About to start development on new game, does it sound interesting enough?

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May 15, 2020


So as the title says, I'm just wrapping up preproduction for a new game and I'd like to know what community thinks about the idea before I dive into development. You may have guessed from the logo it has to do with gambling and prostitution (and yes, as my name suggests, it was inspired by Futurama).

The idea is simple: you play blackjack to earn money that you can then spend on hookers found around the casino.
The base game wouldn't be to complicated, having only blackjack as a means of gambling and you'd only be able to fuck the girls on the spot where you find them. The catch is, there are security guards patrolling the casino floor so you'd need to be careful not to get caught in action or you get thrown out, game over. I have a few ideas for expansions once the base would be done, like adding other casino games (rouletter, poker...) and making it possible to lead the hookers to more secluded areas and so on.

I want to make it in orthographic view, mixing 3D environment with pixel art characters. Here's the art for the main character:


And here's the starting pack of the ladies:

(I have some experience in game development and design, but these are litteraly my first pixel art works so I'm guessing there's still room for improvement)

So having read all of this, I have two important questions for you:

1. Does this look and sound like the type of game you'd be interested in playing?

And (provided you answered the above question with YES)

2. Would you be willing to support the development of such game on Patreon? (in exchange for some benefits of course!)
(Also, this is in no way a binding question, if you say yes I won't be hunting you down once Patreon launches with "But you said..." I'm just trying to see if the idea is viable)

That's pretty much it, thank you in advance for any insight, looking forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions!
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