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Edgy loader pack 2020-03-27

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I've included my lolicon dialogues with this bundle. If you don't like underaged characters, you should avoid this bundle.

This is an install of Super Deepthroat with the bare necessities of mods required to play my dialogues. It also contains the dialogues I've published and the animtool positions. I will try to keep this bundle up to date whenever there's new versions of the mods, and whenever I publish a new dialogue. The bundle can obviously be used to play other dialogues as well, but it's designed for mine.

- Absolutely no diving!
- Bus bystander
- Daughter training
- Guessing game
- Lost girls
- Lucky pervert
- Rape on a train!
- Edgy moves

- loader, with the default mods
- animtools
- dialogueactions
- moretriggers
- dialogdisplayedit
- moremoods
- anysizeher
- penisrange
- himnotlegto
- AutoMove
- dialogpatch

The settings for the mods have been altered to fit my dialogues, but are otherwise unedited.

- A bunch of mods that I see as necessities (like moreclothing) aren't included as they're not strictly necessary to play my dialogues
- A flash player. It's not recommended to use the browser, download a proper player from Adobe. There's now a flash player included!

1. Unpack the zip into wherever you want.
2. Open "flashplayer_11_7r700_279_win_sa.exe"
3. Press File->Open, navigate to the folder you just unzipped and select "Loader.swf"
4. Press the i button on your keyboard and load a dialogue from the Settings/Dialogues folder

- The R button will toggle him keeping his hand on her head or not. Or it should. SDT can be a bitch sometimes. It's mandatory to have it enabled for the "Rape on a train!" and "Lucky pervert" dialogues.
- Some of the dialogues will use Auto modes by default, others won't

For more information/support, see the resource pages for my other dialogues or my thread in the Dialogue section.
edgelord 3000
First release
Last update
4.57 star(s) 7 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. dialogpatch and update of Edgy Moves

    Added dialogpatch v5 and a fix for Edgy Moves
  2. New dialogue and mod

    Included: - Edgy Moves - AutoMove
  3. "Lost girls" 7

    Added the newest version of Lost girls

Latest reviews

Really nice dialogues overall, and the loader pack is nice and with stuff most SDT users can appreciate.
I do have a few issues, specifically with the Lost Girls dialogue, using Chapter 5 mostly works fine, but making using of the position button and picking one of the positions causes the game to freeze, forcing me to close the process with the task manager, how could I fix that? I always tested the dialogue with you pack and without any other mod added, also tested the included version of the Flash Player and on some others and it still freezes whenever I try to pick a different position.
edgelord 3000
edgelord 3000
Thanks for the kind words. I might have updated animtools in my pack at some time without making sure the position button works after, I'll look into that.
Nice dialogues, I have only played the RapeTrain one, and I really like the facial expressions. However, I was wondering why you put all the dialogues in the Settings folder? What does that do? Or is it only for the purpose of storage?
edgelord 3000
edgelord 3000
Thanks for the kind words. I put them in the Settings folder just to have a place to put them, no real reason behind it. They could be anywhere.
great mod. The only thing so far is that the dialogues are a bit buggy, they seem to freeze randomly without doing anything. It mostly happen for the train dialogue second part
edgelord 3000
edgelord 3000
Try to press R to enable Auto hold and see if it stops freezing up.
Great sense of story and progression in these simple yet effective scenes.

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