progressiveExhaustion 4.2

Removed the options to set bite slider values for different moods while on 'manual' for a large number of reasons - namely, it no longer works with the current compatibility implementation, and it doesn't belong in this mod.
Bite compatibility no longer relies on the slider (now hassle free), removed some unnecessary settings and code, kept the option for slider presets for manual mode though.
Dynamic exhaustion:
- Exhaustion effect is now calculated by both pass out count and an exhaustion value
- Exhaustion value increases and decreases due to a number of factors - more details on this in overview and settings file
- Suggested/requested by Hank East

moremoods' bite feature compatibility:
- implementation of this is kind of a hack; there are some caveats - more details on this in overview and settings file

Other stuff:
- Fixed a bug where exhaustionFactor in a charcode would not update the game with the correct value if it was at the end of the charcode
- noBreathingThreshold setting is now 0 or 1, for off or on
- The counter now displays exhaustion value, with pass out count in parenthesis

Made some nontrivial changes to the code and didn't thoroughly test everything, so let me know if anything isn't working right.
Added compatibility for moremoods V10
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Removed 'progressive blushing' stuff - now part of standalone mod, removed some dead code
Lowered hard limit on eye motion, before was too high allowing the iris to disappear down into the skull, especially on moods such as 'submissive' or 'depressed'.

Changed how upper eyelid droop is calculated, should now have a more consistent, gradual effect (as opposed to sometimes taking numerous passouts to notice eyelid droop, followed by relatively pronounced changes).
Now generates 'exhaustionFactor' with the rest of the char code stuff
Fixed hand tap rate compatibility issue with moremoods, added hand tap power reduction feature
Eyelid effects code now more simple and dynamic. Eyelids for all moremoods' moods should be working as intended now (there were some noticeable inconsistencies when using this over moremoods before). 'Disgusted' eyelids fixed from last version.
- Added throat resistance decrease effect
- Fixed some moremoods compatibility issues
- Added compatibility with moremoods V5_1
- Extended the 'progressive blushing' feature to work with all moods that do not have their own conditions for blushing
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