progressiveExhaustion 6.2

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A great mod with good attention to detail, very fun to use. And I'd say it's a must have.
just giving this rate since i was unable to make it work,i don't have that many mods so i don't think is a problem of ammount (just a few like horse cock,cum color,more clothing,him not letgo and morecumspurts) this caused a problem since if put at the start all the rest of mods won't load,but if you put it at the end then moreclothings will stop working while loading.
maybe you should test compatibility with other mods since by description only seems good
Thanks for letting me know. I load 50+ mods in my INIT and so long as moremoods is present there are no issues but when I remove moremoods I see the problem. It looks like the issue isn't with compatibility with other mods but just that somewhere along the way I ended up making this mod dependent on moremoods. I will get to fixing that later today - should be an easy fix.
Really great mod, super fun to play around with. Only bad thing about it would be the conflict with moremoods, since I quite enjoy the additional moods.