Wonder Woman: The order of Kronos episode 2


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Apr 29, 2011
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In the smoldering hot desert lands of the Isolated Sands, the oasis town of Aljana offered respite. It was home to the Red Sands, the only five star hotel in this part of the world. It offered guests the best of Persian architecture with a gentle touch of the modern world. Inside it's huge, colorful lobby people bustled with energy.

There were some carrying luggage's, some arguing at the reception desk and some content to stand around admiring its ethereal beauty. Everyone of them turned around and witnessed the magnificent visage of beauty that walked through its doors. Her black hair ran down the length of her toned back and the golden tiara on her head emitted its golden glow.

Her body was muscular yet feminine, honed through years of combat training but still as lithe as that of a super model. Her sculpted, rock-hard abs glistened with sweat and the fine shimmering sands of the desert. Her red boots lined with white stripes were majestic, as was the golden belt that held the Lasso of truth firm next to her.
Her piercing brown eyes surveyed the people. "This again! Oh...brother!" She muttered as her strong arms bought her hand up to her face. She shook her head and walked toward the reception carried by her rugged, long legs.

There was uncomfortable silence around the room as the onlookers gazed wide-eyed at the beautiful Amazon. She stood at the reception, visibly irritated before erupting in a tirade of epic proportions.

"WHAT THE FUCK! HAVEN'T YOU SEEN THESE ON ANYONE BEFORE" She said as she grabbed her round, perfectly shaped breasts and shook them. A series of wide gasps emanated from the room.

She bent over and slapped her bare ass and as the resounding echo of skin on skin blew across the room, mothers rushed to cover their children's eyes and wifes held their husbands closer.

"What the fuck, Diana? What are you doing?" muttered Wonder Woman to herself.

Visibly embarrassed she covered her face with her hands and quietly walked over to the counter.

"Oh! Hey there...er...Rafa!" She said putting on a forced smile and pretending to read the young mans name of his badge. She didn't need to do that, her superior eyesight had already shown her his name when she walked in.

The young man was stuck in a wide-eyed gaze as if visibly in a trance at the sight of this beautiful Amazon before him. Her wheatish skin was covered in sand yet looked magnificent.

"Ummm...Rafa" She said visibly annoyed.

Rafa snapped out of it and immidieatly sprang into action. "Yes...ma..m" he stuttered "It's just that...our guests are...are..usually...well"
"Clothed?" Wonder Woman completed the sentence for him. She sighed as she watched him blush.

Behind them a lady had just slapped her husband who was busy staring at her shapely, firm ass.

Wonder Woman looked at Rafa and tried to speak as politely as she could. "Look...Rafa...my man! Just give me the keys to my room, number 117 and let's be done with it! It's been a long day!"

"Very good...Miss...Wonder...Woman I just need to see your backup papers....for security...of course!"
"Sure let me just pull them out of my ass for you"
"DO I LOOK LIKE I HAVE ANY PAPERS ON ME!!!?" Wonder Woman erupted.

There was another audible gasp among the crowd as Rafa scurried under the table. His hand emerged from under it a few seconds later dangling a key that read 117. Her silver bracelts clanked against the table as she snatched it from him.

"Thank you Rafa! That wasn't so difficult now, was IT?"
Annoyed she made her way up the stairs and hit the hallway. She was almost to her room when she heard it again. "Diana" It said in a whispered tone. "It can't be" thought Wonder Woman as she cautiously followed the sound to it's source.

"Diana, Princess of the Amazons!" There it was again and it was coming from room 117. Wonder Woman broke open the door and charged in swinging, she felt something connect on the other end of her fist but this seemed different, softer, more human.

"STEVE!" She cried as she looked at the bewildered man on the floor.
Steve Trevor looked up at the nude Amazon and smiled.
"Well...well!" he said grinning "Talk about getting rough!"

Diana picked him up and tore off the boring plaid shirt he wore. She threw him on the bed and ran her fingers across his erect phallus. They kissed passionately and Diana made her way down his chest before unzipping his pants and wrapping her mouth around his prick. He slowly bought both his hands up to her hair. He grabbed a handful of it and proceed to slowly thrust his manhood in and out of her mouth. He gradually picked up speed till he facefucked her at the speed of a well oiled piston.
After a while, the two lovers found themselves in bed. Their sweaty, wet bodies coiled on each other as Steve's lips bit down playfully on Wonder Woman's nipples. "Ah" she moaned as Steve moved up to her neck. His fingers danced playfully in and out of her labia. "Oh! Oh! Yessss" her words trailed off as she orgasmed hard and their lips locked in passionate embrace.

