The Promotion Chapter 4: Date Night


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The Promotion Chapter 4: Date Night

It was several weeks after their climatic office fight, and Justin was sitting in his car outside Amelia’s apartment, awaiting his date. He was surprised to find himself feeling quite nervous. Why, he had no idea. He had won their tussel in his office, kept his promotion, and even made her admit who had the stronger legs. For the past few weeks, the cocky brat had avoided him at the office, and had even been less boastful and mouthy around other employees. He thought maybe she’d leave and look for another job, and when he texted her about the date they’d agreed on at the end of the fight he almost thought she wouldn’t reply….but she did, and now here he was….

Amelia strode out of her apartment complex entrance. Put simply, she looked stunning, in a Little Black Dress number, bare armed with a suggestive slit both down the back, and up each side to show off her incredible legs, ending in femme-fatale high heels. Now Justin realised why he was feeling so nervous, it was in this car that she’d ambushed him and crushed him a month ago, forcing him to agree to the fight in the first place. With her blonde hair tied back in a neat ponytail and seductive red lipstick, she did not look under-confident at all. As she approached the car he got out and opened the front passenger door for her… in part to be a gentleman and in part so she couldn't get him from the back seat like last time!

“So, how’s things been going?” he said as they pulled out into traffic.

“Great thanks, you?” she replied, fixing him with her icy blue eyes and crossing those bare legs suggestively in the footwell. There was a screech of tires as Justin nearly collided with another car, his eyes couldn't stop straying to this hot, dangerous creature in the seat next to him!

“Better concentrate on driving.” Amelia smirked. “It appears my legs can still have an affect on you…”

Justin regained his concentration. “Well mine certainly had an effect on you, subordinate…” His own climbing trained thighs were hidden under black trousers, so he couldn't exactly tease her in the same way. Still, he heard the anger in her voice when she replied.

“You got lucky with the angle of your hold. Next time, you’ll admit that these legs are as deadly as they are perfect.”

Justin tingled with anticipation “So there’s going to be a next time? When?”

Not missing a beat, Amelia said “tonight?”.

Justin hesitated. He wanted to fight the cocky brat again so bad. Yet he had almost lost last time, and he knew if she won she might make him give up the promotion...or tell all the other employees about it.

Seeing him think about this, Amelia cooed “Come on, you know you want to..” and crossed her legs tighter together. “Or are you afraid last time was just a lucky fluke?”

Justin bristled. His mind was made up. “Fine. We’ll do this. But one condition… when I win this one, that’s it. Not only am I the boss, but you will be my private secretary. You will service my every whim...making me coffee… massages...everything!”

Amelia snorted, a sound that very much suited her posh accent. “WHEN you win? “What makes you think I haven’t been training, every day since your fluke “win”? I accept your conditions...but when I win you need to not only give up the promotion, but also agree to me MY private secretary, AND tell everyone at work how you lost to me. Deal?”

Justin slowly grinned. He didn’t feel nervous anymore. He was going to kick this cocky, entitled girl’s ass so hard she’d go crying back to Daddy. And then he’d make her his personal slave….or personal secretary, Same thing.

“Deal.” he said. “Just one thing...shall we skip dinner and just get on with it? My apartment is nearby”.

“Definitely. Let’s get this over with” smirked Amelia, hitching her skirt a little higher.

Jake mumbled to distract himself from this.

“I hear the restaurant is terrible anyway.”


When they arrived at Justin’s house he lead her down to the basement. Here the ground was covered in training mats and the walls were all mirrors- Justin liked to admire himself as he worked out on the various bits of gym equipment, including a pull-up bar and leg press, which were stacked around the sides of the room.

Seeing this, Amelia made that cute snorting noise again. “So this is your vanity chamber? Nice gear...maybe I’ll make you give it to me when I win this”...she said, and ran a finger suggestively over some dumbbells.

“It’s where I train to punish cocky bitches.” Justin said, grinning. He quickly began removing his shirt, shoes and trousers, until he was just wearing his Calvin Klein boxers. He briefly looked in the mirror, impressed with what he saw- the boxers showed off his own thick thighs. He turned back to smirk at Amelia and see her reaction, but his jaw nearly hit the floor. She had slipped out of her LBD and was revealed to be wearing black lace french knickers and a matching bra. Justin had to admit to himself that the 22 year old probably had the hottest body he’d ever seen.

