CWF Valentines Day match Non-title Match: Erza Scarlet vs Mai Shiranui


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The arena of CWF filled up with wrestling fans, every spot taken. When the last spectator took the last spot, the doors closed and the lights dimmed above the chairs. The only source of lights were the spotlights above the ring, showing a ring and a referee wearing black and white stripes bikini. She stood patiently as Kazumi Asakura’s voice boomed through the arena.


Erza strode into the ring, wearing a red robe along with her red wrestling boots, gloves and her championship belt. She smiled as she walked towards the ring, waving at her cheering fans with her championship belt on one shoulder. When she reached the ring, she pulled herself onto the ring’s apron and put herself in between the ropes, winking and wiggling her bottoms before stepping into the ropes. She walked to the middle of the ring and slowly removed her robes, showing her white toned body with pink nipples and red hairy vagina. Biceps and six-packs featured proudly on her white body as she posed sexually for the excited crowd. When the cheering died down, Erza leaned into her corner as Asakura’s voice boomed through the arena again.


Mai ran into the arena, naked saved for a pair of red wrestling boots and gauntlets. Her pink nipples were hard and brown hairy vagina exposed. Her biceps and six-packs featured proudly on her white toned body as she smiled and waved at her cheering fans, making her way towards the ring. She slapped high-fives with her nearest fans. When she reached the ring, she took in a deep breath and leapt into the air, performed a twirl in mid-air before landing on her feet in the ring. She smiled and posed sexually for the excited crowd, receiving cheering and whistling from the spectators. When the cheering died down, Mai turned to face the approaching Erza; both women starring daggers at one another as they stood in the middle of the ring.

‘So you haven’t learn your lesson after our first encounter?’ Erza smirked. ‘Looks like I’m going to break a bone or two to teach you a lesson.’

Mai snarled. ‘Not this time you bitch. I’ve been training hard to teach you a lesson.’

Erza laughed, infuriating Mai further. ‘How cute. I’m going to enjoy dashing your hope and you into pulps.’

The bell rang and Mai screamed with rage, running towards Erza and launching a kick towards her. The redhead smirked and dodged the kick and blocked two punches from Mai before head-butting her on the forehead. As Mai groaned and stumbled back, Erza kicked the kunoichi in between her legs before pushing her down; slamming her leg on the back of Mai’s head and slamming her face into the mat.

Mai groaned as she hold her face in pain, Erza sitting onto her back. She pulled her legs towards her and bend Mai’s back in a double Boston crab hold. Mai grunted as she felt the pain in her spine but managed to bear the pain, results from her training with Chun Li. Using her legs, she pulled Erza off her back and catapulted her into the ropes.

The redhead gasped as she found herself in between the top and middle ropes. Mai growled as she got onto her feet and sprinted forward, rebounded from the ropes and ran towards the hapless Erza. Before Erza could untangled herself from the ropes, Mai grabbed hold of the top and middle ropes and swung herself in between them; using them to swing her back towards the ring and slamming her boots into Erza’s face.

Erza screamed as she was kicked back into the ring, holding her face and failing to see Mai swinging her back into the ring. The moment she was on her feet the kunoichi then leapt onto the top ropes and leapt off it, slamming her elbow into the redhead’s stomach. Erza gasped but grabbed Mai by her hair, slamming her face into the mat.

Mai simply grunted when her face kissed the white canvas as she pushed Erza’s arms away from her climbing on top of her. She slapped the champion three times in the face before planting her palms onto her shoulders, lifting herself up slightly and slamming her knee into Erza’s vagina. Erza screamed while Mai grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up onto her feet, kneeing her twice in the stomach before throwing her into a corner.

Erza grunted when her back met the turnbuckle, glaring up at the charging Mai but it was no use. Mai was simply too fast. Erza screamed when Mai’s elbow slammed into her breasts and found herself on top of the turnbuckle, facing the ring. Mai punched the redhead twice in the stomach before uppercutting her in the jaws, making Erza landed back onto the turnbuckle. Then the kunoichi wrapped her arms around Erza waist and lifted her off the turnbuckle, slamming her hairy vagina onto the top ropes.

Erza’s screams were mixed in pain and arousal as her vagina was given a rope burn, Mai sliding her back and forth until cum coated the top ropes. Erza can only moaned as she orgasmed all over the ropes, her cum dripping onto the mat. Mai then lifted Erza off the ropes and slammed her feet into the mat in a weak Atomic drop.

Before Erza could even utter a sound, Mai grabbed hod of her head and slammed her face into the top ropes, dragging her face across the ropes before meeting the turnbuckle. Erza’s eyes crossed as she fell onto her back, groaning and holding her face as her cum flowed out onto the mat. Mai smirked and pulled Erza up onto her feet, pushing her towards the turnbuckle.

With Erza back turned on her, Mai wrapped her arms around the redhead’s waist and slowly lifted her into the air, slamming her into the mat in a Germ suplex. Mai pinned Erza down so the referee began the count.

