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Alice's Garden

Discussion in 'Adult Games' started by UltimaXeno, Sep 24, 2012.

  1. UltimaXeno

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    Aug 21, 2011
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    Ok guys new game. Basically you play as this chick who attends some kind of sex school, where all of the girls wear almost next to nothing. I have no idea what the main point of the game is since I can't read what they're saying, but I'm assuming that the girl's name is Alice.
    When you start off with a new Game it'll give you two options. The first option takes you straight to Alice waking up in bed. The 2nd option shows you a scene where Alice masterbates using a dildo and then wakes up in her bed. Now then you can either walk around in ur uniform or walk around naked, but be wanred if you choose to walk around naked then you WILL have to fight the other boys, to avoid fighting just walk around in ur uniform. To save go back to ur bed and there you'll see some strange pink looking thing next to ur bed, that's a save point, there's one located outside, on the 2nd floor, and on the 3rd floor. here are the controls for this game
    X button- access menu
    C button- accept/talk
    When you access the menu, the first option is ur items option, there you'll see a dress with quantity 1 next to it, that's ur uniform, as you progress along with the game you'll find other uniforms which will unlock more sex scenes such as 3 different swim uniforms to wear which will allow u to see 3 different sex scenes depending on which swim uniform you wear to swim class. If you walk to a boy in black while ur naked and he doesn't attack u, then he's a teacher and if you wear the right uniform for the class then that's how you'll unlock the sex scene.
    Now then this game has a leveling system so as you can become stronger. when ur fighting you'll notice two numbers, the bigger number is ur HP and the smaller one if ur SP. U need SP to use ur sex attacks. To gain sex attacks go to the menu, go to the equip option, and you'll notice that you can equip letters with hearts on them, those letters are sex attacks which you can equip and use. But beware not all sex attacks work on every enemy. Some sex attacks with heal an enemy, while others will do no damage, just pay attaention to their hair color. Like for example the red haired boys the blow job attack heals them and the tease sex attack does no damage, so to beat them just use a regualr attack ok. To heal urself and recover SP you can buy potions from the shop (The shop is the room right next to ur bedroom with the man behind the desk) The blue potion completely heals ur HP while the red Potion completely heals ur SP, if you want to be completely healed, but don't want to use any money, then go to ur bed and go to sleep ok.
    Well again sorry for the lengthy explanation, just trying to help you guys get started, well enjoy urselves. Also one more thing idk if you need RPG maker to play this game, if you try to open it and it won't play then let me know and I'll add a link to what you need to get.
    here are the boy's weaknesses
    blue haired boy- use blowjob
    red haired boy- regualr attack
    green haired boy- use blowjob
    black haired boy- use tease
    also to play you'll have to install a program called RGSS-RTP. RGSS-RTP Standard.exe - 4shared.com - online file sharing and storage - download - Wendler Christian
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