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A woman with long brown hair tied with a crescent-moon hair hand, strutted into the locker room of CWF, Crossover Wrestling Federation. Her fair body was slim and athletic with busty breasts bourdon walked. She was dressed in a red, skimpy 'Y' swimsuit that hardly covered her breasts or anus. She smiled as she spotted a short blonde woman wearing the exact swimsuit as her except it was blue. The blonde woman’s body was also fair but with muscles slightly visible on her biceps and abdominal with medium-sized breasts that also bounced when moving.

Mai Shiranui smiled as she stood in front of Blue Mary. 'Hey Mary, ready for tonight's match?'

Blue Mary, real name Mary Ryan. looked up but did not smiled back. 'Hey Mai, you didn't hear? They cancel our tag team match against Chun-Li and Cammy. Those two couldn't make it tonight so they replaced it with a match between Sakura Kasugano against Yuri Sakazaki.'

Mai's smile fell as she was hoping to fight along Mary against her rival, Chun Li and this girl, Cammy. As she listened carefully, she could hear the cheer from the arena and hearing Sakura and Yuri s name being called out. Mai folded her arms below her breasts and pouted.

'That’s so unfair!'

Mary nodded back, also fuming. 'I’m so angry that I can hit something! I wish there was a way to vent our fury!'

Mai stopped pouting and turned to Mary with a cheeky grin on her face. 'There's something we can do.'

Mary looked at her, her blonde eyebrow raised into a question, Mai giggled and dropkicked Mary off the bench. Mary, taken by surprise, fall on her butt and jumped onto her feet: glaring at Mai.

'What the hell you do that for?'

Mai smiled mischievously. 'Why don't we have a small wrestling or catfight match here in the locker room where no one can see? Anything goes.'

Mary nodded but grunted as she rubbed her chest. 'You could had given me a warning.'

'I love surprises.'

'Is that so... ?' Mary sprinted over the bench and clotheslined the surprise Mai, knocking her onto her back. Mary grinned as she looked down at Mai rubbing her sore throat. 'There, now we're even.'

My gabbed Mary's feet and tripped onto the floor. Mary grunted as the back of her head hit the locker and kicked at Mai's face. Mai skillfully rolled backwards, got onto her feet and jumped into the air while somersaulting mid-air. She jumped in front of the door and locked it. Mary jumped onto her feet and looked around. They were in a private locker room where two or six wrestlers will keep their belonging in the lockers.
That were no windows and only two doors: the main one that led to the general backstage and the emergency escape. The room was extremely bright with light and the floor was covered with pink carpet. There was a big mirror hanging on the wall around a table with snacks, energy drinks and for the most girlish wrestlers, cosmetic. Furthermore, there was no CCTV in the room as it was a private female room.

'Good!' Mary muttered, glad that there were some privacy for the next minute or two. Mary charged towards Mai and Mai dropkicked as she charged in. Prepared, Mary caught her legs, swung her in circles and flung her towards the lockers. Mai gasped as her back his the lockers and she fell onto the carpeted the floor. Mary slid through the carpet and dropkicked Mai in her belly. A gasp escape from Mai and she clutched her belly. Mary pulled her up by the hair and kneed her in Mai's busty breasts, making them bounced upwards violently.

Mai moaned sexually and quickly punched Mary in her belly. When Mary's abdominal endured the punch, Mai send a knee missile between her legs. It hit home. Mary howled and covered her crotch and to her horror, in some of her fluid damping the bottom part of her swimsuit and slowly flowing down her thighs. Mai did not give her a chance to register her dilemma.

Mai scooped Mary up and delivered In atomic bomb: Mary's vagina cracking on Mai's knee. Cum exploded out of Mary's vagina when it made impact on Mai's knee. Mary moaned out loud as her fluid escaped herwhile Mai took advantage and pulled out Mary's swimsuit: revealing her hardened brown nipples and blonde bush shaved above her vagina.

Mary's embarrassment turned into fury as she stood up from Mai's knee while bearing the pain and kicked Mai in the face. Mai hit the floor but before she could recover, Mary pulled her onto her and lifted her into the air. She allowed Mai to linger in the air for a while before bringing her down in muscle buster. Mai gasped in pain but Mary was not done with her yet.

Mary tossed Mai onto her back and slammed Mai's head onto a bench. Balancing Mai's head on the bench, Mary quickly wrapped her arms around Mai's body and delivered a tombstone pile driver on her. Mai's head hit the carpet and she was nearly knocked out. Then Mary lifted her up into the air and power bombed Mai into the carpet. Mai spat out some drool as her back made contact with the carpet.

Mary then pulled Mai onto her feet, got behind her opponent and applied octopus hold. Mai screamed and flailed her freed arm wildly as Mary tightened the hold. Mary was getting turned on wrestling nude with Mai and giggled uncontrollably and erotically. Mary pulled out Mai's swimsuit: allowing her busty breasts to flop downward and bounced with perky brown nipples. Mai's vagina has a trimmed brown bush above it.

Mary giggled as she urinated on Mai head, wetting Mai's hair with her yellow water, Mai, feeling the coldness and wetness on her head, could not tell what the fluid was until one of them flowed near her mouth and she licked it. Her eyes widened in recognition and her face screwed in disgust. Mai planted her feet firmly into the carpet and pushed them backwards, slamming Mary's back onto the lockers, Mary gasped and she let go of Mai as she arched her back in pain. Mai took this opportunity and wrapped her arm around Mary's head and bulldogged her into the carpet. Mary bounced violently onto her back as Mar elbow dropped on her belly: making Mary's upper body and legs flew up upon impact.

