progressiveExhaustion 6.1

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Inspired by sby's 'moremoods' (also used some code from it).

This mod simulates progressive exhaustion after each pass out until she reaches a state similar to moremoods' 'spent' mood.

Compatible with moremoodsV12:



The following is a list of things that will change after every pass out, which can be customized in the settings file:

Upper eyelid droop
Lower eyelid droop
Eye motion target
Eyebrow angle
Pupil shock
Eye highlight fade
Pupil shock on wake
Eye motion on wake

Pass out speed
Pass out volume
Breath loss speed
Pull off power increase rate
Pull off power start
Pull off power max
Throat resistance
Pass out recovery speed

Cough rate
Cough strength
Cough breast move strength
Cough volume
Open cough rate
Open cough strength
Open cough breast move strength
Open cough Volume
Gag rate
Gag volume

Skin saturation
Periodic sweating
Blush reduction
Tap hands rate
Tap hands power
Waggle eyebrows rate
Blink Rate
Consecutive blink rate
Clench teeth rate

The following are features that will activate/change after a certain number of pass outs, which can also be customized to various degrees in the settings:

'Normal' eyebrows (from angry)
No breathing
Arms on legs on wake
Arms loose on wake
Periodic tears
moremoods' 'spent' eyes
Tongue out
'Normal' mouth shape
moremoods' 'spent' off action cough
Eye jitter
Wince rate

Dynamic exhaustion:
- Exhaustion effect is now calculated by both pass out count and an exhaustion value
- Exhaustion value is affected by the following factors/conditions which can be customized in the settings file:
Penis in mouth (no breath loss)
Held (pretty much whenever passout/breath is dropping)
On deepthroat
Head grabbed/slapped
On wake
- This feature involves calculating a bunch of values every frame instead of just on pass out. If your computer is terrible, disabling this feature may or may not improve performance.

- There is a counter that appears up top with the other counters that can be disabled in the settings.
- This displays her current exhaustion value with the number of pass outs in parenthesis.
- Every 1 unit of exhaustion is equivalent to one pass out.
- To get total effective exhaustion, add the two numbers together.

There is a hotkey to reset her to her initial state, which is numpad 5 (101) by default, and a hotkey to increment exhaustion, which is numpad 2 (98) by default.

Character code support:
Adding 'exhaustionFactor:n' where n is a number, to a char code can be used to customize characters to exhaust more slowly or quickly.
ex. 'charName:SD chan;mood:Normal;exhaustionFactor:1.5'
More details on this can be found in the settings file.

moremoods compatibility:
This mod is compatible with moremoodsV12 if this is loaded after.

Let me know if anything's broken.
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Latest updates

  1. Fixed a tiny bug

    Fixed a bug where mouth shape would not revert after resetting while on 'Excited' mood.
  2. Fixed some bugs that occur when resetting with dynamic exhaustion off

    Fixed bugs where skin saturation would not start reverting on reset, and where other effects...
  3. Added skin saturation decrease effect (off by default)

    Added skin saturation decrease effect (off by default)

Latest reviews

A great mod with good attention to detail, very fun to use. And I'd say it's a must have.
just giving this rate since i was unable to make it work,i don't have that many mods so i don't think is a problem of ammount (just a few like horse cock,cum color,more clothing,him not letgo and morecumspurts) this caused a problem since if put at the start all the rest of mods won't load,but if you put it at the end then moreclothings will stop working while loading.
maybe you should test compatibility with other mods since by description only seems good
Thanks for letting me know. I load 50+ mods in my INIT and so long as moremoods is present there are no issues but when I remove moremoods I see the problem. It looks like the issue isn't with compatibility with other mods but just that somewhere along the way I ended up making this mod dependent on moremoods. I will get to fixing that later today - should be an easy fix.
Really great mod, super fun to play around with. Only bad thing about it would be the conflict with moremoods, since I quite enjoy the additional moods.