A guide to mods - what can they do?


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New forum members often ask about mods or functionality that already exist, so the purpose of this guide is to list some of the most commonly used mods and what they can do for you. The vanilla SDT game is just a limited blowjob scenario, but the Loader turns it into a sandbox that you can use for all kinds of stuff.

You'll find most (but not all) of the best mods on the Resource Manager. Some also exist as attached files on forum posts floating around the site. The search function of the RM is a bit rubbish, so the best option is usually to google what you're after using site:undertow.club in your search field. That finds both resources and forum posts!

There are a lot of perverts using SDT, and they have been using it for a long time, so chances are someone has already considered your particular interest and made a mod out of it. If you go on the RM, you'll find that the VAST majority of released material is... hairs. Hairs for the female character, usually to make her look like some anime or manga character. There's also quite a bit of clothing, and they often get released in bundles with several similar articles at a time.

Rather than list individual good hairs and clothing, use sby's MoreClothing as a starting point, which compiles some of the most popular options and is regularly updated. Site afficionados will have their own favorites, but adding stuff to MoreClothing is really easy if you find something you like that's not included. If you think the load time with MC installed is a bother, consider commenting out the clothing options that are uninteresting to you in the settings file. Pro tip: make a back-up of the original file first, just in case.

The other fundamental mod, also by sby, is AnimTools. It transforms SDT from a blowjob game to an anything-game. There are hundreds of released positions you can choose from, and making your own is as easy as clicking on a slider button and watching what happens. As you mess around, you may notice that the vanilla Him model lacks a head, which can kinda wreck the mood. Fortunately, there are mods that add heads. I particularly recommend the Shinji body if you want something lithe (works best with the clothing in its bundle), and the Vaan Shutleberg version from SyntaxTerror (works with the small selection of Him clothing mods that are available - note that these are not compatible with MoreClothing.

If you're only an SDT consumer, those are pretty much what you need to play around with the Loader on your own. For a more immersive game-like experience, there are many advanced dialogue bundles for you to try out. For example WeeWillies Slave Bazaar, Sorrowww's Sin City adventure, DSE's The Attendants and Dr. Zombie's Sweet Treats.

Mods for Advanced Dialogues
If you want to produce content for your own pleasure (or release it to the community), you might be going into dialogue writing. Far from mere spoken lines, dialogues have become an interface for programming SDT to do what you want. You can code position changes, clothing changes, moods, blushing, whether cumming is possible or not, automate movement - many, many things and of course write spoken or thought lines as well. Refer to Pim's Advanced Dialogue Guide if you decide to take the plunge.

In addition to the above, the first thing you'll need is Pim's Dialogue Actions (moreClothing and Animtools come with full dialogue actions support, which is very important). It is the fundamental block that the other mods build on - it includes so many possibilities that it will probably take many projects until you realize all that is possible with it. Dr Zombie's More Triggers add more functionality on top of that, as does sby's aptly named DA_sbyAddons (also consider his dialogPatch for some extra tweaks).

If you want to do more advanced automation than what is available with the simple AUTO modes, you will need Colin's Custom Automation (not currently on the resource manager and Colin's been gone for over 2 years). It is fairly complex and exhaustive and you can animate any movement possible within the parameters of your chosen animtools position. However, you can also keep it fairly simple with a simple back-and-forth x-axis animation that you switch on and off.

Finally, for the extra gold star on your project, consider these neatness mods:
dialogueDisplayEdit by sby: This nifty mod makes it so that dialogue lines without actual words (only triggers) are not displayed on screen as empty boxes, detracting from the experience of your visual novel. It also lets you tweak text color and such things.
autoCloseMouth: if you want back and forth conversation in your dialogue, this is pretty much mandatory to avoid her looking silly (panting with open mouth) when you're just talking. It closes her mouth when she is at a certain distance from the penis. Note that sby's moremoods also affect her mouth behavior and might be used instead or in addition to this mod (I use both).
loadingScreen: Instead of having that awkward loading start with swirling clothing and thudding noises as you load your project, please use this mod! You can include your own start screen, and it will be displayed while the Loader launches and loads all your mods. Better still, it can load a character folder automatically on launch - if this folder includes a Dialogue.txt, you will have a one-click solution to get into your project immediately. Very user friendly and neat!

Don't hesitate to reply to this post and include other mods you think are useful for the community to know about!


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I actually did mention moremoods in passing, but I didn't bold it because I don't think it's really essential. It's also not unproblematic when you try to combine it with more triggers custom expressions like SHOCK_time_power. Even so, I'm leaning towards using it as my go-to way of changing facial expressions and doing reactions in dialogue, just because it does so much in one go - set the mood, and eyes, mouth etc. follow suit.

I've never had the desire to change the basic her model size, but I guess that's a quite crucial mod if you want to do just that. I hear it is sometimes hard to combine with animtools?

I had never heard about AutoMove V1!! Thanks for letting me (and others) know. I'll go check it out in detail right now :)

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You totally did mention moremoods. That's what I get for browsing the internet while wearing the wrong set of glasses.

ASH does come with a couple of keyboard shortcuts to adjust their positions when using animtools, but for me I've just resorted to making my own positions when I'm not going for the default ones.

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