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Alakar RP World Discussion

Discussion in 'Roleplay' started by RyonaSensei, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. RyonaSensei

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    Jan 13, 2013
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    This is not finished, only a start for discussion. Any questions or concerns please let me know in a response.

    (Current)Map Locations:
    Traverse: Beginning spot.

    Stoneridge: City outside the Cavoka Canyons. Destroyed by the General known simply as
    the man with the Rod. Stoneridge is a wasteland with little life to it, all the people
    of stoneridge are hostile and scare easily. Whenever they hear a noise like an
    unfamiliar footstep they will hide in their homes for a long while...

    Cavoka Canyons: The canyons are empty and the void of people, creatures around very from four legged beasts to hunters.

    Riverton: 5 miles out from Issac. A small town that is friendly but mostly to stay out
    of the sights of Istel. Any mention of the man can get you killed or kicked out. They
    are the most seemingly normal but at the same time they are the most frightened.
    Shops, bakeries and pubs. It is normal but no one there feels safe.

    Riverton Mountains: Mountains near Riverton, snowy year round and beasts circle
    through. Rumor has it that tribes have moved through those parts and that it can be
    dangerous if they deem you unworthy to pass.

    Issac: The remnants of an old society that is headed by a man named Samuel who is the
    priest and leader of their town. The place is a paradise untouched by Istel although
    everywhere else in between has been, Istel hasn't touched the town. They all believe
    they are truly under the protection of God that Istel has been unable to harm them and
    that it is holy ground. Samuel's protector is a man named Tolin who examines all new
    comers and decides if a man is worthy to stay in their holy ground.

    (Undecided locations: Free for suggestions)

    World Description: The world is set to a different timeline that most would consider
    for fantasy. There is a secret to discover about the timeline so that will kept secret
    for now. The world itself is the void of hope and has been ruled over for a very long
    time. Magic is a very downplayed element, it is rarely used in combat and is hard to
    obtain. The world is filled with different people and creatures but also with
    different designs and inventions that appear to belong to a completely different
    universe as the mystery is uncovered. Most people of the world are hostile and cannot
    be trusted due to it being impossible to tell if a person is under Istel's ultimate

    The man above all goes by the name "Aliester Istel."
    Referring to himself as God of this new world he is creating in his own image, he has
    been taking the very will of people and cannot be overpowered once taken. How this
    happens is also something else to be kept secret until it happens.
    Istel has little will to fight his own battles and has his chosen slaves to do his
    work for him and if he wants to experiment he will send one of his generals.
    Istel's main Fortress: Salem

    Istel's Generals: Each of them are his most powerful Elites in the world and have
    taken down kingdoms on their own in his name. Each of them with their own reason and
    stories for why they chose to do his will. Each of them is different in their own way
    and no 2 are truly the same.
    They each wear a number on their person to signify that they are one of his Elite's.
    The lower the number, the more power they are. The Generals are known in this world as the Shinsengumi.
    They reside in every part of the world to keep order and destroy in his name if so necessary.

    Elves: Few and far between, not many have been seen since most were captured and or killed from Istel's own instructions.

    Unicorns: Beautiful, Graceful and Deadly in the battlefield. Used primarily by
    authority figures, these beasts are usually studded with armor and are used to impale
    enemies on the battlefield. They are extraordinarily dangerous and are every bit as
    dangerous as any other beast in the world.
    Locations of breeding: Traverse, Gottwald and Sachom.

    Pegasus: A holy flying, winged horse that is normally seen as white. More rare than a
    Unicorn. It is not used in battle as a means to attack but to travel, it is mainly
    used by Archers in the land to attack from above.
    Grounds where rumored to breed or be found: Salem and Issac

    Werewolves: Human form, halfbreed form and full wolf forms all very depending on the
    nature and personality of the victim.
    Spots rumored: Riverton and Riverton Mountains

    Dragons: A mythical creatures to the furthest extent, no evidence proves they exist.
    All those that say they have encountered one have no proof and are deemed liars which
    is usually true. However there are signs of people being burned to death by what could
    be a dragon, the problem being that no one has ever encountered one and lived to tell
    and tale.
    Dragons main habitat was rumored to be near Salem and Sachom.

    Golem: Coming in all different shapes and sizes, the Golem can be both fierce and
    gentle as it uses it's massive stone body to inflict bone shattering strikes on
    opponents. It can be seem walking aimlessly through the Stone fields and roads through
    the abandoned city. All survivors have a single piece of advice if seen... Run.
    Location: Stoneridge

    Dogs: It's a dog.
    Most commonly seen in Traverse and Riverton.

    Turns: Turns will go as such when it is finished.
    When doing random Slice of Life or traveling there will be a simple list for turns on

    the Forum. Who turn it is will be based off the list.
    The battle list will be different, much more randomized for the battle sequence.

    Character Template:




    Body Type:

    (URL links help)
    Hair Style:


    Template Example for Character Creation:
    Name: Lilianna Monroe

    Race: Human

    Whip blade user
    Red aura from teddy bear gives off omonious power of levitation.

    Lili is a girl who is clearly an older teenager but speaks and acts like a
    child. She speaks to her stuffed animals but mainly her teddy bear she refers to
    as 'Luci' 10 years ago Lili's father trapped her in her childish room and told
    her to never come out so she stayed in there alone for many years while having
    the only thing to speak to there is her teddy bear Luci. Even when speaking to
    Luci she places her hear to the teddy bear almost as if it really answers her...

    Hair:Long dark red curly hair
    Skin:Light skinned mainly from not having much exposure to the sun
    Eyes:Gently red eyes
    Body Type:Skinny form
    Breast size is B cup

    Hair Style:

    Top part of outfit (Ignore bottom): http://rangpost.info/img.php?img=g4...5h4b4k474l2e3p4e4k4o4q274p2y2a4v2p2s2p2c4p4g4

    Bottom of Lolita(Ignore top part but include the necklace):
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  2. Idoro

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    Nov 10, 2010
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    I'm curious to know what sort of races will be available for play. So far, it looks as if there will only be humans and possibly elves available.

    Maybe a bit better explanation of how turns will be handled? Will it be initiative-based like in D&D? Stat-based like in Shining Force? Will the player's side have a complete turn, followed by an enemy forces turn like in Fire Emblem?

    What sort of weapons are allowed? (Technology-wise)
    What classes are available?
  3. Baku|Haku

    Baku|Haku Casual Client

    Mar 25, 2012
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    So far, So good. Should we post the character bios here or just suggestions?
  4. RyonaSensei

    RyonaSensei Potential Patron

    Jan 13, 2013
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    Suggestions for now, I'll have more time to work on it this week.