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Notes and issues:
  • To use, open with the SWF mod button in the Modding tab
  • This mod works with Vanilla and the Loader.
  • RGB sliders are not available, but for the choker collar.
  • Arm armour and calf stockings colour will change if the skin tint is altered.
  • Collar may "broke" during deepthroat if the throat bulge value is too high.
  • Breast size is set to 0. This is required to have a solid breast plate armour. Breast sliders are therefore not available.
  • Blowjob position for her hands is not drawed. Going in this position and coming back will cause visual bugs (gloves disappearing under hands, flashing right top arm when putting right arm behind her back).
If you have other issues or requests about this mod, please contact me.
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  1. Outfit alone

    As I edited the hair, I decided to separate the outfit from the hair, to put them in two...

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Excuse me, is an RGB mod of the gloves possible?
I'd be really grateful
Not by me at the moment, as I don't have access to Animate CC anymore.
You may make a revision request, then I'll provide the FLA file to the modder that decides to do the job.
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