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As you can probably guess from my name, I use Fire Pro to make Ryona gifs and videos featuring various video game characters and OCs getting beaten down in painful fashion.

Nora getting kicked into oblivion by fellow Y gang member Raven (Streets of Rage)

belly knees.gif
kick combo.gif

A poor cheerleader getting beaten down by a barefoot brawler

belly punch.gif bearhug.gif foot stomp.gif

Or even a simulation of what it feels like to play Bot lane in League of Legends

18 spinning sleeper.gif 26 camel choke.gif 28 spanked.gif

There's also gifs I make to go with RPs and Stories

strangle hold alpha.gif

So if anyone has any requests or if the mood takes me, I'll post more

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Don't have any Psylocke or Blair gifs ready yet. But I did make some Chun-Li ryona.

On vacation in the South Pacific, she thought she could just wander freely across the beach, through a patch of trees and in to an open-air training area. A private open air training area, and the two security guys on duty has zero tolerance for trespassers.
Maeda strikes first with a barrage of strikes:
elbow combo.gif body punching.gif stomp rush.gif

And Boaz follows suit with his own beatdown style:
karate combo.gif body knees.gif corner knee strike.gif
Finishing with a heavy blow that leaves her winded
super punch.gif

From there the twin guards take turns torturing Chun Li with various holds, making her regret stepping foot on this island.

With Chun now in no state to fight back she's completely at their mercy: and they have none for her. Thoroughly enjoying their time hurting her as much as possible.

Now with a corresponding story
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And if that all wasn't enough for poor Chun, the owner shows up and wants to play with the intruder. And she plays rough.

But first she has to wake the fallen fighter up, and what better way to do that then to drop her entire weight on Chun Li's chest?
jumping hip drop.gif

Will she escape?


camel clutch.gif

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These look really good.

Wouldn't mind seeing a Psylocke or a Blair Dame put through some backbreaking punishment :tongue:
Well ask and you might recieve.

Psylocke was trying to merely test her martial arts abilities when she stepped into the Danger Room alone against a simulated opponent immune to her powers, but the first rule of the Danger Room is always use supervision and don't mess with any of the settings.

Her spine may never be fully healed after the abuse she takes.

She was stretched, twisted and choked

But the worst might have been the crushing pain from his bearhugs.

torture rack bomb.gif

multiple torture racks.gif


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Thanks for doing these, they're AMAZING :eek:

That is so like Psylocke too to do something dumb like this, ha ha! She's such a thrillseeker, messing around with the Danger Room... too tempting for her.

Somehow, I imagine even if someone stepped into the control room to see what was happening, they might not be in a hurry to save her from this predicament :tongue:

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Turns out Rainbow Mika had a maid outfit as an alternate outfit for Street Fighter V with a black mask included, so I had to use it:

Concept is Mika is moonlighting as a masochist maid for private matches, first is against The Black Belt Demon from Rumble Roses.

reverse throw.gif

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This time Mika's been called in to the Y mansion to be Nora's toy for the night. And she's mean on a different level to BBD

All in all: a job well done
job well done.gif



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