Jacket color can be adjusted via the Top.RGB1 slider. The jacket is designed to work with various dark colors. Bright colors (such as white) don't look as good; the shading details tend to look like stains rather than shadows.

This is a vanilla import which places the Leather Jacket in the TOP slot. It is suitable for a "tits out" or "bra plus jacket" scenario.

It is also possible to use the jacket as an OVERTOP (with another TOP item - such as a shirt - underneath the jacket). To do so, you can either load the jacket via sby's moreClothing mod or download the alternate OVERTOP version instead.

To use the jacket as a TOP:
CT-PunkLeatherJacketTop.swf=Punk Leather Jacket

To use the jacket as an OVERTOP:
CT-PunkLeatherJacketTop.swf=Punk Leather Jacket:CostumeTop>CostumeOverTop
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