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Pill Buttons v1.0

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FAQ: This mod was requested by @futahiro.


This mod adds several on-screen buttons which represent different types of drugs that can be fed to the girl. The effects are immersive - the girl will close her mouth and run through the usual swallowing animation, at which point the pill will begin to take effect. If the girl is unable to swallow (e.g. because she's busy speaking) then the pill won't produce any changes; you'll need to try again after a few seconds.

The pill effects are fairly straightforward:
  • red: grow/shrink the girl's breasts
  • green: grow/shrink the girl's entire body
  • blue: grow/shrink the girl's penis (if present)
Each change will occur quickly but with smooth animation, producing visible growth over the next second of gameplay. The pills themselves are unlimited; multiple pills can be fed to the girl consecutively in order to quickly reach the minimum or maximum size limit.

All of these changes can easily be achieved via the game's built-in sliders, or via charcodes. The pill mod does not add any new customization options for the girl. What it adds is an immersive way to change the girl's bodily proportions without pausing the game, and a fantasy or role-play opportunity for people who enjoy the body transformation fetish. Since the mod allows for significant changes in primary and secondary sexual characteristics, it may also appeal to genderswap transformation enthusiasts.

Pill-swallowing can occur while the girl is actively engaged in fellatio. If you'd like to imagine that the girl's body is being influenced by some kind of experimental hormone-laced semen ... then this mod will fit your scenario.
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This is great! Exactly what I've been looking for, except the ablitiy to actually turn penis into vagina or vice-versa. Changing face features would also be nice.
I've been digging around for something like this for a while, so I'm pretty freakin ecstatic it came in such a neat, packaged form. Only suggestion would be letting the pills exceed upper and lower limits, at least for penis and body. Still pretty fantastic overall.

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