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WWE Paige Ryona- Paige vs. Thug

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by kodivas, Sep 25, 2015.

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    Sep 25, 2015
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    Paige is working out at the gym when a creepy guy in a hoodie enters the building. Feeling uncomfortable, Paige avoids stretching until the guy leaves, but he sticks around. She continues to wait, pretending to check her phone, but the guy takes the position behind her. She decides to leave for the night and walks past him to the locker room. He stares her down as she walks by and won't take his eyes off her body and sexy ass.
    In the locker room, Paige changes into her street clothes and is about to leave when the man in the hoodie suddenly walks in and blocks her path. Before she can react, the man punches her in her toned belly and forces a chloroform rag over her mouth. She slowly goes down and loses consciousness as the man grins down at her and holds one hand on her soft stomach.
    Paige wakes up afraid and confused and finds herself in a small apartment with a video camera and studio lights set up. The hoodie man enters and tells her he's a huge fan of hers and wants a chance to wrestle with her. Paige is hesitant, so he tells her the stipulation- if she pins him for a three-count, she can go free immediately. However, the match will be filmed for his personal viewing. Paige, pissed off but confident in her strength and skill, agrees and vows to kick the guy's ass. He then reveals the stipulation if she loses. For every time he pins Paige or makes her submit, he gets to remove one article of clothing. The match ends when she's stripped naked or begs him to stop, at which point he'll claim his prize. Paige is disgusted by this and asks what his prize is, but he says that will remain secret until he's beaten her and made her beg for mercy. The thug once again asks if Paige agrees to the match stipulations, and although she's sickened by them, she sees no other way out and believes she can win, so she accepts.
    Paige faces off with the thug in front of the camera, and he demands that she stay in its sight as much as possible. She brags that she'll beat him too fast to leave its frame and then humiliate him by stealing the tape. The thug laughs at this and tries for a test of strength. Paige locks his hands, but he spins around and holds her tight around the waist. Frustrated, Paige tries to push his hands off her, but he holds her tight and laughs that she doesn't seem to be beating him very fast. He then smacks her ass hard and lets her go, sending her skipping away holding her butt with a scowl. Paige accuses the thug of fighting dirty and cheating, but he notes he didn't break any rules. He also comments her ass is soft and he's looking forward to grabbing it again.
    Angry, Paige charges at him but he clotheslines her hard, tearing her down in a flash and knocking the wind out of her. Paige gasps for air and holds her head in pain as her chest heaves up and down uncontrollably. Too shocked to move, Paige is helpless as the thug quickly scoops her up by her hair, tucks her head away in a headlock, and spanks her twice. He pauses to squeeze her plump ass before dropping her with a DDT, laying her out before she knows what's happening. Her hat falls off as she does down, and now Paige is lying sprawled out on the floor as the thug admires her from a sitting position. He's so confident that he'll defeat her that he's facing away from her, leaving her winded and overwhelmed. He wants her to realize what's happening to her, to understand how badly she was just beaten.
    Cocky and confident in his imminent victory, he slowly crawls over to Paige's prone body, the only movement coming from her wobbly head as she looks around in dazed futility. Her vision is just now returning to her as she feels her leg being pushed over her and the sweaty body of the man crawl on top of her. It's barely even a pin, really, but the man has her leg up and is seated just over top of her other leg, leaning over her dominantly. Paige tries to push him off; she resists and manages to lift her arms to his chest, but he's too strong and she's too weak. Her pushes do nothing to move him, and only serve to egg him on. He presses closer to her, stretching her leg down as he leans in closer and closer, hearing nothing but her labored breathing as he pins her down tight. Paige is far too weak to move and can't escape with him on top of her. As she attempts to squirm and struggle free, the man leans as close as he can to her face and whispers in her ear...
    "1... 2... 3..!"
    The first fall goes to the man, but he waits a moment before letting Paige up. She can't escape and he could count to ten, and he wants her to know that. Finally, he lifts himself off her, leaving her down and stunned, too shocked and tired to even get up despite the weight off her. The thug laughs at her and picks up her fallen hat, then tosses it at her, laughing and taunting "I'll be nice this time. Your hat can count as your first clothing item!"
    Paige is alerted when her hat is tossed onto her heaving breasts, and she scrambles to her feet. She's too stunned to come back with any smart line; she knows she's in more trouble than she thought. She knows to stay calm and focused, breathe deep and be ready. She's no novice, she's been wrestling her whole life. 'There's no way this guy could beat me!' Paige thinks. 'He got lucky once. I won't let it happen again.'
