1. Rhinestone Chocker

    Rhinestone Chocker 1.0

    With animated glitter effect
  2. Studded Chokers and Bands

    Studded Chokers and Bands 2.0

    [RGB Adjustable] Granted after passing blowjob qualification class with at least a 90%.
  3. Wavy Choker

    Wavy Choker 1.1

    Choker necklace with wavy pattern
  4. Lace Choker

    Lace Choker 1.0

    Choker necklace with lace pattern
  5. Striped Choker

    Striped Choker 1.0

    Choker necklace with stripe pattern
  6. Flower Choker

    Flower Choker 1.0

    Choker necklace with flower pattern
  7. Corset Choker

    Corset Choker 1.0

    Corded choker necklace
  8. Choker Necklace

    Choker Necklace 1.0

    Double strap with ornament
  9. Heart Choker

    Heart Choker 1.0

    Choker necklace with heart pattern
  10. Fishnet Choker Collars

    Fishnet Choker Collars 1.0

    Includes single and triple strand versions
  11. Pearl G-String plus Accessories

    Pearl G-String plus Accessories 1.0

    Diamonds and pearls...
  12. Tattoo choker

    Tattoo choker 1.0

    Tattoo choker necklace
  13. Studded Choker

    Studded Choker 2018-03-28

    RGB adjustable choker with studs
  14. Elizabeth Outfit

    Elizabeth Outfit 1.0

    Blouse, long skirt, pants, and boots worn by Elizabeth in the Bioshock Infinite video game
  15. Elizabeth Comstock Outfit

    Elizabeth Comstock Outfit 1.0

    Corset, jacket, skirt, and boots worn by Elizabeth in the Bioshock Infinite video game
  16. Trish Outfit

    Trish Outfit 1.0

    Sexy outfit worn by Trish of Devil May Cry. Includes jeans, boots, cuffs, choker, and bustier.
  17. Gift Wrapped

    Gift Wrapped 1.0

    Ribbon used as collar
  18. RGB Choker Collar

    RGB Choker Collar 1.1

    RGB adjustable choker collar for Vanilla and the Loader
  19. Philia's Outfit

    Philia's Outfit 1.0

    Outfit for Philia from Sword Art Online
  20. Choker Collar

    Choker Collar 1.0

    Tight leather collar. Can be hue-shifted.


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