progressiveExhaustion 6.1

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Fixed a bug where mouth shape would not revert after resetting while on 'Excited' mood.
Fixed bugs where skin saturation would not start reverting on reset, and where other effects would not update immediately on reset while awake.
Added skin saturation decrease effect (off by default)
If passed out when reset button is pressed, arm positions will only change after wake
- Fixed a bug where mascara was being generated at the initial lower eyelid position rather than the lowered position, which was causing mascara to be visible in the eye for some moods
- Fixed a bug where mascara could be visible above the eye while wincing and upper eyelids were lowered; this issue is also present in vanilla SDT but it is much less noticeable (sometimes you can see mascara sticking out at the corner of the eye while wincing)
  • Added wince rate decrease effect
  • Added pull off start power decrease effect
  • Added consecutive blink decrease effect
  • Added eye jitter effect, with option to disable for moremoods' 'frightened' since it has its own jitter
  • Added option to disable dynamic exhaustion gain through certain actions while she still has breath
  • Added option to move her arms to the last position, before changes due to exhaustion, after reset
  • Modified cough effects to work with any coughs caused by mods
    • This fixes some cough effects that weren't working with moremoods
  • Modified pull off power effects to work with mods that change pull off power variables
  • Rewrote pull off power increase effect to use a 'factor' setting, which is used in an equation approaching 0 to allow for a more consistent effect
  • Rewrote eyelid effects
    • Now scales exactly with all moremoods' moods
    • Moods retain all eyelid behavior
    • No more strange eyelids while coughing/wincing/blinking/passed out that could be seen using certain moods in certain situations before
    • A side effect of this new implementation is wince 'strength' also decreases when the eyelids start to droop which gives a pretty cool effect
      • If the new effect is not appreciated, a new option in the settings has been added to disable the eyelid effect while she is wincing, to use vanilla wincing
  • Rewrote eye target effect
    • Now scales exactly with most moods
      • 'Ahegao', 'Broken', and 'Submissive' eye targets are still calculated same as before, since their eye target behavior are different
      • 'Drugged' is untouched since eye target difference won't be noticeable
  • Improved reset functionality
    • Also resets the buffer, instead of just setting exhaustion to 0
    • If passed out, pressing the reset key will not update effects until she wakes
  • Improved blink rate effect - now 1.0 value means 'no blinking' instead of 'half as much'
  • Fixed wake eye motion and wake shock effects which stopped working in some past version
Forgot to add checks to make sure moremoods was loaded before manipulating biteoccuranceadvisor. Also, deleted some old bitslider code. Hopefully, this will be the last bugfix.
- Fixed a bug caused by updateEyes proxy in conjunction with moremoods, which caused the game to bug out when on 'smug', 'tease' and 'horny' moods while passout percent was below a certain level
- Removed some dead code
- Noticed some code was being run twice per frame - removed duplicate
Removed the options to set bite slider values for different moods while on 'manual' for a large number of reasons - namely, it no longer works with the current compatibility implementation, and it doesn't belong in this mod.
Bite compatibility no longer relies on the slider (now hassle free), removed some unnecessary settings and code, kept the option for slider presets for manual mode though.