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After Mikasa Ackerman and Ryuko Matoi left the arena, the referee announced the final fight.

‘For our final fight of the day, please welcome: Mai Shiranui!’

The doors opened and the Japanese with long brown hair tied in a ponytail and wearing red robes entered the arena and dropped into the pool. Her massive breasts can be seen bouncing under her robes every time she moved.

‘And her opponent!’ the announcer continued. ‘Bonne Janet!’

The doors opened and young woman with long blonde hair and wearing purple robes walked into the arena and dropped into the pool. Like Mai, her breasts can also be seen bouncing under her robes. She and Mai glared each other: no lost love between them.

‘Isn’t it the greedy bitch from England?’ Mai said with contempt. ‘Manage to make any money or are you still dirty poor?’

‘Shut up you slutty ninja!’ B. Janet growled. ‘After showing the whole world you’re nothing but a useless ninja who doesn’t know any tricks but only know how to show off your body, I’ll be getting some cash from this match!’

‘You dirty pirate!’ Mai growled. ‘I’ll show you who’s better!’

Mai pulled off her robes: showing her massive breasts with brown nipples and brown hairy vagina. B. Janet smirked threw off her robes as well: showing her massive breasts with pink nipples and blonde hairy vagina. Without warning, they slammed their breasts into one another: pressing their nipples into each other and hugging tightly. Mai and B. Janet growled they pressed their cheeks into one another: making their bodies sweatier and rubbing their hairy clitoris into one another.

Then they pushed each other away and B. Janet kicked Mai in the side but merely grunted and elbowed B. Janet in the face: making her cried out in pain and stumbled backwards. Mai aimed a kick towards B. Janet’s crotch but B. Janet caught her leg, elbowed her knee joints before kicking Mai in between her legs: making Mai cried out in pain. B. Janet let go of Mai’s leg and plunged her fingers into Mai’s vagina, going to finger her, but Mai head butted B. Janet on the forehead and pushed her away from her: slamming B. Janet onto the wall of the pool. As B. Janet arched her back, Mai stomped on B. Janet’s vagina and grinded her heels onto her: making B. Janet screamed sexually as she grabbed Mai’s foot.

Then at a gasp, B. Janet exploded with cum: covering Mai’s foot and coating the bottom floor of the pool. Gasping but furious at being the first one to cum first, B. Janet grabbed Mai’s foot and pushed Mai onto her back: making Mai screamed in pain. Before Mai could get up, B. Janet crawled towards her and elbow dropped on Mai’s crotch: making Mai screamed again.

‘You bitch!’ B. Janet cried. ‘Nobody makes me cum and get away with this! Take this!’

B. Janet widened Mai’s clitoris wide open with her fingers and pushed her tongue into it: licking the insides of Mai’s crotch. Mai moaned sexually and grabbed hold of B. Janet’s head as B. Janet pushed her tongue deeper into Mai’s vagina until Mai gasped out loud and orgasmed all over B. Janet’s face: covering her face with thick cum. Mai orgasmed and B. Janet swallowed as much fluids as she could until Mai stopped orgasmed: B. Janet licking her lips in delight. Mai quickly put B. Janet in a head scissors and pulling B. Janet onto her feet, slammed her face into the pool: making a small splash of cum. B. Janet moaned and got onto her fours as Mai stood up.

‘You pirate scum!’ Mai said. ‘I knew you’re only her for the cum!’

B. Janet stood up and shrugged. ‘And here the pot called the black kettle. Isn’t that why you’re here you slutty ninja?’

Mai growled and pushed her breasts up. ‘Come bitch! Let’s have a tits fight!’

B. Janet readied her breasts. ‘There’s no way I’m losing to you!’

With a cry, they both slammed their breasts into one another and pressed their nipples roughly: growling at each other as their nipples fight. Then they started moaning sexually as they continued to press their nipples hard and even touching their wet hairy clitoris against one other. They clasped hands as they continued to press their nipples into one another: fighting for dominance. Then, B. Janet gasped as her nipples squirted fluids onto Mai before Mai’s squirted fluids back onto B. Janet’s face and breasts: Mai winning the fight.

Not satisfied, B. Janet angrily pushed the both of them down into sitting position and connecting their crotches in a scissors position: she start grinding her vagina onto Mai’s. Mai accepted the challenge and slammed and grinded her vagina roughly onto B. Janet’s: making her squealed in surprise. B. Janet tried to fight back but found that Mai was sexually dominating by pressing her hairy crotch onto her’s: making B. Janet moaning loudly. Then at a grasp, B. Janet exploded with cum: covering Mai and filling up the pool. B. Janet was still orgasmed as Mai pulled her up onto her feet and lifted her into the air: power bombing her on the edge of the pool. B. Janet screamed in pain and then moaned as Mai pressed her clitoris onto B. Janet’s and started rubbing gently on it before increasing her pace: grinding her clitoris onto B. Janet’s already wet clitoris aggressively. B. Janet moaned loudly as she orgasmed another time: lying on her back and panting heavily. Mai just grabbed her by the legs and pulled her off the edge and into the pool: creating a big splash before pinning her. The referee made the count.

‘1... 2... 3! Your winner: Mai Shiranui!’

Mai smiled and crawled on top of B. Janet and face sat on her, moaning with pleasure as she released her cum that was holding up in her all over B. Janet’s face and into her mouth: making her choked and gagged on Mai’s thick cum. Mai smiled and looked down on B. Janet’s defeated face before pulling her up onto her shoulders.

‘Come on bitch!’ Mai giggled. ‘Let’s have more fun: I want to see if there are more juice in your treasure cove.’

Mai carried B. Janet out of the pool and out of the arena, followed by the referee as the lights and cameras in the arena turned off: leaving the arena in darkness.