Mai naughtily connect her vagina to Mary's and started grinding onto it. Mary's eyes widened in surprise and then in delight. She grinned and started joining in the sex battle. Mai and Mary, grinded to to vagina hard and rough into each other: trying to make one of them orgasm first. Mai moaned loudly and sexually as Mary kept her sexual moans to the minimal. Their bodies became hotter as more sweat washed away the orgasm and urine that were on their bodies. They continued on with their sexual assault for five more minutes.

Finally, unable to take it anymore, Mai was the first one to orgasm and her cum covered her thighs and Mary's invisible eight-packs. Mai's eyes were closed as she breathed heavily after expelling her vaginal fluids. Mary grinned and reached forward. She punched Mai's crotch and then pulled her urethra. Mai's eyes widened as she burst with urine, drenching Mary with the yellow water.

Wiping the urine off her eyes, Mary stood up while Mai lay on the floor: recovering from Mary's sexual attacks. Mary lay on top of Mai and pinned her with a grapevine pin: their wet bodies rubbing into each other.

'1... 2...'

With a surge of strength, Mai pushed and rolled until she was on top of Mary but instead of pinning her, Mai sat on top of Mary's abdominal. Mai punched Mary's face with a left and right hook before treating Mary's breasts like a punching bag. Mary screamed in pain, as Mai was relentless in her attack: trying to make Mary do something. She got what she wanted. Mary's brews shot out fluids and Mai slammed her busty breasts on Mary's face: smothering her.

Mary's voice was muffled as she tried to breathe while Mai held her down, two other thumbs pressing onto Mary's pulse. When she felt that Mary's pulse was weakening, Mai lifted up her breasts and allowed Mary to breathe. Mai then lifted Mary by the armpits and sat her on one of the benches. She widened Mary's legs and inserted her right breast into Mary's vagina.

Mary started moaning sexually as well as Mai as her light nipple rubbed the inside of Mary's pussy. Mary had been holding up her orgasm for some time so she finally released it: covering Mai's upper body and face with her cum. Blinded, Mai could not see that Mary had gabbed her by the hair and slowly lifted both of them up. Mary pulled Maj's head under her right armpit and drove on the same bench with a DDT.

Mai head snapped back and Mary caught it again, slamming the back of Mai's head into the carpet: burying Mai's face into her sweaty armpit. Mary tightened her hold on Mai when suddenly, she felt something cold and wet in her armpit. Mary giggled uncontrollably as Mai licked her armpit: cleaning away the sweat and the sourness. Mary was getting turned on as more fluid escaped her vagina and unable to take it anymore, she let Mai go and orgasmed as well.

Mary rolled onto her feet as Mai stood up, spitting out the sourness in her mouth. Both Mai and Mary charged and they both slammed their breasts into one another: making sweat tly. They clasped hands as their brown nipples battled each other. They rubbed and slammed their breasts into another before grinding their trimmed vaginas as well. They both looked into each other eyes: brown meeting blue and moved their heads forward.

Their lips locked and their eyes closed as they kissed hard while battling with their breasts and vaginas. Their tongues found each other and started joining in the right. With their bodies glued together, Mai and Mary became more sweaty and making the locker room more humid. Their tongues, breasts and vagina grinded, slammed, rammed and rubbed more violently than ever: both women moaning into each other mouths.

Mai's breasts maybe bigger but Mary's ones were more firmer and hardened: results from spending everyday in the gym. Mary pushed her breasts until they were into Mai's and rubbed her nipples onto Mai's one. Mai eyes widen and she quickly pulled her breast away from the deadlock but was too late. Fluids squirted out of her nipples, flowing down her body. Mai had lost two sex battles to Mary already but she was not ready to admit defeat.

Mai pulled Mary towards be and with ha right hand, pulled Mary's head back by the hair. Mai fired knee missiles into Mary's vagina Mary's eyes widened as she screamed with agony and sexually as Mai mercilessly attacked her crotch. Mai aimed two accurately knee missile into Mary’s vagina and urethra. Mary gasped out loud as a waterfall of cum and urine flowed down her legs and into the carpet. Mary finished her orgasm and urinating and hanged onto Mai, wrapping her arms around her neck as she panted exhaustedly.

Mai smirked and lifted Mary into the air. Although she was exhausted, Mai lifted Mary over her shoulders and brought her down with a brain buster. Mary's body shuddered as she lay on the floor, weakened and covered in sweat, cum and urine. Mai face-sit on her and make the count.

'1... 2... 3!'

Mai smiled and pulled Mary’s face into her vagina. Mai moaned as she orgasmed and urinated on Mary’s face and into her mouth. She heard Mary swallowing and licking up her fluids and she smiled. Mai stood up and posed while Mary lay on the carpet: her face covered in fluids. Mai grabbed one of the water bottles on the table and took gulps of cold water. She finished half a bottle and she poured the remaining contents onto Mary: washing some of the fluids off her body and reviving her.

Mary groaned as the water hit her and she opened her eyes. Mai pulled her up by the hands and kissed her hard. Mary joined in the kiss, their bodies touching each other and broke it: smiling at each other.

'Good match Mary.' Mai begun. 'I really needed that, thank you.'

'No, thank you.' Mary grinned. 'It’s been a while I orgasmed like that in a long time.' She looked down at their bodies. 'Let’s take a shower and after that, we can continue... In bed.'

Mai smiled. 'You naughty bitch!'

Mary grinned back easily. 'You sexy slut!'

Both women laughed and not bothering to put on their clothes, they unlocked the door and walked towards the showers: bodies glistered with sweat and fluids and their hands wrapped around each other backs.


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Well I'd still need to get some spare cash; my money feeds into the family to help with bills, groceries and so on. Plus I dare say I'd be waiting to get a card that I could load money onto so as to not risk identity theft.

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