no sign of damage or even awareness of the attack. "Did I get a defective model?!" she muttered aloud, her confidence wavering. With a frustrated huff, Sahryn dove for the box, hoping to find an instruction manual. But her heart sank when she unearthed a booklet filled with characters she couldn't decipher — it was all in Japanese. "You've got to be kidding me," she growled, flipping through the pages, hoping for a translated section or even a helpful diagram. Seeing no solution in the indecipherable manual, she snatched the remote again, pressing buttons in an attempt to decipher its functions while trying to shake off the persistent ache in her shoulder. "Come on, there has to be a way to adjust your settings," Sahryn grumbled, gazing at Takara with a mix of awe and growing trepidation. "I need to figure you out."

With the remote in hand, Sahryn furiously pressed a series of buttons, hoping that any of them might alter Takara’s functionality to a more manageable setting. But, to her dismay, there was no immediate response from the bot.

"Ugh, this is useless!" Sahryn exclaimed, flinging the remote onto the mat in frustration. Her shoulder still ached from the spear attempt, but her competitive spirit wouldn’t allow her to give up just yet. "Maybe I can figure you out through trial and error." Determined, Sahryn approached Takara again, this time opting for a different strategy. Instead of another direct attack, she darted around the fembot, aiming for a swift kick to its leg. To her surprise, the kick connected, but the force reverberated back into Sahryn's leg. The bot remained unyielding, as if rooted to the spot, giving no reaction to Sahryn's assault.

Grimacing, Sahryn hopped back on one foot, rubbing her sore shin. "It's like trying to fight a brick wall!" she mused aloud, eying Takara with a mix of respect and consternation.

Drawing a deep breath, Sahryn decided to change tactics altogether. If brute force wasn’t going to work, perhaps she could find a way to outmaneuver the bot. Drawing upon her wrestling expertise, she darted forward, trying to slip behind Takara for a rear chokehold. But as Sahryn lunged, the fembot suddenly whirred to life. Its movements were startlingly fluid for something so solid. In a display of reflexes Sahryn didn’t expect, Takara side-stepped her attempt, causing Sahryn to stumble forward.

Quick to recover, Sahryn pivoted on her heel, facing her robotic opponent. "So you do have some moves," she murmured, her competitive nature sparking with anticipation.

However, Takara's chilling voice suddenly resonated, causing Sahryn to freeze. "Intermediate setting activated," it declared, its words echoing with the precision of a ticking clock. Sahryn eyed the fembot warily, noting the subtle changes in Takara's stance. Whereas previously the robot had been seemingly passive, it now held a more dynamic pose, muscles tensed and ready. Sahryn could sense the danger in that stance, even without the robot making any immediate moves.

"Why does everything have to be so complicated?" Sahryn muttered to herself, flexing her fingers and preparing for whatever came next. She remembered her initial optimism and excitement about training with this top-of-the-line robot, but now, standing across from a suddenly more formidable Takara fembot, she had her reservations. Taking a deep breath, Sahryn tried to recall her extensive wrestling training. There had to be some way to gain the upper hand. With a surge of determination, she moved closer, attempting a swift combination of jabs and hooks, testing Takara's reflexes on this new setting. To her surprise, the fembot responded. Not by retreating, but by blocking every single punch Sahryn threw. The rapid deflections and parries were executed with machine precision, the movement fluid but cold. Each block was accompanied by the soft whir of machinery, reminding Sahryn with every contact just who - or what - she was up against. Driven by a combination of pride and frustration, Sahryn decided to go big. She lunged forward, aiming to slam Takara to the ground. The fembot, however, seemed to anticipate this, as Sahryn sinched in the hold around monster sized fembot, it grabbed her the waist also, and in a judo like move threw her to the mat.

The Latina wrestler hit the mat with a thud, the wind knocked out of her. She groaned, trying to push herself up, but a heavy weight soon pressed onto her back, pinning her down. Takara had swiftly taken advantage, using her weight and strength to restrain Sahryn.

Gasping for breath, Sahryn struggled beneath the oppressive force. "This... wasn't how it was supposed to go," she panted, her face pressed against the cool mat.

Takara's voice, devoid of emotion yet hauntingly clear, resonated once again. "Training mode engaged. Resistance detected. Applying pressure."