"Want to take me from behind again?" She grinned and bit her lower lip playfully. Wonder Woman turned around and got to her knees.
"As tempting as that is" said Steve "We gotta rush babe! Top secret government conspiracy and the likes!"
Wonder woman sighed and collapsed on the bed. "So boring! I am supposed to be on vacation!"
"And I promise that we are going to be doing a whole lot more...umm...'Sight Seeing' once we are through!" Steve ran his fingers across her nude body. "Now why don't you go take a shower? Get some of that dirt off you?"
"I thought you liked it dirty!" She said as she stroked his member.
"I do but the officials won't!"
"Fine!" Wonder Woman sighed and made her way to the bathroom.
"Oh..and Diana?" shouted Steve from the bed "Why were you nude in the hallway, you know when you walked in?"
"Long Story! I will tell you when I get out of the shower" Her voice echoed in the room.

The sound of running water hitting her skin soon filled Wonder Woman's head as she forgot all about what had happened before. The strange man's attacks was merciless and her beating was unrelenting, she had persevered but she knew she got lucky. Something told her that was not the last time she would be in a fight here in the desert.

"Oh...uh...Diana!" Steve's voice trailed into the bathroom "You didn't happen to come across a floating tent somewhere did you?"
"Yes" She shouted back "but how did you know and why do you ask?"
"Oh!..uh..no particular reason!"

A loud crash like the shattering of glass echoed around the room. "What the.." Wonder Woman muttered as she rushed out of the bathroom completely nude. She had none of her usual ornaments on.

She stared wide eyed at the gaping hole in the room. There was a crater the size of a human where the window had been and Wonder Woman rushed toward it. "By Hera!" She exclaimed as she found Steve hanging on for dear life, dangling by a piece of metal, the only remnant of the Window.
"What are you doing down there?" She screamed down at him.

"Oh nothing! Just enjoying the view!"

"For heaven's sake Steve, give me your hand!" She held out her graceful, muscular arms and proceeded to pull him up. Suddenly, she stopped. She saw Steve go wide-eyed and stare at her.

"There is some...one behind me isn't there?" She knew it was a rhetorical question. Soon her torso was engulfed by big, stout arms and she felt her body being pulled back into the room.

Her attacker threw her halfway across the room and she landed backfirst on the hard, concrete wall. Her nude body slowly slid down, freeing itself from the crater that had formed around her. She found herself in a seated position by the wall, her legs spread open and her head cocked to one side.

She grimaced as the tip of a size 14 boot crashed into her vagina and she collapsed face first holding on to it for dear life. Her attacker grabbed her hair and flipped her around. He crashed her face into the wall with such disdain that it formed a new crater. While she was stuck there trying to get her head out of the wall. Her opponent went to work on her lower-back as the loud, dull sounds of his elbows meeting her skin echoed through the room.

"Unhf" She scowled as elbow after elbow found its mark. She counted twenty before he stopped and freed her head from the wall. It was then, with her hair in his hands, she finally got a good look at him.

He wore a large grey trench coat to cover his ballooned-up muscular frame. His square visage intimidating and fierce. His hands were covered by matching grey gloves and she could feel the strength of his broad shoulders as he moved to clasp his hand around her neck and slammed her backfirst into a wall.

She bent over as two punches connected with her abdomen and got a good look at his over sized boots, the tip of whom had graced her clit not too long ago. He grabbed her in a bearhug bringing her face close to his as she could make out his weird all-grey head through squinted eyes. He was bald and there were stitches where a mouth was supposed to be and a thick, X-shaped scar in place of a nose. His ears had been cut off and a soft blue glow emanated from his eyelids.
"Diana! Oh god! Diana!" Steve screamed as he heard her welps of pain. The man had dropped her crotch first onto his knee.

Steve knew he had to do something, anything to help his Amazonian goddess. "After all, where am I going to..." His voice strained as he tried to swing his leg around to grab a ledge "get another one like her!"