‘1… 2…’

To Mai’s surprise, Erza easily kicked out. Mai. Was forced to release the redhead as Erza rolled away, jumping back onto her feet almost immediately. Instead of looking tired, Erza was grinning; breathing softly. Mai scrambled onto her feet and snarled, running towards Erza with her arm stretched sideway for a clothesline.

Erza smirked as she ducked under Mai’s arm and stepped behind her, kicking her in between her legs. Mai yelped in shock as the kick lifted her off the mat a few inches before landing on her knees, moaning and holding her vagina. Behind her Erza stood, hands on her hips and sneering.

‘Not bad. Chun Li. Had been training you well. Pity…. It’s not enough.’

Erza grabbed Mai by her hair and slammed the back of her head onto her knee, almost knocking out the kunoichi. Mai screamed as she fell onto her side, holding her head in pain. She whimpered as Erza pulled her up onto her feet and punched her twice in the stomach before upper cutting her in the jaws. The uppercut was only enough to lift Mai off the mat but allowed Erza to get behind the kunoichi.

Mai yelped when Erza grabbed he pony-tail and began kicking her in the spine repeatedly before kicking the back of her knee, sending Mai onto her knees. Without pausing, Erza then wrapped her legs around Mai’s head, her back hitting the white canvas as she choked Mai in a head scissor. Mai began gagging and coughing for air, flailing her arms wildly, as Erza tightened her hold on her.

Before Mai could tap or lose consciousness from lack of oxygen, Erza released her. Mai gasped for needed breath as Erza rolled onto her feet. She grabbed Mai by her hair and yanked her up onto her feet, lifting her onto her shoulders. She raised the kunoichi over her head, parading her around the ring before slamming her onto her shoulders. Erza smirked as she bent Mai’s back in a torture rack backbreaker.

The arena filled with Mai’s agonised screams as her already damaged back was being bent, her spine on fire. Erza grinned as she bounced the kunoichi on her shoulders, increasing the pressure on Mai’s spine. When a soft pop came out from Mai’s spine, Erza raised her victim and with a roar, slammed Mai’s back onto her knee in a backbreaker.

Saliva flew from Mai’s mouth as no sound came from her mouth, her eyes rolling back as she rolled off Erza’s knee; lying on her side and unable to move. Erza smiled as she stood up, posing sexually for the crowd before kicking Mai onto her stomach, slamming herself onto her back. She pulled one of Mai’s leg towards her, bending her in a single Boston crab hold. Although the move was not as damaging as its double, Mai had enough. She whimpered as she began tapping on the mat but Erza still locked her up ninth hold, bending her back with her fingers inside of her vagina. Even the bell ringing and the referee could not get Erza off Mai.

‘Oh no bitch! I want you to cum first!’ Erza shouted as she continued torturing Mai’s back.

Mai screamed in agony as she finally accepted Erza demands, orgasming all over her fingers. Erza laughed and let go of Mai’s leg, watching it fall onto the mat. Erza raised her hands into the air, posing for her fans as Mai moaned and orgasmed all over the mat. Erza was wiggling her breasts as her name boomed through the arena.


Erza lowered her arms as she looked down at the defeated Mai. She leaned down and grabbed Mai by the hair, pulling her up onto her feet. She lifted her up into the air and slammed her onto her shoulders, bending her back in a torture rack backbreaker. Mai screamed as her spine was further tortured, screaming further when Erza shoved her fingers into her already wet vagina. She screamed in both pain and arousal as she felt fingers slide in and out of her vagina, her climax building up.

Erza shoved her fingers deeper into Mai’s vagina and making the kunoichi gasped, orgasming all over Erza’s fingers again. Erza laughed as she felt Mai’s thick cum all over her fingers before lifting her above her head, slamming Mai’s back onto her knee in a backbreaker. Mai’s eyes rolled back as more cum flowed out from her vagina, her back on the verge of breaking.

Erza grinned as she pushed the kunoichi off her knee, slamming her hairy vagina in her face. With a grin, Erza orgasmed all over Mai’s face; some of her cum flowing into her mouth. Mai was unconscious as her face was covered in thick cum, some flowing down her throat without choking her. Erza just got off Mai’s face when an angry shout was directed at her.

‘Leave her alone you bitch!’

Erza smiled as she watched Chun Li running towards the ring, sliding into it the minute she reached it. Chun Li jumped up onto her feet and stormed towards Erza, only to be stopped by the referee. Chun Li growled and stared daggers at era who wore an easy smirk.

‘Don’t be mad hun. It’s not your fault that you didn’t train your bitch properly.’ She pretended to think than taunted. ‘Oh wait, it is.’

‘You bitch!’ Chun Li snarled. ‘You went too far! One day, you’re going to get what’s coming for you!’

Erza laughed. ‘That will be a long time. Well, I will leave you with your girlfriend. You better pray I didn’t break her back.’

The redhead laughed as she left the ring and disappeared into the backstage, leaving Chun Li and Mai in the ring. When she was gone, Chun Li carried Mai in her arms, hurrying her to the infirmary and swearing vengeance on Erza.