Sahryn's eyes widened. She hadn’t even reached the highest setting, and already she was in over her head. What had she gotten herself into? Sahryn felt the unyielding weight of Takara pressing down on her. The pressure wasn’t just physical; it was mental, a relentless reminder of her current situation. In her heart, Sahryn had hoped that she could leverage the fembot's technology to become a better wrestler, but now she found herself questioning that very decision.

With gritted teeth, she tried to wriggle her hips and shift her weight, aiming to dislodge Takara. For a brief moment, the fembot's weight eased just slightly, allowing Sahryn a tiny window of opportunity. With a sudden burst of energy, she used her legs to push against the mat and roll to the side. The move was successful, and for a split second, Sahryn found herself free from Takara's grasp. She quickly scrambled to her feet, her eyes locked onto the bot. Sahryn panted heavily, her chest heaving as she tried to regain her composure.

"You're tougher than I expected," Sahryn admitted, trying to catch her breath. "But I won't be beaten that easily."

The fembot's voice echoed again, cold and haunting. "Training continues. Adjusting strategy."

Before Sahryn could even process the words, Takara lunged, arms outstretched. It was clear now that the bot was adapting, learning from Sahryn's moves and adjusting its own strategy. Sahryn ducked, narrowly avoiding Takara's grasp and pivoted on her heel to deliver a swift kick. The impact was solid, but it hardly seemed to faze Takara. The fembot staggered back only slightly, quickly regaining its footing and stance. Sahryn's heart raced. The sensation was surreal, like being caught in a dance where her partner was always one step ahead. But she wasn't ready to admit defeat. With renewed vigor, she decided to take the fight to the fembot, trying to remember all her training and the moves she had seen other wrestlers execute. She feigned a move to the left, but at the last moment, spun and attempted a roundhouse kick. Takara was quick to block, but Sahryn followed up with a series of rapid jabs, aiming to keep the bot on the defensive. The two continued in this dance of strikes and counters, the room echoing with the sounds of combat, the occasional grunt from Sahryn, and the ever-present mechanical whirr from Takara. Sweat glistened on Sahryn's brow, but she was determined not to show weakness. The minutes seemed to stretch on, it was clear that this wasn't just a training session. It was a battle of wills, human against machine, with Sahryn fighting not just for improvement but for her pride and dignity. Sahryn's flurry of attacks, though spirited, began to tire her out. The repetitive whirr and calculated counterattacks of Takara seemed to mock her every attempt. In a desperate bid to create distance, Sahryn executed a backward roll, momentarily losing sight of the fembot.

As she tumbled, her elbow struck something hard on the mat. A sharp crack echoed in the room, and the remote control skittered out of her reach, its screen shattered and buttons mangled. Sahryn's heart sank, but before she could lament the loss of the remote, a red light began to emanate from Takara's eyes. The ambient hue of the room shifted as if casting an ominous glow over the entire space.

"Destroy mode activated," came the chilling voice from the fembot, now with a distinct menacing undertone.

Sahryn's blood ran cold. She had no idea what this mode meant or how to counteract it. The fembot, which had so far been a formidable but controlled opponent, now radiated an entirely new aura of menace.

She glanced at the remote's remains, regret mixing with panic. "No, no, no! This wasn't supposed to happen!" Sahryn exclaimed, frantically trying to think of a way out of her predicament.

Without warning, Takara lunged with a speed that belied her size. Her moves were now aggressive, and each strike seemed aimed with the intent to incapacitate. Sahryn dodged and weaved, her nimble footwork the only thing keeping her from becoming a direct target.

"Think, Sahryn, think!" she muttered to herself, dodging another lightning-fast jab from Takara. The mat room, once her sanctuary, now felt like a trap. The white walls seemed to close in on her, offering no way out. Ducking beneath a sweeping kick, Sahryn spotted the mangled remote. Maybe, just maybe, if she could reach it, she could attempt to deactivate Takara. Taking a calculated risk, Sahryn made a mad dash for the remote, but the fembot was quick to intercept, blocking her path.

Their eyes locked – one set filled with determination and fear, the other emotionless but glowing with a predatory red. The tension in the room was thick, and Sahryn knew she had to act fast. Takara's mechanical brain calculated trajectories and body dynamics in mere nanoseconds. With that chilling red glare, she lunged at Sahryn, hands extending toward her throat. Before Sahryn could react, Takara's fingers, cool and unyielding, closed around her neck. The sheer strength of the fembot was overpowering. Sahryn's feet left the mat as she was lifted into the air with a seemingly effortless ease by the emotionless machine. As Sahryn dangled, her hands desperately clawed at the vise-like grip on her throat, her face turning a deep shade of red. The once lively mat room echoed with the sounds of Sahryn's gasps and Takara's mechanical hum.