    When the second fall begins, Paige goes for a super kick right off the bat. It's a strong move that takes down just about anyone, but the thug stays far enough away and tackles her the instant the kick misses. He hoists her up over his shoulder and grins to himself as she flails and kicks. He drops to his knees and crushes her gut over his shoulder, dropping her to the floor. Paige rolls over, holding her stomach and wincing in pain, but the thug isn't done yet. He shoves his boot into her back and stretches her arms and legs back, bending her backwards. Paige cries out in pain and disbelief at how she's being manhandled, but there's no mercy to be found. The thug releases her arm only to grab her hair instead! He yanks back as hard as he can, tearing out some blue hair extensions and tossing them back into Paige's shrieking face. Paige is being forced to eat her own hair she's losing so badly, but she won't submit. She knows she can't let herself be beaten again so easily.
    Growing impatient, the thug finally releases Paige and watches happily as she curls up in a frail ball, holding her back and groaning in agony. She gags and coughs out the hair he'd put in her mouth, and she even begins trying to stand. She makes it to all fours before the thug gets serious again. He sizes her up and kicks her hard in her ribs, launching her over and over in a viscous roll. Paige is wounded and helpless by this point, so the man just drags her back to him by her long legs.
    With a quick smack of her supple ass again, he mounts her back and wrenches back on her chin in a brutal camel clutch. Paige squirms and groans at the painful hold, and her makeup even begins to smear as tears form in her fluttering eyes. She's desperate and hurt, but she still won't give up another piece of clothing to this pig. He's an obsessive fan who touched her too much and hit her behind one too many times, she couldn't give him the satisfaction of making her give in to him. But then he takes one hand off her chin and grabs her boob instead. The instant he starts fondling her breasts, Paige can't hold back her whimpering cries anymore.
    "I quit! I give up!" she shouts desperately, but the man plays with her a little longer, squishing and pushing as much as he wants. "Please... stop it..! I give up... You win... Stop..."
    The man finally releases his hold on both Paige's chin and her chest. She collapses like dead weight to the floor with a thud, smacking the carpet with her clothing that was about to come off. Paige shut her eyes and braced herself for whatever was coming off, and she felt her boots being undone and tugged off her feet. Her socks came off soon after, and it looked like that was it for now. Once again, the man hadn't stripped her of anything major, though that couldn't continue anymore. Next would be her skimpy black top or shredded jeans, and she was starting to fear she couldn't keep them on for very long...
    Round three begins fast and ends hard. With Paige barely even standing, favoring her ribs and hunched over at her beating so far, the thug admires his victim. She's all his, and he knows it. She can't resist much longer. The moment the fall begins, he boldly walks up to her, scaring her to meekly step back, but she's too slow. He kicks her hard in the crotch, lifting her off the ground and letting her fall with force to the floor. Paige is writhing in pain from the attack, holding herself and whimpering in pain. The thug lies on top of her, hooking both her legs up and folding her over herself. She's pinned with ease for a 3-count and tossed aside like weak trash. With a grin at the beaten Paige, who can't even stand from lying in a heap next to him, the thug rolls her top off her, revealing a small black bra similar to what she'd wear in the ring. It was perfect to wrestle her in, and to feel her in.
    The next fall begins as Paige barely struggles to her feet, still favoring her ribs and crotch. The thug just stands back and admires her frail figure as she gets up.
    "Tell you what, you can have one free shot" he tells her mockingly. "Try for a headlock. See if you can hold me down."
    Paige whimpers to herself but manages to step forward and throw a hesitant grapple at the man. He really does let her apply a headlock, wrapping his head under her arm and pressing it against her chest. She doesn't realize he just wants his face nestled against her breasts. Soon after the headlock is applied, he slides one hand up her back and grabs her hair, and the other hand glides down to her crotch.
    Paige releases the hold quickly to try to block him, but he keeps his hand firmly on her, massaging her where she never thought he'd touch her. She struggles less and less as the assault continues. She grows weak and her groans turn to sensual moans. When she's finally going limp, the thug lets her collapse to the floor, then folds her legs up over her upper body like an accordion. He's staring right down at her as he folds her over, looking into her fatigued face as she breathes heavily.
    "Here we go again..." he taunts.
    "1... 2... 3..."
    He unfolds her and undoes her pants slowly, taking his sweet time to undo the button and zipper. He tugs them off as she lies sprawled out on the floor, unable to do a thing to defend herself. Black panties are revealed underneath her jeans, again similar to her ring gear. Fitting that she'd be decked out in wrestling attire for what's to come.
    The thug stalks Paige as she lies broken before him. She can't even stand for the next fall, so he takes the time to admire every inch and curve of her body, heaving and whimpering at his feet. She looked as perfect as he wanted, but she was missing her trademark studded belt she always wrestled with. It was all she needed to look the part of a wrestler, so he gave one to her to put on.
