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Expand Dong V2.2

This mod allows penis length and width to change dynamically within a pleasure range. Now includes penis twitching and precum generation effects that operate in similar fashions.

The ranges and magnitudes of each feature and options to enable or disable said features are available in the settings file.

sby's penisrangeV6 is required to be able to change the width slider separately from the length slider, and possibly to combat a bunch of other bugs.

If you want to change the initial dimensions in-game, do so when the current pleasure is out of the pleasure range - when using the width slider inside the pleasure range, the penis will only update when the mouse is let go, and will also increase the length.
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Latest updates

  1. Added a hotkey for toggling the main feature (default = 17 = ctrl)

    Added a hotkey for toggling the main feature, mainly so that the mod may be disabled for certain...
  2. Bugfix + optimization

    - Penis dimensions should no longer change drastically under any circumstances (except in...
  3. Enables pleasure based penis growth, precum generation and/or twitching

    Two new features + slight optimization. See the updated overview

Latest reviews

Based on the other reviews im sure it all works fine. However for some reason having Expand dong set up on the init folder stops Loader from loading mods I've had so far that does this. Any ideas?
Sorry but all I can think of are banal things which you've probably already considered: A different mod could be causing the problem, this mod could be incompatible with another (though I've tested it with a lot of other mods and I doubt this is the case), or you could be using an older .swf or settings file.
I really like the new features! I was wondering though, could you make them into separate mods?
Thanks, I figured most people would prefer to have the features all in one mod. If you're worried about unnecessary performance loss, as in cases where a user only wants 1 or 2 of the features, a disabled feature only adds one extra operation to each frame refresh which is extremely negligible.
Thank you. In version V2.1, the previous error was fixed.
But I discovered one more mistake. Mod does not work with non-oral positions (vaginal and anal). When Expand Dong is loaded, such positions can not be used in the game. In version V2.0 - a man throws away from the girl, when pleasure is equal to pleasureMinRange. In version V2.1 - the penis is not visible, and the game does not respond to mouse movements.
It would be nice to be able to disable the mod for non-oral positions in the settings file.
I'm sorry to say that after looking into the issue I think that fixing it is probably beyond my current capabilities or would otherwise require far too much time than I care to spend analyzing the animtools code. Thanks for notifying me at any rate.

Edit: Though it's not a setting or actual 'fix', I've added a hotkey for users to manually toggle penis growth off which should solve the issue.
Interesting mod. Thank you.
Noticed a small flaw. If after the ejaculation does not stop, and continue, Pleasure reaches 10% - and the penis decreases sharply in size. It looks comical.
You need to add a check for the current size of the penis. To change the size occurred only when the current size of the penis is less than the one that will be obtained.
Thanks for the heads-up. Feel free to let me know if you notice any new bugs
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