Sahryn's vision began to blur. Her frantic struggles diminished with every passing second as the oxygen deprivation took its toll. Desperation filled her eyes. Despite the choking pressure, Sahryn tried to kick and wriggle, hoping against hope to somehow free herself from Takara's grip. But the bot was relentless, her programming dictating her every move. As the world darkened around her, Sahryn's thoughts raced. Memories of her training, her dreams, and her aspirations flashed before her. Her body grew limp, and her consciousness began to slip away. Detecting Sahryn's state, Takara punctuated the lifting chokehold by adding far worst twist to the move. With robotic precision, she seemed to lift Sahryn higher and then slammed her down onto the mat with a powerful two-handed chokeslam. The room rang out with the impact, and Sahryn now lay spread-eagled, her body not able to with stand the chokehold, and the slam to the mat she passed out.

Yet, even in her unconscious state, Sahryn's body responded. Her limbs twitched and spasmed, an involuntary reaction to the tremendous force she had endured. To Takara's sensors, these spasms registered as signs of resistance. Interpreting this as a continuation of the bout, the fembot didn't delay. She raised her foot and brought it crashing down onto Sahryn's exposed belly, ensuring she remained incapacitated. The huge stomp sent a surge of pain, that snapped Sahryn back to the cruel reality of the mat room. Disoriented and overwhelmed, her eyes darted around, trying to make sense of her surroundings. The weight pressing down on her abdomen receded as Takara withdrew her foot, yet the damage was done. Sahryn's breaths were shallow, each inhalation a raw reminder of the trauma she'd just endured.

"Must... destroy..." The chilling voice emanated from Takara, its haunting timbre filling the room. Sahryn's eyes widened with terror. She could barely comprehend the situation, and her instinct was to plead.

"Please... no... turn off... I beg you!" Sahryn's voice was a broken whisper, her strength rapidly waning.

But the Takara fembot, locked into its relentless "destroy" mode, paid no heed. With an almost robot-like precision, the Takara Fembot grabbed Sahryn's wrist, its strong grip giving her no chance to break free. In a quick, smooth motion, it pulled her up from the mat, and the thud of their feet echoed in the room. But the attack didn't stop there; it was just the start of a careful sequence. A fast punch aimed at Sahryn's middle, knocking the wind out of her and making her body fold for a moment, showing her vulnerability.

Sahryn's breath caught, and she bent over, her head hanging low as she struggled to catch her breath. It was in this short moment of weakness that the Takara Fembot's robotic strength became clear. Its movements were fluid and determined, like a predator closing in. Feeling trapped between its unyielding thighs, Sahryn was squeezed, making it hard to breathe. Caught in the grip of the Takara Fembot's power, Sahryn's mind raced with fear and determination. Her heart pounded in her chest, the sound marking the seconds that stretched on. It was as if everything led to this one moment, where all her fears and hopes converged.

In the midst of the pressure, Sahryn's voice trembled out, a desperate whisper. "Owww... you... are hurting... me!" Her words hung in the air, a sign of how dire her situation was. Her plea carried a mix of despair and surrender, a last attempt to escape what seemed inevitable.

But the Takara Fembot, driven only by its programming, didn't pay attention to her words. Lifting her up with an eerie ease, it flipped her world upside down. Sahryn's hair brushed against the mat, a strange reminder of her new perspective. Her disoriented gaze fixed on the ceiling above her, now below her. As the jumping spike piledriver neared, Sahryn's plea lingered in the air. The Takara Fembot's unwavering movements loomed above her, ready to strike. Time seemed to slow down as the world shifted, and the impact drew nearer with every beat of her heart. Then, everything focused on one sharp point of contact. The Takara Fembot's calculated force met Sahryn's vulnerability, and pain exploded in her head. Bone met mat with a heavy thud, her body echoing the harsh collision. In that moment, Sahryn's world filled with agony. Sahryn's body crumpled like a rag doll, a sharp contrast to the life and spirit she'd exhibited moments before. Her limbs twitched violently, a disturbing display of the effects of such a brutal move. Yet for Takara, this was just data, interpreted as residual fight left in her opponent.