    "Take it" he tells her as he caresses her body from head to toe. "Put it on and I'll count it as another item. You can last a bit longer."
    Paige glares at the thug but took the belt anyway. With it on, she tries to stand up, but the man isn't about to wait for her to be on her feet for this fall to begin. He puts his hand through the belt and lifts her up with it, using it to hold her in place. He switches to holding her by the front of the belt once she got to her feet. He could pull her as close as he wanted like this. She was his ragdoll now, utterly helpless to do anything but stumble along wherever he wanted. He laughs at her weakness and throws a punch into her belly. She staggers back and keels over a bit, but he holds her up by her belt. He hits her again, and again, and again, and again... Her belly was losing its pale color and turning red with each shot she took. She grew limper and limper. She couldn't do a thing. He presses her body against the wall and leans against her, feeling her warmth and heaving breaths on his own body. With one hand still on her belt, he reaches to touch her face with the other. He gently admires it at first, then squeezes and squishes her cheeks and lips around however he wants.
    "You're mine" he whispers to her while humiliating her with his dominance. "You can't do a thing about it. You're my plaything. Ready to end this? I'm going to pin you again now."
    "No..." Paige sighed weakly. "I still have clothes... My belt, my bra and my panties..."
    "The belt is mine actually, and the rules apply to your clothes."
    "But you said..."
    He hits her in the gut once again and let her keel over and collapse to the floor. She slides down the wall and falls face forward, leaving her ass up in the air. She was done for. The man drags her away from the wall but keeps her in the same position, then he undoes her belt and tosses it aside. He's done with it now; it'll only get in the way. With her body exposed to him, he slides his hand down her ass to her crotch again, feeling her beneath her thin panties. She shows some life at his touch and begins to squirm, but he easily holds her down. She can do nothing but moan as he feels her up, sliding his hand over her crotch again and again, slowly and gently making her hate it less and less.
    "You sound like you're enjoying this..." he whispers in her ear. All she can do is moan in response.
    "I want you to beg me to pin you..." he continues.
    "N-Never... Ah..!" Paige tries to resist, but her body betrays her. Every sound she makes goes against her attempt to speak. Her gasps and moans only fuel the man to go faster and press a little deeper... She gets louder and weaker...
    'This can't be happening... But if I give up, it's over...' Paige thinks to herself. 'It'll stop... It'll stop...'
    "S-Stop..." Paige groans desperately. "I give up."
    "You want me to pin you?"
    "Yes... Pin me... Beat me... End this..."
    The thug wastes no time turning Paige over and mounting her. He straddles her light body and puts one hand down on each of her boobs, then counts a long, slow three count while pressing down on her sensitive body.
    "1...... 2......... 3.........."
    The fall is over, but he doesn't get off her. She's helpless to do anything about it, but at least it's over, she thinks. He has other ideas.
    "You begged me to stop" he tells her. "You submitted, and then I pinned you. That's two wins for me. Looks like I win. I beat you six times before you got me once. I get my prize now."
    "No, please... Just let me go... What's your prize..?"
    "You are."
    The thug rips her top off, exposing her soft, supple breasts and then spins her around. He forces her onto all fours and pulls her panties down. Before she knows what's happening, he's inside her. He's moving in and out, back and forth... All she can do is lie there and take it, face down and ass up, crying and whimpering as her sounds change to pleasured moans once again. He reaches around her to feel her breasts and he hoists her up, still thrusting into her from behind. He begins to kiss her neck and runs his hands around every inch of her body, slapping her squishy ass and running his fingers down her toned abs.
    He suddenly spins her around and pushes her to the floor. He glides down her body, kissing her from her lips and neck down to her luscious breasts and pierced belly button... She groans at every bit of it, giving in with each passing moment... She puts her hands in his hair and pushes him down her, directing him to her crotch... She loves what he does to her, but she hates that she loves it... Her body reacts and she enjoys it more than she wishes, but she can't help herself...
    The man thrusts into her again, stretching her legs apart to give him ample room... She isn't even fighting anymore, just groaning and crying out with a mixture of pleasure and humiliation... She's almost finished, and she knows it... She resists as long as she can, but it's inevitable... She lets go at long last, and he finishes off all over her flat stomach. It's over for her.
    The man's prize has been claimed.
    Paige slowly blacks out after the long, terrible ordeal. She was beaten and humiliated by a diehard fan... Now she's just lying on his floor, stripped, embarrassed, hot and covered in sweat... What she doesn't know is that even when she wakes up, the whole event will just repeat itself. She'll be dominated and pinned all over again when she opens her eyes...