1. Perdition

    Pet Tattoo 2018-09-09

    RGB adjustable tattoo of a leashed woman on her lower body. It uses the panty slot and secondary RGB slider.
  2. stuntcock

    Leash 5.9

    This mod adds a variety of physics-based leashes to a scene of SDT gameplay. Because the leashes are physics object, it is incumbent on the user to choose a leash which will make sense for the relative positions and proximity of the characters. Multiple leashes can be included within a single...
  3. stuntcock

    Collars for Leashes 1.0

    This mod adds a simple grey D-ring to the vanilla leather collar accessory. It is intended for use with Leash mods, but it could also be used as a simple visual embellishment in a bondage/humiliation scenario which does not actually involve leashes. The collars support normal RGB adjustments...
  4. VincentL


    Hello, I have literally no idea how difficult this could be to make - it seems simple enough, but then I know it could be a trap from a designing perspective... The game does have quite a lot of bondage gear already (and arguably does have a bit of a domination theme), but this is the only one...