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The Promotion. Chapter 1.(Maledom, but in Chapter 2 Amelia will get her revenge)

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by trainglec, Sep 27, 2015.

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    Chapter 1: Crushing the competition.

    The interview was really dragging on. Justin was sitting in his best suit and shoes listening to the another interviewee drone on in her posh accent.
    Amelia was undoubtedly the office hottie, with her short blond hair tied back in a pony tail, high cheek bones and icy blue eyes. But she was also an incredibly cocky bore. She was always talking herself up, clearly very proud of her rich background and way more sure of herself than a 22 year old should be. So sure of herself that she was applying for this managing directer's position after only a year!

    At 27 Justin felt that he was better qualified for the job, but he hadn't been able to get a word in edge ways. Amelia had talked throughout the entire interview. Even the interviewer, a woman in her 30s, was clearly getting annoyed. Amelia didn't seem to care now, going on and on in her confident way about this and that thing she had done. He looked at her now, a mixture of annoyance and lust. She was dressed in a short sleeved white shirt and a small, black business skirt deliberately designed to show off her long, shapely legs, and a pair of black Gucci heels worth 1000s of pounds. Ah, yes, her legs. Another favourite topic of hers. She was always going on about them at the water cooler, and in particular how strong they were. She'd talk about how much time she spent at the gym on them, how her jiu-jitsu classes had toned them, how her gymnastics classes had made them flexible. And they certainly looked great today, crossed under the table in tights, but what relevance did they have to the interview? Yes, he'd heard correctly, she actually just brought them up.

    "So, I think the way I got my leg strength up consistently via a strict gym and diet plan clearly shows I have the drive to take this position, and...." and on she went.

    The interviewer was looking fed up now. Her eyes almost seemed to be pleading Justin to do something. He wanted to find a way of shutting her up and preferably one that dented her stupid pride....suddenly he had an idea.

    While she was pausing for breath in the middle of one of her monologues, Justin lightly knocked her pen off the table where it rolled between his legs. It was a jewel encrusted fountain pen worth hundreds of pounds, and sure enough she fell of it. "Sorry, one moment" she said, and ducked down on her knees underneath the table to retrieve the pen.

    Justin waited until her saw he blond hair between his trousered legs. He watched her reach for the pen....and snapped his legs shut, imprisoning her neck between his thighs. Amelia's blue eyes went wide and her mouth began to open in a yelp, but he quickly cut it off by compressing his glutes together. Amelia had just found out that someone else had strong legs too. Justin regularly did running, cycling, and was a kickboxing champion at school. He had just come back from a hike round east asia ,and now all those miles of muscle development were bearing down on the girl's neck on her knees before him.

    "Do you think everything's ok?" asked the interviewer although Justin could tell she was just glad Amelia had stopped talking.
    Justin looked down at Amelia's face between his thighs: she was glaring up at him angrily and trying uselessly to pull his legs apart with her hands. It felt good as her hands slid against his thighs, inadvertently feeling his bulging muscles and realising what she was up against. Having her mouth this close to his crotch felt good too.

    "Yeah, everything's fine. Lets continue." he said, and crossed his shoes together to complete the trap.

    "So, what do you think this position needs?" asked the now smiling interviewer.

    "Well.." said Justin, but he stopped as he felt something hard scratched his leg. Looking down, Amelia was trying to dig her red painted nails into his thighs. It actually felt kind of good in a weird way, and he grinned.

    "I think it's important to get a good GRIP on the role early on" he said, lightly relaxing his thighs on the "important" part only to slam them back together, recapturing Amelia's pale neck. She barely had time to get a breath in before he hold was back on. Still defiantly glaring, she then did what he had expected her to do much earlier, and made a grab for his genitals with both hands. He was ready, though.

    "It's also important to be able to anticipate any problems early on...." he stated, capturing her hands in his own... "and take remedial action. With that he tensed he quads and glutes, thrust his hips forward and turned up the pressure. Amelia was in for another shock- he had only been squeezing at 50% power before! Her normally composed face was now crunched up in horror... and still she couldn't speak!

    "Finally, you have to take decisive action and CRUSH the competition." Justin quickly repositioned his right calf behind Amelia's head forming a professional triangle choke. As a Jiu Jitsu girl he was sure Amelia would appreciate it. Tensing his legs once again he enjoyed the feeling as his inner thighs and calf compressed her neck. Amelia' eyes had lost that defiant look now were full of panic. Her face had also gone as red as her lipstick, from the pressure and the humiliation. She tried to get to her feet but he held her down easily.

    The interviewer looked pleased. "Well, I think that just about wraps things up. I'm very impressed, and would like to offer you the position Justin. Unless...Amelia...has anything more to add?"

    Justin looked down at his captive one more time. This time there was just pleading look now, and her face was going slightly purple. "Pleeeeeeeeeeeese......" she mouthed at him."

    They waited for a minute which must have seemed like an eternity for the trapped girl.

    "No? Well then we'd like to offer you the job. Better luck next time Amelia."
    Justin immediately opened his legs and let a gasping Amelia free while he shook the interviewers hands. Amelia staggered to her feet, her face slowly regaining its colour.

    "Looking a bit wobbly on those legs of yours!" said Justin cheerily as he left the room. Breathing hard, Amelia's icy blue eyes bore into the back of his head as he left the room.

    Chapter 2: Amelia's revenge (preview)

    As Justin strolled to his sedan car in the multistory he considered what a good day it had been. He had got promoted, moved into his new office on top of the building and put that silly Amelia and her legs in her place once and for all. He had enjoyed retelling the story at lunch that day, in particular the "pleeeeeeeese..." she had hissed out when she realised the game was up.

    His smile turned to a frown though when he saw his car. The lock had been jimmied and the sunroof was open. There was no one in side though...what kind of thief breaks into a car and leaves the sunroof open? He slid into the driver's seat and went to close the sunroof... but the button had been snapped off.

    "What the...." he began, but was abruptly cut off. Two leggings-covered thighs dropped onto his neck from above. A pair of expensive looking Gucci heels clicked together in front of him.

    "Hello, boss" said a voice.

    There was sudden squeak of tights being compressed against skin, and Justin quickly found out that Amelia had not been lying about the strength in her legs. She had been hiding behind the car the whole time and and now taken her revenge. Panicking at the rapidly increasing pressure and his inability to breath, Justin tried to grab at her thighs, which only had the effect of ripping those pricey tights into ladders.

    "Oh now you've gone and done it..." she purred from the roof.

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