1. V

    Robot Arms 2019-08-24

    This mod combines @Perdition's 4 edits of @dantethedarkprince's Svedka Vodka Robot into one file using @stuntcock's code in Thicker Ass and Legs. Now when you change skin tones the arms automatically change as well.
  2. Perdition

    Robot Arms 1.4

    Based on @dantethedarkprince's 'Svedka - Vodka Robot' mod, this mod isolates the arms. Comes in a version for light, pale, dark, and tan skin tones. Does not have assets for the handjob position.
  3. TurboSnike

    SDT Request: Dr Coyale from ARMS

    I tried to find as may references as I could. Static is fine
  4. TurboSnike

    Min Min from ARMS request filled

    Could someone please to a hair for Min Min from the game ARMS? I put as many references as I could find Moved to filled requests see link in post Min Min from ARMS request filled
  5. KilluaTheWeeb

    Ribbon Girl from Arms?

    (My first request- so I'm trying to go off of what the rules are, so correct me please if need be.) -RIBBON GIRL- (ARMS) Ideally I'd like them to be .SWF mods/files (whatever lmao) I'd like separate pieces for the clothing articles. Seeing as the static Hair already exists, I'm asking for...
  6. Teadium

    Teadium Imports

    Welcome! Most of the hair mods I have done are posted here. More will be added periodically. You can find all the mods listed below on the Resource Manager. Overwatch hair mods were made possible thanks to stuntcock's handy vector and flash skills. Feel free to request static hair mods if...
  7. Teadium

    Min Min Static Hair 2017-05-24

  8. D-Oxygen

    Ribbon Girl Static Hair 1.0

    Top is a mix between the Default Cropped Tank and this mod by Huitzhanua Default Skirt | Gloves by Iago | Turtleneck from this mod by Iago Suggested body: charName:Ribbon...
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