Inside the brute had just thrown Diana through a glass table. The unforgiving shards cutting her everywhere across her back, drawing small pockets of blood.
"Diana! I'm coming..." Steve yelled out from outside. His feet still slipping off the edge he was trying to get to.

Meanwhile, Diana felt her legs being spread apart. She knew what was coming next.

"Don't worry baby!" She yelled out "I've got this under CONTROLLLLLLLLLL! SHITTTTTTTTT!" She felt her attackers boot grind against her crotch.

He picked her up and jabbed her head between his massive thighs. He seated her on his shoulders and threw her straight through the floor. Wonder Woman felt her body breaking through solid concrete and found herself one floor below where they were.

She looked up and saw her attacker gazing at her with his creepy blue eyes.
"Come on! Move, you gotta move!" She told herself as she flopped herself over and made it to her knees. Unfortunately, she felt his both his giant boots impact hard on her back and felt herself facedown on the floor again.

Two innocent bystanders looked on, cowering in fear as the brute grabbed her hair and started to run, dragging her body with him face-first through the concrete. Little pieces of stone and metal prodded and cut her skin like little needles, leaving a trail of dirt and blood through the broken floor. After a small run up up to the entrance of the room they were in, he let her body go and watched it shoot straight up like an arrow.

Wonder Woman's nude body shot clean through the floor above them, then another and one more before she broke through to the terrace. She blacked out for a second, her arms and legs limp as her body floated upward and she slowly stirred to see the beautiful blue skies. She smiled for a second before she felt herself curve and fall toward the other side of the tall building.

"This...is..." She muttered to herself "going...to..." The back of the her head struck the metal railing on the balcony of the room and flipped her over in mid-air. "HURT!!" She screamed as her torso collided against a second railing.

She coughed hard and felt like her organs revolting with sharp, stinging pain as she looked left at the railing slowly give way. She looked down to see a pipe precariously dangling, a piece of hard steel jutted out like the top rope in a wrestling ring.

"Scratch that!" She said wincing in pain "THIS is going to hurt!"
The railing gave way and Wonder Woman landed snatch first onto the pipe. She let out a large roar of pain as innocent people below her ran for cover.
She looked around to see where Steve was, she had remembered he was still dangling out the window but was nowhere to be seen.
Suddenly, she saw Steve's body fly into a wall in the room and slide down unconscious.

"Crap!" She winced "Okay! Pull yourself together, you are an Amazon dammit!"
Slowly she threw herself over to a ledge and climbed up inside the room.
"HEY!! FUCK FACE!!" She yelled.

The brute looked around to see Wonder Woman standing, unsteady on her feet but still in her fight stance. Her vision blurred and cleared again but by that time her attacker had already made his move.

Wonder Woman felt time slow down, her head snapped right and her hair twirled around her as she saw a trail of blood and spit fly out of her mouth. "Diana" a voice called out to her. Her head snapped again, this time flying left as her mothers faint figure formed in front of her eyes.
"Diana!" She said "You don't start a fight to lose it! Look inside you"

The brute punched her hard in the stomach twice as she bent over and fell to her knees, coughing up some blood. Her attacker grabbed her throat and dangled her in the air.

"Oh..no you don't!" She said grunting through her blood red teeth. "You don't get to kill an Amazon that easy!"

She grabbed a stray electrical wire dangling above them and jabbed it into his hand. Electricity coarsed through them both as the brute's skin fried to a black crisp. He released her and fell backwards.

Diana fell unsteady to her knees and started to crawl towards Steve before the vision faded from her eyes and the darkness engulfed her.
Moments later, she regained consciousness. Her head lay in Steve's lap. Steve saw her open her eyes and kissed her passionately.
"So much for the knight in shining armor" She smiled still in pain.

"On the contrary" said Steve "You would make a fine Knight!". He helped her up and sat her down on the couch, as both of them stared out the hole in the window, exhausted and out of breath.

Behind them, the brute's hand slowly started to stir.


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Mar 3, 2012
Poor wondy she cant catch a break, be throw around all over the place like a rag doll and butt ass naked not less
another great chapter congratulation


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Apr 29, 2011
Poor wondy she cant catch a break, be throw around all over the place like a rag doll and butt ass naked not less
another great chapter congratulation
Thank you so much for the kind words again :) It's only going to get worse in Chapter 3 :P
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