1. G

    arm position

    hand job for both hand doesnt work says error or just arm position extended arm, help me TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference. at obj::SoundControl/startRub_l() at obj::Her/checkHandJobMode_l() at...
  2. S

    Changing The Color of the Second Arm

    Is there a way to change the skin color of the second arm you can enable in the loader tab so it can match the skin of 'Him'? Thanks in advance.
  3. Tribal Chimera Arm Tattoo

    Tribal Chimera Arm Tattoo 2013

    Tribal Chimera Arm Tattoo by Pat
  4. C

    Her armposition charcode not loading as saved

    No matter what I have the arm position set to in the generated charcod (e.g. "arms:onlegs,onlegs") , when loading the charcode .txt file it will always load with her arms behind her back. I have tried moving the arm position txt line to farther down into the document (after any animposition...
  5. Death Mark Tattoo

    Death Mark Tattoo 2019-12-14

    RGB adjustable tattoo of the Death Mark tattoo from Harry Potter
  6. Spectre Tattoo

    Spectre Tattoo 2019-12-14

    RGB adjustable tattoo of Spectre's logo from the James Bond film Spectre
  7. Avatar Tattoos

    Avatar Tattoos 2019-12-14

    RGB adjustable tattoos based on Avatar symbols
  8. Egyptian Tattoos

    Egyptian Tattoos X+5

    Various RGB adjustable Egyptian themed tattoos
  9. Phoenix Tattoo

    Phoenix Tattoo 2019-11-17

    RGB adjustable tattoo of a phoenix
  10. Mermaid Tattoo

    Mermaid Tattoo 2019-11-17

    RGB adjustable tattoo of a mermaid
  11. Sylvanas Tattoo

    Sylvanas Tattoo 2019-11-02

    RGB adjustable tattoo of Sylvanus from World of Warcraft
  12. Smooch Tattoo

    Smooch Tattoo 4+2

    RGB adjustable tattoo of one of Widowmaker's symbols from Overwatch
  13. Pharah Tattoo

    Pharah Tattoo 2019-11-02

    RGB adjustable tattoo of Pharah's symbol from Overwatch
  14. Dva Bunny Tattoo

    Dva Bunny Tattoo 2019-10-30

    RGB adjustable tattoo of the Dva bunny symbol from Overwatch
  15. Robot Arms

    Robot Arms 1.4

    Replaces her arms with robotic ones
  16. Yang Xiao Long Volume 4 Outfit (New Arm)

    Yang Xiao Long Volume 4 Outfit (New Arm) 2017-08-13

    Based on Volume 4 after Yang starts using her new arm (but before she leaves home).
  17. Akatsuki Arm

    Akatsuki Arm 1.0

    Optional add-on for the Akatsuki mod. Adds a glowing magical aura to the guy's left arm.
  18. Stuffer Arm

    Stuffer Arm 1.0

    Replaces the male character's left arm with a version tightly grasping his penis
  19. Wrist Scars

    Wrist Scars 1.0

    Adds slash marks across the girl's wrists, suggesting self-harm
  20. Brother

    Brother 1.0

    Tattoos and gloves based on Brother, the airship pilot from Final Fantasy X-2


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