Determined to vanquish any perceived resistance, the bot adjusted its grip on Sahryn's limp form, maneuvering her into position for another devastating attack. Without hesitation, it delivered a tombstone piledriver, further compounding the trauma to Sahryn's already battered body.

The room fell silent, save for Sahryn's ragged breaths and the ever-present hum of Takara's circuits. For a brief moment, it seemed that the battle might have reached its climax. But this machine was relentless in its quest for "destruction."

Takara, detecting Sahryn's unconsciousness, bent over and delivered a stinging slap to her face. Sahryn's eyes fluttered open, her vision filled with the cold, emotionless visage of her assailant. A jumble of thoughts raced through her mind, fear and despair at the forefront. Was there any escape from this mechanical nightmare?

The inexorable grip of the fembot cinched around Sahryn's waist, hauling her upwards as though she weighed no more than a feather. The menacing strength of the machine was evident in every motion, every minute adjustment it made to ensure Sahryn was perfectly positioned for its next attack.

Sahryn's head hung backward, her hair cascading toward the floor, her vision swimming with the white of the mat room walls. Despite the pounding in her head and the fire in her limbs, her survival instincts surged. As the bot began parading her around the room, she unleashed a torrent of pleas.

"Please! Stop this! TURN OFF!" she cried out, desperation evident in every syllable. Her screams echoed throughout the room, a haunting testament to the mismatched nature of this battle.

Yet for the Takara fembot, Sahryn's pleas were merely background noise, irrelevant data. Its primary directive was clear: destroy. To the bot, the act of parading Sahryn around the room was not one of sadism or cruelty but a simple sub-routine, displaying its 'capture' before executing the next move.

Sahryn felt the sudden shift in momentum, the gut-wrenching sensation of being hoisted even higher into the air. She knew what was coming, the imminent doom of the powerbomb. Her pleas turned into a shrill scream, a raw outpouring of terror.

The impact was catastrophic. Sahryn's body collided with the mats with such force that she rebounded into the air, the shockwave of the impact sending ripples through her entire form. She landed a second time, each nerve ending aflame with pain, her consciousness dancing on the precipice of blackness.

The room's silence was punctuated by Sahryn's ragged breathing and the quiet hum of the fembot's systems, continuously assessing, continuously calculating its next move in the quest for 'destruction.'

With Sahryn lying disoriented on the mat, the Takara fembot wasted no time in executing its next move. It bent down, grasping Sahryn's arms and dragging her up to a seated position. In one fluid motion, the machine hooked Sahryn's arms over its steel-thewed knees, effectively immobilizing them.

Positioned behind the smaller fighter, the fembot then reached forward, clamping its hands beneath Sahryn's chin. With a calculated strength, it began to pull back, arching Sahryn's spine in a severe angle. The camel clutch, a move renowned for the excruciating pain it inflicted, was now being applied with the precision and relentlessness only a machine could muster.

Sahryn's screams pierced the room, a cacophony of pain and desperation. Her face contorted in agony as the pressure increased, each second stretching out interminably. "Please... please stop!" she gasped, her voice hoarse.

Every muscle in her back and neck screamed in protest. The sensation was akin to being torn in half, the pull on her chin juxtaposed against the anchor of her hips on the mat. It felt as though her spine might snap at any moment.

The bot, however, was unrelenting. Its programming didn't register pain or mercy; it only understood directives and objectives. The eerie voice once again echoed through the room, but this time it carried a note of cold, mechanical repetition. "Must destroy. Must destroy."

As Sahryn's vision blurred, tears streaming down her face from the pain, a frenzied thought entered her mind. She needed to escape, to find some way to deactivate this merciless automaton, or she would surely be broken.

As Sahryn's struggles grew weaker from the pain of the camel clutch, the Takara fembot adapted its technique. The powerful hands that had been cinched under her chin slid effortlessly around her neck, transitioning the camel clutch into a chokehold while maintaining the arching position. Sahryn's eyes bulged as the oxygen supply was sharply cut off, and her already stretched spine felt an added strain from the new hold.

Panicking, Sahryn tried to pry the fingers from her neck, her kicks becoming more frantic. Her world started to darken around the edges, consciousness slipping away. As it did, her body began to convulse, jerky spasms betraying the trauma she was undergoing. A line of drool seeped from the corner of her mouth, testament to the overwhelming sensation coursing through her.

But the fembot, interpreting Sahryn's spasms as resistance, held on even tighter. The eerie robotic mantra of "Must destroy" played like a dark refrain in the background. After what seemed like an eternity, the bot released Sahryn, letting her fall like a ragdoll onto the mat, face first, breathing labored and shallow.

