progressiveExhaustion 3.3.1

Inspired by sby's 'moremoods' (also used some code from it).

This mod simulates progressive exhaustion after each pass out until she reaches a state similar to moremoods' 'spent' mood.

Compatible with moremoods if this is loaded after.



The following is a list of things that will change after every pass out, which can be customized in the settings file:

Upper eyelid droop
Lower eyelid droop
Eye motion target
Eyebrow angle
Pupil shock
Eye highlight fade
Pupil shock on wake
Eye motion on wake

Pass out speed
Pass out volume
Breath loss speed
Pull off power increase rate
Pull off power max
Throat resistance
Pass out recovery speed

Cough rate
Cough strength
Cough breast move strength
Cough volume
Open cough rate
Open cough strength
Open cough breast move strength
Open cough Volume
Gag rate
Gag volume

Periodic sweating
Blush reduction
Tap hands rate
Tap hands power
Waggle eyebrows rate
Blink Rate
Clench teeth rate

The following are features that will activate/change after a certain number of pass outs, which can also be customized to various degrees in the settings:

'Normal' eyebrows (from angry)
No breathing
Arms on legs on wake
Arms loose on wake
Periodic tears
moremoods' 'spent' eyes
Tongue out
'Normal' mouth shape
moremoods' 'spent' off action cough

Includes a 'pass out' counter up top with the other counters now.

There is a hotkey to reset her to her initial state, which is numpad 5 (101) by default, and a hotkey to increment exhaustion, which is numpad 2 (98) by default.

Character code support:
Adding 'exhaustionFactor:n' where n is a number, to a char code can be used to customize characters to exhaust more slowly or quickly.
ex. 'charName:SD chan;mood:Normal;exhaustionFactor:1.5'
More details on this can be found in the settings file.

Let me know if anything's broken.
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Latest updates

  1. Removed 'progressive blushing' stuff (now part of standalone mod), removed some dead code

    Removed 'progressive blushing' stuff - now part of standalone mod, removed some dead code
  2. Fixed hard limit on eye motion, modified how upper eyelid droop changes

    Lowered hard limit on eye motion, before was too high allowing the iris to disappear down into...
  3. Now generates 'exhaustionFactor' with the rest of the char code stuff

    Now generates 'exhaustionFactor' with the rest of the char code stuff

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Really great mod, super fun to play around with. Only bad thing about it would be the conflict with moremoods, since I quite enjoy the additional moods.
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