This mod adds a variety of physics-based leashes to a scene of SDT gameplay. Because the leashes are physics object, it is incumbent on the user to choose a leash which will make sense for the relative positions and proximity of the characters.

Multiple leashes can be included within a single scene, but it rarely makes sense to do so. Leashes are somewhat costly to draw and they will incur an FPS penalty on your game.

Leashes can be recolored using the Collar.RGB2 sliders.

This mod is compatible with moreClothing.

; ------ Leashes ------
LeashFrontLeftLong.mod=Leash Front Left L:DynamicHair>Body2
LeashFrontLeftShort.mod=Leash Front Left S:DynamicHair>Body2
LeashFrontDangleLong.mod=Leash Front Dangle L:DynamicHair>Body2
LeashFrontDangleShort.mod=Leash Front Dangle S:DynamicHair>Body2
LeashRearDangleLong.mod=Leash Rear Dangle L:DynamicHair>Body2
LeashRearDangleShort.mod=Leash Rear Dangle S:DynamicHair>Body2
LeashRearLeftLong.mod=Leash Rear Left L:DynamicHair>Body2
LeashRearRightShort.mod=Leash Rear Right S:DynamicHair>Body2

Flash modders can find the FLA source file on mega.nz. Normal users can download the 7z archive via the button at the top of the page.
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Latest updates

  1. Physics Library Update

    This is a minor patch, updating the internal physics library of the leash mods to version 5.9...

Latest reviews

A little buggy sometimes, but overall mod is pretty captivating :)
One of the best ever.
But unfortunately I can't see the D like metal fittings on her neck.
What the heck...
I cannot get this two work it bouncesh around all crazy
realy good ! but i don't understand how to put the leash in the moreclothing mod, if you can help me

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