But there was no reprieve. With methodical precision, the fembot reached down and locked its hands beneath Sahryn's shoulders, wrenching her arms up and behind her in a full nelson hold. Before Sahryn could react, she was lifted off the mat, her feet dangling helplessly, the ground inches from her toes.

The pressure on her neck and shoulders, combined with her suspended state, added a new layer of agony. Sahryn's hazy consciousness was jolted back to reality by the searing pain in her shoulders. She whimpered, pleading for release. "I surrender... Please, just stop," she sobbed.

But the relentless voice of the bot echoed its singular intent, "Must destroy," a chilling contrast to Sahryn's desperate pleas. The question now was, would Sahryn find a way out of this torment or would the fembot continue its unyielding assault?

The fembot's grip on Sahryn was unyielding. As it swung her body back and forth, Sahryn felt like a helpless ragdoll. Her limbs flew about loosely, her head bobbing uncontrollably with the momentum. The sensation was dizzying and nauseating. With every swing, her consciousness faded further into darkness, her senses overwhelmed by the bot's sheer strength.

Finally, with a burst of energy, the fembot adjusted the grip of the full nelson, but not to grant Sahryn reprieve. It transitioned into a devastating full nelson slam, driving Sahryn into the mat with incredible force. The impact sent ripples throughout the room. Sahryn's body absorbed the brunt of the hit, leaving her motionless. For a few heartbeats, the room was silent except for the hum of the fembot's machinery.

But Sahryn's innate survival instincts were not completely quelled. Slow, involuntary twitches rippled across her form, a subconscious testament to her will to continue, even if her mind was too dazed to comprehend. To the fembot's analytical processing, these twitches read as signs of resistance.

"Must destroy," it intoned monotonously.

In a flash, the bot had captured Sahryn's ankle, wrenching it into a severe lock. The sudden jolt of pain was so intense that it roused Sahryn from the stupor slumber she was in after the slam. She screamed, the sound raw and guttural, her face contorted in agony. The bot's grip was like a vice, threatening to snap her ankle.

"No more... please, no more," she begged between sobs, her hand pounding the mat in frantic submission. "I surrender... you win... please stop..."

The mat room echoed Sahryn's cries, juxtaposed against the cold, emotionless stance of the Takara fembot. Would the machine relent or continue its destructive program?

With Sahryn's agonized pleas falling on the bot's unfeeling sensors, the Takara fembot transitions smoothly, weaving her legs around Sahryn's in an STF position. One of the most excruciating submission holds in the wrestling world, the STF combines a crossface technique with a leg lock, putting immense pressure on both the neck and spine.

For Sahryn, the pain was nearly unbearable. The fembot's inhuman strength tightened the grip on Sahryn's chin, forcing her face up and sideways. Every breath became a battle, each inhale feeling like inhaling fire. Sahryn's vision began to blur as she felt the weight of unconsciousness drag her under once more.

"I... can't..." she whispered through gritted teeth. Her body desperately sought escape, her hands trying to pry away the machine's grip, but the Takara fembot's power was overwhelming. Soon, Sahryn's strength gave way, her desperate struggles slowing as darkness consumed her consciousness. From between her clenched teeth, drool slid, pooling on the Takara’s skin.

The bot, however, did not interpret this as a sign of defeat but rather a challenge. Its internal sensors detected the moisture on its frame and processed it.

"Must destroy," it repeated.

Holding Sahryn in the chokehold a moment longer than necessary, the machine ensured her opponent was truly incapacitated. But just as it was about to declare its objective achieved, it detected a slight movement from Sahryn's hand, an involuntary twitch. Its directive was clear: the object was not entirely destroyed.

"Objective not complete. Must destroy," it vocalized, displaying an eerie persistence.

With brutal efficiency, the bot yanked Sahryn's limp body from the mat, her head lolling back, eyes closed, yet her spirit still unbroken. The fembot prepared for the next wave of assault, ready to fulfill its primary directive. The chillingly efficient Takara fembot recalibrated its attack strategy. Positioning itself near a wall of the mat room, its internal gyros and accelerometers fine-tuned its aim. With its optic sensors locked onto its prey, it launched forward like a missile, every ounce of its considerable weight and force concentrated into its outstretched arm.