“What were you saying about...cocky bitches?” She cooed, hands on her hips. She now looked smolderingly seductive. “You seem in such as know, we could fight later…” she bashed her eyelids at him. Justin felt himself going hard, and involuntary stepping towards her. Damn, he couldn't resist! The seductress took a step back towards a pull up bar mounted near the mirrored wall,, teasing him. “Come here…” she beckoned, reaching up and gripping the pull up bar with her hands. Justin rushed forwards, his hands going to her hips. Suddenly his lips found hers, and they were locked in a hot, passionate kiss. His boxers were pressed against her french knickers, damn he was horny...suddenly his bottom lip was on fire...she had bitten it! He pulled away. She was giggling like a schoolgirl, still holding the pull-up bar with her hands above her head.

“Ow!” he said playfully, but tasting blood. “What was that for?”

“That? Oh that was just fun. This…” her blue eyes suddenly went icy cold. “ for stealing my promotion..” Amelia's body suddenly tensed. Before Justin could react, she hoisted her self up by the pull-up bar like a gymnast.

“Wh……” started Justin but it was too late, her fantastic legs shot out in midair either side of his head, like a cobra striking its prey. His hands shot up in an attempt to block, but only found two pale thighs of athletic muscle cinching tights as they captured his neck.

“Biiiiiii….” Justin started to say, but was strangled silent by her grip. He heard her ankles click together behind his head with a snap, and suddenly he was staggering in front of the pull up bar, locked under the power and weight of her legs. Staring up over her taut abs, between her bra-covered breasts he saw her usually pretty face snarling down at him as she gripped the bar. and his neck. Her stare was pure venom.

“Got you now, wimp” She snarled though perfect whitened teeth.

Justin tried to get his bearings. What had his training taught him for this moment? Try not to panic- take a deep breath- impossible of course with legs toned by years of expensive BJJ and gymnastics training now locked around his windpipe. Ok so, other options...count down from 10...9….8…

Her eyes bore down into him.

“Not even going to fight back, huh? To easy…” She twisted her hips, cinching her grip harder…

7...13...5? He was getting woosy. Justin quickly realised he would black out before he reached 1… He had to find another solution. His hands shot up to grip her thighs, and Amelia actually burst out laughing. She had a point...there was no way his hands or arms would separate her legs. No way. So the arms were out of play, which just left….

Justin stopped staggering and got his legs under him. Still gripping her punishing thighs with his hands, he dug his heels into the mats and powered backwards, putting all energy into his thighs. As he pulled back Amelia attempted to retain her grip on the pull up bar, but her thin arms were becoming overstretched,and quivered. She groaned in frustration- it was clear she would have to release either his neck or the bar...she chose the latter.

Her hands now dropped to the floor, but she converted to a handstand, his neck still trapped in her thighs. They both staggered around the mat for a bit, him on his feet, her on her hands. As they did so, Justin caught sight of his face in the mirrored walls- and would have gasped if he had any air to do it with. His eyes were bulging out of his face, his face was going a deep crimson….he had to get out of this, or he was done for.

“Still trying to escape?” Cooed Amelia from his feet. “Not going to happen, subourniate”...she then started trying to twist her legs to throw him to the mats- if that happened it was over. Desperate to avoid this, Justin braced his legs a shoulder width apart and locked his arms around her inverted stomach. Suddenly he had an idea.

“Hey…”gasped Amelia. “W-What are you doing?”.

With the last of his strength Justin hoisted Amelia off the mats in his inverted Bearhug, put one foot back, and started to spin.

“Ugh…..this….” He gasped. He swung her around 360 once….twice….

“N-no….” Gasped Amelia, and tried to tighten her leg grip.

Three times… “Yes…”

Justin was on the verge of passing out when he swung her hard in to the mirror, the impact from her torso shattering the glass. She yelped and the scissorhold sprung open. He staggered back, gasping for breath. Amelia was doing the same from her knees on the floor, rubbing her side which was very red from the impact. Looking at the broken mirror, she remarked…

“You know that’s bad luck, right?”

“Yeah…” Justin replied…”For you…” His foot snapped out on the end of a powerful kick and found the underside of Amelia’s jaw. A reflex from years of kickboxing training, the impact sent her flying backwards off her knees to land like ragdoll on her back, limbs sprawled out on the mats. She went dead still.

