Lipstick Ring Smear

Lipstick Ring Smear 1.4

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5.00 star(s) 9 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Added 'maxPositionGeneration' and 'mouthOffset' settings

    Added 'maxPositionGeneration' and 'mouthOffset' settings
  2. Added a hotkey to toggle the mod on and off

    (default = 71 = 'g')
  3. Fixed bug where lipstick was being generated when out of mouth

    Fixed bug where lipstick was being generated when out of mouth

Latest reviews

Nice mod ! But I think about a specific ero situation which is, I believe, not possible to achieve at this time :

Example scenario:
A girl takes care of him but smudges marks everywhere with her lipstick. Her friend seeing the clumsiness of the beginner, takes her place and shows her how to stay discreet : no mark, despite her lipstick.

Translation for the mod :
Paint it with one or more colors of lipstick then stop painting it, while keeping the lipstick (which does not leave a mark).

What do you think, can you do something ? Thank you.
Sorry for the late response.

The latest update should help accomplish part of what you're looking for
Thats a neat idea, you can basically re-enact the scenario in a drawing of XXX52 where 2 slaves have a penis-painting service, chained to a table. Add in the mod where you can limit randomizer to only randomize lipstick and voilá!
Wow, that's really hot! My only criticism is that lipstick smearing actually needs to be turned on in order to work. I dislike having that turned on as before long his penis just gets completely covered in lipstick, so would it be possible to generate the rings without actually enabling smearing?
That's a good suggestion. I'll add an option in shortly