1. Perdition

    Pulled Up Mask 2020-01-30

    RGB adjustable medical mask pulled up. Uses the gag slot.
  2. dantethedarkprince

    Relax 1.0

    This mod is not compatible with the male body; it uses the smaller feminine hand shape. Please switch to the futa body before loading this mod.
  3. dantethedarkprince

    Futa Nurse 1.0

  4. ModGuy

    Pill Buttons v1.0

    FAQ: This mod was requested by @futahiro. This mod adds several on-screen buttons which represent different types of drugs that can be fed to the girl. The effects are immersive - the girl will close her mouth and run through the usual swallowing animation, at which point the pill will begin...
  5. Ah P

    Super Sonico Nurse Outfit 1.0

  6. Guyra

    Nurse Redheart Static Hair 1.0

  7. sclover13

    Surgical Mask Toggle-enabled

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