Justin slowly recoiled his powerful leg from where it was still outstretched. Suddenly, he had the same fear he’d had near the end of her last match- had he kicked too hard? That kick was designed to break necks where necessary, yet he was loathe to get too close in case...

Suddenly he heard a soft moaning. Amelia was rubbing her neck and trying to sit up.

“W..What happened?”

He grinned. It was back on.

“Oh, you tried to sucker-scissor me...AGAIN...and I broke free.” An idea coming to him, he dropped to the mat in front to her and grabbed one sprawled ankle. Kicking his legs out, he scissored her other calf in his own.

“You seem to like squeezing a lot, subordinate. Well, lets see if your legs go the other way!” He kicked his legs out, her calf still gripped between them, and pulled her other ankle as far as he could above her head. He smiled, enjoying the way her legs trembled, the way her toned thighs looked split open, stretching the material of the French knickers as he tightened up the hold…

Something was wrong. She wasn’t screaming. She wasn’t asking for, she was laughing! Literally cackling to herself, her head thrown back.

“What’s so f-funny?” said Justin, cranking the hold as hard as he could, although he was beginning to wonder if his kick had left her delirious with concussion…

“Oh, nothing.” She replied, still giggling. “It’s just...did you really think you could make a champion gymnast submit this way? Really?”

Suddenly he realised how foolish he had been- he could hold her like this but there was no way he could get her to submit in a stretch hold.

As if reading his mind, Amelia replied “So, are we going to stay like this all night?” She grinned wickedly. Frustrated, he released her legs and tried to roll away, betting that he would have at least worn her out a bit. He bet wrong. No sooner had he started to get away, Amelia lashed out with her now free legs. One foot hit Justin’s ass and he went sprawling onto his knees. No sooner had he tried to get back up, the brat jumped and landed on his back, hard. Flattened out, she grabbed his arms from behind, immobilising him.

“Get off!” He grunted, which prompted more evil laughing from the blonde. From this angle he could see their reflection in the mirror as she rode his back. She looked dominating.

“So, subordinate- in all your travels did you ever see a camel?”

“W..What?” Justin gasped, knowing what was coming. Amelia secured his arms over her thighs, then laced her fingers round his chin and viciously hoisted him up with surprising strength. He hissed with pain as his back bent at the wrong angle, and flecks of spit covered cracked mirror in front of him.

“Ha, you even spit like a camel! Give up yet?” Cooed Amelia, pulling back hard in the hold.

“N..n,, never…” Croaked Justin and the pain ratcheted up a notch. How had she managed to get him in this position? His feet pawed at the mat uselessly.

“Fine, have it your way…” The brat leant back with all her strength, and managed to elicit a harrowing cry from Justin’s throat. Somehow, he managed to keep from submitting, which frustrated the blonde. After a while she let go of his chin and his face fell forward into the mat.

“Ugh….bitch…” He complained, but Amelia wasn’t done yet. She stood up and grabbed one of his ankles and started to pull it between her legs, going for a step over toe hold from behind. Justin realised now was his chance. He pushed himself up on his hands and rapidly extended his powerful legs. As Amelia was still trying to muscle him into a toe hold, her light body went flying. She landed face first on the mats.

“Ow….” she moaned. Justin leapt to his feet.

“Never mess with a kickboxer’s legs!” He announced triumphantly, then went for a foot stomp to Amelia’s back. SHe rolled out the way and managed to get to her feet, only to walk straight into a brutal roundhouse from Justin’s right foot.

“Stay down!” He ordered. Defiant, the frustrated brat tried to get back to her feet again, but this time Justin dropped to his knee and took out her prized legs with a sweep kick. Amelia was starting to look worried now- she got to her knees but didn’t attempt to stand again. Justin stood in front of her, hands on hips.

“Are you ready to give up? Or shall I kick you all over the house?” Amelia’s icy blue eyes burned with rage. Justin cocked his leg back…

He very nearly fell for the low blow when it came. Lightning fast, Amelia attempted an uppercut between his legs with her left fist. Justin managed to catch her wrist with his right hand, just millimeters from it’s target. For a few seconds they stared at each other, him on his feet, her on her knees, eyes burning.