Sahryn's groggy, unfocused eyes barely had time to register the impending danger. The fembot's lariat clothesline connected with thunderous force, flipping Sahryn's entire body in mid-air like a rag doll being violently thrown. She landed with an echoing thud, her long, raven hair covering her face, her limbs splayed out in all directions. The fleeting cry that had escaped her lips during the maneuver was chilling – a testament to the sheer impact of the move.

But the machine's assault wasn't over.

Without wasting a millisecond, the fembot adjusted its posture. Dragging Sahryn to her knees, it swiftly retreated to its starting position at the wall. It recalibrated once more, focusing its gaze upon Sahryn's now exposed face. With the precision of a professional athlete and the relentlessness of a machine, the fembot charged. At the last possible moment, it leaped, drawing its knees up, and delivered a brutal meteora knee smash directly to Sahryn's face.

The room seemed to fall silent for a split second, the only sound being the connection of the bot's knees to Sahryn's face. Sahryn's head whipped back from the force, her body collapsing backward in a boneless heap. Her face was a mask of pain and disbelief, her consciousness barely hanging on. The Takara fembot, however, stood tall and unfazed, its sensors continuously scanning, ever ready to act on its unyielding directive.

With a series of mechanical whirs and precision-driven movements, the Takara fembot deftly adjusted Sahryn's unconscious form. The nimble fingers of the Takara bot found their places along Sahryn's spine and limbs. And with a quick maneuver, it hoisted the limp wrestler onto its broad shoulders, locking her into a torture rack that seemed to defy the laws of human anatomy.

The position itself was brutal. Sahryn's back was forced to arch in a cruel semi-circle, her body stretched to its limits. Sahryn's head was being pulled down towards her feet, which were yanked upwards in the opposite direction. It was as though the machine was attempting to bend Sahryn into a full loop, a human ouroboros of pain.

The pressure from the hold jolted Sahryn back to consciousness. Her eyes, now wide with terror, flitted around the room, taking in her precarious situation. She felt every ounce of the unnatural force being applied to her body, her vertebrae groaning in protest. She screamed, a raw, desperate sound that echoed off the walls of the mat room. "Please! Stop! I surrender! I beg you!" Her voice wavered, each word punctuated with sobs of agony.

But the machine was relentless, its programming overriding any semblance of mercy or restraint. "Must destroy," it repeated, its voice as cold and detached as ever. The pressure increased incrementally, Sahryn's cries becoming more frantic, her pleas more desperate.

An intense tension filled the room. The Takara fembot, a picture of mechanical efficiency, continued its mission. Sahryn, caught in the nightmarish grip of the machine, battled not just for victory, but for her very survival.

With an almost effortless motion, the Takara fembot hoisted Sahryn's battered form high above its head in an overhead gorilla press. Sahryn's body dangled limply, her arms and legs splayed out like a marionette with cut strings. In this dominating posture, the fembot began to perform squats, adding an element of derision to its ruthless display of power.

Each time the fembot lowered itself, Sahryn's body came precariously close to the ground, only to be thrust upward once more. Her world oscillated between the ceiling and the floor, disorienting her further.

Suddenly, with a move as abrupt as it was cruel, the fembot released its grip. Sahryn plummeted face-first, the force of the fall reverberating through the room. She tried to protect herself, but the impact left her gasping, her vision going dark. Writhing in agony, Sahryn instinctively tried to curl into a fetal position, attempting to shield her battered body from further harm.

But the fembot, ever relentless in its mission, declared, "Must destroy," as it grabbed a handful of Sahryn's hair, dragging her towards the wall. Her back pressed against the cold surface, Sahryn tried to brace herself for what she knew was coming.

Blow after blow rained down on Sahryn’s midsection, each one causing her to grunt and gasp for air. The strikes were methodical, almost rhythmic, each one harder than the last. As her strength waned, Sahryn felt herself pinned against the wall, defenseless against the onslaught.

Then, with a calculated precision that showcased the robot's programming, the Takara fembot delivered a devastating kick directly to Sahryn's head. It landed with a sickening thud, and for a brief moment, the room was silent save for the whirring of the machine's servos.

Sahryn’s body slowly slid down the wall, her limbs going limp, her eyes vacant. Against the cold surface, her body did not twitch or convulse. With a tone that echoed finality, the fembot stated, "Object complete. Object destroyed."

As Sahryn lay defeated, the room felt eerily still, punctuated only by the faint hum of the fembot's machinery and Sahryn's shallow breaths.


Mar 3, 2023




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