Based on @dantethedarkprince's 'Svedka - Vodka Robot' mod, this mod isolates the arms. Comes in a version for light, pale, dark, and tan skin tones. Does not have assets for the handjob position.

Robo Arms Light.jpg
Robo Arms Pale.jpg
Robo Arms Tan.jpg
Robo Arms Dark.jpg
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  2. Final fix... hopefully

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I was also wondering if you were gonna do the last two parts of the Svedka robot mod, the torso with adjustable breasts, and the head mod compaible with either default hairs or other hair mods
I love the robot SWF mod, but I was hoping if you could do a version of the arms and legs that are vanilla versions for the light skin option, please
There should already be a light skinned version though.
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