“Bad idea.” said Justin. Still holding her wrist, he leapt into the air in front of her. His legs shot out, and before Amelia knew what was happening his thighs captured her arm, neck and head in a flying triangle. Justin landed on his back, and laced his legs together in a lethal cinch. Amelia spluttered, panicking now and tried to pull back out of the hold, but Justin was not holding back anymore. Still controlling her arm, he coiled his calf round the back of her head and squeezed, thrusting his hips forward as he did so. Amelia tried to say something, but it came out as a strangled gurgle. Justin was aware she could see her face in the mirror, now going a shade of dark red. When she looked on the verge of passing out, he rolled to the side and then on top, maintaining the lock but now mounting her, domineering.

He looked down into the face of his captive. As he eased up the pressure, she was gasping trying to get air in, her mouth just inches from his hard package.

“Had enough, subordinate? I think it's time you tapped out…” Amelia didn’t say anything, but her eyes suddenly had that smouldering, submissive, seductive look he had seen earlier. Justin suddenly had an idea.

Reaching down, he slipped his hard cock out of the top of his Calvin Klein boxers. He pressed his thighs again, and when Amelia’s mouth opened for air, he slipped his cock into it. Rolling to his back once again, he resecured the triangle, and as she sank back into the hold his stiff member was forced down her throat. To his surprise, the blonde brat didn’t gag, but relaxed her jaw to allow him in. Her eyes still had that pleading, submissive look - she had clearly realised he had won and was now just intent on pleasing her boss.

Justin thrust his hips into the air and cinched the hold back up, but didn’t squeeze too hard, he wanted her conscious for this. Taking his cue, she cupped his firm ass with her hands and lay out on her front, and slowly started to bob her mouth and lips up and down his shaft as much as the hold would allow. Showing great thigh control, Justin gently squeezed and relaxed his legs, helping her along. As she sped up her efforts, Justin threw his head back in triumphant ecstasy- he’d done it again, kept his promotion, and scissored the cocky, leggy brat into giving him head. This had been inevitable since her got her in the office weeks ago. Increasing his pulsing with this thighs, he felt her grip his ass tighter with her hands, felt himself climax…..

His legs sprang open as he came hard in Amelia’s mouth. He looked down and was impressed to see that instead of letting it dribble, she professionally swallowed his load down in a big gulp before rolling out of his leg trap to the side, gasping.

After a minute of them both panting on the mats Justin got to his feet. He towered over the blonde, who lay on her back, chest still heaving in air. Her makeup was running, she looked done in every way possible. He placed his hands on his hips.

“So, I guess we settled that once and for all then? Ready to admit whos boss?”

“Ok...just one thing first…” panted Amelia from by his feet.

Justin felt a chill run up his spine- what could she possibly have left?

“What, subordinate?”

Her icy blue eyes went cold.

“I never submitted…”.

Amelia’s long legs moved at lightning speed in a swishing motion against the mats. Before Justin knew what was happening his feet were kicked out from under him and he fell hard against the mat on his side. Frantically he tried to roll away, but Amelia had continued to bring her legs around, pivoting at the hip on the floor. Justin rolled strait in between them, his face knocking against her ass. The trap snapped shut. Jason squealed, but his cry was muffled by her french knickers clinging to her toned ass. He tried to grip her ass and thighs with his hands, but they just slipped off the smooth skin. There was a nasty click as her ankles locked behind him, securing the reverse headscissor. Then the pressure started in earnest.

Justin tried not to panic. Just catch her again, he thought- you can out-squeeze her! He started to try and bring his own legs into play, but Amelia was wise to that this time and shuffled around on her hands, evading his snapping calves.

“Not this time, hon…” she cooed as they both spun like a human clock, him trapped between her thighs facing her taut ass. As they spun he found himself facing the cracked mirror, he could see his face turning crimson-violet in multiple copies in the shattered glass. He also had a prime view as she arched her torso back, lingerie clad cleavage shining in the light, moving permanently out of the range of his legs, and grabbed her ankle, seamlessly converting to a reverse figure four. His face was forced further into her ass, her thighs shut down his neck and throat, and he gurggled in a horrible, bubbly scream. Involuntarily, he found his hand slapping her ass in submission, his eyes bulging from his skull in bloodshot panic.

Amelia just laughed.

