king of fighters

  1. Jade1503

    CWF Valentines Day match Non-title Match: Erza Scarlet vs Mai Shiranui

    The arena of CWF filled up with wrestling fans, every spot taken. When the last spectator took the last spot, the doors closed and the lights dimmed above the chairs. The only source of lights were the spotlights above the ring, showing a ring and a referee wearing black and white stripes...
  2. Jade1503

    CWF WrestLicious: Valhalla - Ladder match Hinata Vs Mai

    CWF WrestLicious Valhalla Ladder Match: Hinata Hyuga vs Mai Shiranui A month ago… Mai Shiranui moaned as she massaged her big breasts and washed her brown hairy vagina, the water from the shower head washing away all the cum, milk and sweat that was coated during...
  3. Varen

    Fatal Cutie Terry 2019-06-12

    I was thinking about how cute Cutie Terry is, and decided to look for a mod for her, only to find that none existed! So I made one. I'll be honest, it's not amazing. It's very basic, and the design process pretty much just consisted of me taking a few existing mods, smashing them together...
  4. Perdition

    Elisabeth Shoes 2019-03-18

    Based on @dantethedarkprince's 'Elisabeth - King of Fighters' mod, this mod isolates the shoes and makes them RGB adjustable.
  5. Jade1503

    King of Fighters: Mai Shiranui vs B.Mary

    A woman with long brown hair tied with a crescent-moon hair hand, strutted into the locker room of CWF, Crossover Wrestling Federation. Her fair body was slim and athletic with busty breasts bourdon walked. She was dressed in a red, skimpy 'Y' swimsuit that hardly covered her breasts or anus...
  6. Jade1503

    CWF Underground: Mai Shiranui vs B. Janet

    After Mikasa Ackerman and Ryuko Matoi left the arena, the referee announced the final fight. ‘For our final fight of the day, please welcome: Mai Shiranui!’ The doors opened and the Japanese with long brown hair tied in a ponytail and wearing red robes entered the arena and dropped into the...
  7. Hansel

    Mai Shiranui outfit (bigger breasts) 1.0

    Hair in the Archive.
  8. Hansel

    Mai Shiranui outfit 1.0

    Hair in the Archive.
  9. Jade1503

    CWF Underground: Chun-Li vs Mai Shiranui

    After Korra and Sakura left the arena, the referee addressed the cameras. ‘For our second match, please welcome: Chun Li!’ The doors opened and a young woman with brown haired tied into two buns and brown eyes walked into the arena and dropped into the pool. She wore a blue bikini and spike...
  10. Hansel

    Blue Mary outfit 1.0

  11. Hansel

    Athena Asamiya outfit 1.0

    Hair in the Archive.
  12. Jade1503

    CWF - Sex Queen Title: Mai Shiranui vs Hinata Hyuuga

    Another Saturday at the CWF underground arena where there was a pool in the floor surrounded with cameras, which hide wealthy customers. Standing above the pool was a female referee wearing the black and white striped bikini and holding a microphone in her hand. ‘Welcome to another day at the...
  13. dantethedarkprince

    Elisabeth Costume 1.0

    Note: this costume is not compatible with the breast slider. It will set the girl's breasts to the correct size when the SWF file is loaded, but any subsequent size adjustment will cause the breasts to fall out or clip through the fabric.
  14. L

    Queen of Fighters: Petal Vs. Mai Shiranui

    Location: Manazuru Peninsula, near the Kanagawa Prefecture. Tokyo, Japan. Outside a luxurious mansion, the Petals surveyed the scene, eyeing various mobster rivals as they exited their limousines. A week ago, a truce had been called between the Hong Kong based Red Dragon Triads, the Japanese...
  15. Snowballs

    King of Fighters ryona vids.

    Hey boys. I was unable to find a thread on this but I really want to advocate for Love Kula's videos on youtube. They are pretty well animated and the story / ryona situations are pretty solid. I may be hyping it a lot but I love the animation quality. The fights look great, the transitions...