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Open Leather Jacket 1.0 by ClimaxTitan

Unzipped rumpled leather jacket with rolled-up sleeves. For that "disheveled" Punk look.

  1. ClimaxTitan

    Jacket color can be adjusted via the Top.RGB1 slider. The jacket is designed to work with various dark colors. Bright colors (such as white) don't look as good; the shading details tend to look like stains rather than shadows.

    This is a vanilla import which places the Leather Jacket in the TOP slot. It is suitable for a "tits out" or "bra plus jacket" scenario.

    It is also possible to use the jacket as an OVERTOP (with another TOP item - such as a shirt - underneath the jacket). To do so, you can either load the jacket via sby's moreClothing mod or download the alternate OVERTOP version instead.

    To use the jacket as a TOP:
    CT-PunkLeatherJacketTop.swf=Punk Leather Jacket

    To use the jacket as an OVERTOP:
    CT-PunkLeatherJacketTop.swf=Punk Leather Jacket:CostumeTop>CostumeOverTop
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