“Just relax, hon, it will be over quicker that way. And yes, I know you submit, but you’re going to sleep anyway, subordinate”. And with that she pulled hard on her ankle, cinched her killer thighs, and flashed a wickedly dominant smile at him in the mirror.

As he faded some clinical, analytical part of Justin’s brain wondered whether it was the lack of air or the lack of blood to his brain that was causing him to go to sleep - Amelia was both compressing his throat and shutting down his carotid arteries with her legs and ass.

He wondered for all of 3 seconds, then blacked out.


When he came too Justin felt like there was an iron bar across his throat. As his vision returned he could see his laptop on his office desk in front of him… with the webcam light on, recording in red. He reached up in panic to find an athletic calf cupped round his throat. It tightened as he grasped it and two toned thighs compressed the sides of his head.

“Careful…” said a playful, posh voice from behind him.

Justin realised he had been dragged to his own private office up the stairs - not for the first time he was in admiration at the 22-year old brat’s strength. He was sitting in his large office chair, with Amelia sitting on top of the back rest with the figure-four hold locked round his throat.

“….off…” he spluttered, eliciting an evil cackle from above.

“No way...cameras on hon, you know what you need to say…” She reached over him and tapped space bar. An image of his work colleagues, gathered for a late night meeting appeared on screen.

“Justin?” said one, a guy from accounts. “Jesus man, you look like shit… anyway, we’ve gathered at this time of night- Amelia says you have an important announcement to make?”

“Help….” Justin started to say but then the calf on this neck snapped shut and he gagged. He had a moment of sheer panic, would this crazy girl really crush his throat? He didn’t want to find out….he frantically tapped her right bulging thigh, signifying compliance.

“Good boy…” Amelia whispered from above.

“Justin? Hurry up man, it’s so late…” said the guy from accounts from the screen.

“I...cough….am handing the promotion over to...gasp….Amelia. I lost to her in a fair fight...she is….” gasped Justin from the chair.

The colleagues looked at one another, then shrugged.

“Well, fair enough.” said the guys from accounts. “Don’t know what’s been going on between you two, but it seems to be sorted. Anything else?”

The snake around his neck gave an encouraging flex.

“Yes….just….Amelia…..has the better….legs!”

The snake relaxed its grip.

“Ok, Justin, if you say so. See you on Monday.” The screen went dark.

“I’ve done what you asked. Now let me g……” The deadly triangle on Justin's neck slammed shut. He tried to plead something about fairness but the world was already fading to black as Amelia’s thighs once again closed in….


When he came too this time, he was facing her. He was now on the floor on his knees, with her in his chair in front, his neck trapped in a classic scissor. His head was right up in between her thighs. He noticed she had removed her lingerie.

“One last thing, subordinate...payback.” She opened her thighs slightly and pulled him up to her clitoris, then snapped them back shut.

Justin knew what he had to do. Luckily his backpacking adventures had taught him a few things other than rock climbing. His tongue worked a teasing pattern against Amelia as she moaned… he was sure if he could make her come her legs would open, as his had earlier...

She reached climax, tossed her head back victoriously...came hard….and crunched her thighs down in ecstasy. Jason blacked out again.


When he came to this time, she was standing over him. He was on the floor of the office and she towered above him, one foot on his neck, a Goddess. He was done- he just wanted to worship her, pleasure her, crawl between her thighs.

“M...Mistress…” he spluttered.

“Quiet!” The brat spat imperiously. “Do you know who these two are?”

She reached down and he saw in her hand was his copy of Business Weekly magazine. On the cover was a gorgeous, petite redhead and a tall, blond haired guy. Both looked in their mid twenties, and were wearing business suits and fighting gloves as they stared at the camera. The caption read “Market Dominance- Meet The West’s Fighting Power Couple”.

“Yes… it’s Michelle and David DeBrut…..they’re our main competitors! And also…” he coughed, remembering Amelia's foot was on in neck.. “ also part-time MMA champions…”.

Amelia's eyes gleamed. “My first order, subordinate, is we’re going to take over their business.

“ acquisition?” Justin squeaked? Amelia pressed down harder with her foot.

“No…. more of a...challenge. Me and you. Her and him.”

Justin’s eyes went wide, from both the pressure on his throat and the shock of what she had just suggested.

To be continued….