NumpadControl v1.0

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This mod provides an alternative control scheme for the game. Instead of moving the mouse pointer to different positions, or switching to Auto mode, you now have the ability to use your numeric keypad to control the characters' motion within an SDT scene.

Please note: numlock must be enabled in order for this mod to work correctly. If numlock is disabled then your keystrokes will be ignored.

The left key (4) corresponds to a resting position for the girl -- the position which we see when the game first loads. Her face is near the penis but penetration has not yet begun.

From this starting position, the center key (5) moves the girl approximately halfway down the shaft of the penis. The right key (6) attempts to move her to a fully-hilted position, with her chin resting against the male character's pelvis. The girl won't necessarily reach this goal; the game's normal Resistance rules will be applied.

The other keys provide vertical control. (1) and (7) put the girl in the same resting position as (4), but tilt her head upwards or downwards -- which is useful if you want the girl to drool or swallow. (9) and (3) put the characters into direct contact, but (9) puts her mouth on his abdomen while (3) puts her mouth near his scrotum.

Pressing the (0) key is equivalent to clicking the Left Mouse Button. Holding down the (0) key is equivalent to holding LMB: it prevents the girl's mouth from latching onto the penis, and allows the girl to "stretch out" into a broader set of positions. Try experimenting with the (0) key while pressing the other numpad keys.

Each keystroke merely sets a target position for the girl. The change is not permanent, and you're free to "take over" at any moment by simply moving the mouse pointer. You can also engage or disengage Auto mode at any time.

By alternating rapidly between various keystrokes, you can achieve a rapid and very vigorous motion (i.e. full-length facefuck).
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  1. v1.0 reupload - fixed broken link.

    v1.0 reupload - fixed broken link.

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This is awesome, would be amazing to have a "tapping" function where mashing the 0 key pushes her down further in increments relative to how fast you tap.

Has something like that been done?

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