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Snow White Business Attire 1.0 by ClimaxTitan

Blouse, suit jacket, and skirt worn by Snow White of The Wolf Among Us

  1. ClimaxTitan

    This is a Loader mod which includes Snow White's clothing, hairstyle, shoes, earrings, and appearance (charCode). It is intended as a faithful reproduction of the original character design, and therefore the elements are not RGB-adjustable.

    The costume includes "realistic" support for the breast slider. If the breasts are made too large, then they will strain the blouse and eventually spill out completely.

    In order for the garment details (especially the long sleeves of the suit jacket) to render correctly, you will need to use the SDT Loader and a suitable template extension (such as TemplateExtensionV5_sby).

    The MOD file includes several independent components. It is possible to separate them and use them independently, with the appropriate lines in your moreClothing configuration file:
    ; ------ Hairs ------
    TWAU Snow White.mod=Snow White:DynamicHair:StaticHair
    ; ------ Earrings ------
    TWAU Snow White.mod=Snow White:CostumeEarPiercing
    ; ------ Tops ------
    TWAU Snow White.mod=Snow White:CostumeTop:CostumeArmwear>CostumeTop
    ; ------ Bottoms ------
    TWAU Snow White.mod=Snow White:CostumeBottoms
    ; ------ Footwear ------
    TWAU Snow White.mod=Snow White:CostumeFootwear
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Recent Reviews

  1. Super18
    Version: 1.0
    Perfect job! Wish more outfits with their own little quirks came out!
    It would definatly bring new life to SDT.
  2. Huitznahua
    Version: 1.0
    The breast slider support is amazing. I never seen an another mod like that.